Monday, December 17, 2012

And then, there was a surprise :)

If you've wondered why I've been insanely quiet in the blog world, this might clue you in... Although I've been writing this post in my head for a couple of months (a little over 3, to be exact), I still have no clue how to get into this topic.
So, lets just start with a brief apology...
I am one of the most cautious people alive, so therefore, I have a tendency to get scared of jinxing any type of good news that comes mine or Kevin's way.  As a result, I'm beyond sorry that I've been holding out on you all (and anyone else that I have yet to pass this news along to..) about what is going on in our lives.  

So... as it turns out.....

We're expecting baby Gray the 1st week of June!

Shew. And there you go :)
I would have come clean with this fantastic news a bit earlier, the thought of making a massive public announcement about my life via facebook or twitter is just not my forte.  Plus, lets be honest, I think we can all admit, people have become far too open with all of the intimate details of their lives on all facets of social media, especially as it relates to pregnancy.  Example: Do I want to hear about how your baby was conceived?  Hell no.  Do I want to see your positive pregnancy test urine sticks?  Absolutely not.  Thats so foul.  Do I want to see your naked stomach at every stage (ew) of your pregnancy? Umm, ew. Just eww.  I don't care if you are Megan Fox, super in shape, & smoking hot-- I feel like that is an intimate type of thing that should only be shared with your significant other or family.  
 To each their own I guess, but its just not my thing.

In turn, because I'm so hesitant & super-stitous about sharing the intimate details of my life, I contemplated just completely avoiding the whole topic of my pregnancy on my blog, but then I thought that was pretty ridiculous.  This blog is about my life, so I doubt my posts would have much substance if I completely avoided it.

HOWEVER, I can promise you all that you will not see any type of ultrasound or belly progression pictures on my blog. I don't exactly enjoy looking at them, so Im going to assume that other people feel the same way.  Obviously, you might see the occasional picture of me pop up on here during these next few months, but I swear, it won't be any type of preggo picture montage :)

I finally started thinking it might be fun to give an honest view about being pregnant.  Because believe you me, anyone that says pregnancy is a cakewalk, is straight LYING to you.  Or if people try to claim that you'll feel more beautiful when you're pregnant, just hit them in their teeth.  Again, complete BS.
As a result to all of the insane stuff people say about being pregnant, I really feel like it is my calling to blog about these next 6 months in the most blunt manner possible, while adding in a bit of humor, no doubt :)

To close, We are so incredibly thrilled about baby Gray coming into our lives.  My excitement level is through the roof, and I cannot wait to tell yall about some of the craziness & hilarity that I'm sure will ensue along this journey.  I just ask you all for some prayers during these following months, as Kev & I truly appreciate them in advance :)

So, with that, only 6 months (or less) to go!!!