Monday, February 20, 2012

Not your Momma's Anniversary post

First, lets discuss something huge... Who's impressed that I've written not one, but TWO posts in one week?  Oh- just me?  Standard.

Second, guess what is today?!?!?!? (Hopefully yall all guessed right, due to the obvious title of this post)


Don't worry.... I'm not going to go soft on yall.  This post will not chronicle every detail of my wedding day from sun up to sun down.  I wasn't one of those brides. 
Actually, for as girlie & high maintenance as I can be, I wasn't your typical bride, at all.  In fact, the only thing I got Bridezilla about was having Bourbon at our reception.  Obviously, its a staple.  Scratch that.  In Kentucky, Bourbon at a reception is a necessity.

However, there is one piece of advice I would give any bride about serving bourbon.

Don't let your new husband drink more than 3, wait... more than 2, wait, no.. ANY at your reception. 

It will lead to disaster.


Let me back up just a bit....
I need to say one huge perk about my wedding day- It was pretty much flawless.  The day went by extremely smooth.  No big hiccups or drama, thank goodness.  No crazy weather either, which is an absolute gift from God in Kentucky in the month of February.  I legitimately thought that between my parents, my soon-to-be In-laws, and my girlfriends that we had made it through the entire Wedding Day & Wedding reception unscathed. And I was right...... Until it was time to for us to leave the reception.

Let me back up a bit more... As stated previously, Bourbon is a staple at Wedding Receptions in Kentucky.  So, of course, we had a signature Bourbon drink at our reception.  Let me introduce you to a Bourbon Street. 

Bourbon Street Ingredients
- 1 Shot (or 2 :) of Makers Mark (or Favorite Bourbon)
- Ginger Ale
-Orange Bitters Flavoring
-Orange Slice

We came across this cocktail when we were in Vegas, and we all fell in love with it out there.

Feeling frisky after discovering the Bourbon Streets in Vegas. So fun.

Once we got back, we knew it was the most perfect cocktail for our wedding.  And believe you me- they were a hit.  When made correctly, these bad boys can be dangerously good.  Let me re-emphasize- DANGEROUSLY good.  
Dangerously good meaning, my Grandmother-little 93 year old, 4'10" Hazel- had at least 4 of them at the reception.  People that didn't even like Bourbon were drinking them like they were going out of style.

So good that the caterer ran out of Makers Mark Bourbon & had to run out in order to buy more.... Who does that happen to? Only at Kevin & Caroline's wedding.  Again. Standard.

If you've had a big wedding, you'll understand that Kevin & I floated around the reception, greeting all our guests like we were running for office.  **Side Note- Brides: I highly recommend assigned seating for your guests.  It allows you to know exactly where everyone is seated & easily locate friends & family.**
Kev & I decided to divide & conquer so we could see everyone we invited, and still have time to enjoy our reception.  One major downfall in that is that I still feel like I didn't see Kevin very much during our reception, resulting in me having NO clue how many bourbons that boy had taken down.  Note that little detail.  Let me also say this: I'm not judging at all- Lord knows I was boozing it up too.  I definitely took part & enjoyed every aspect of our wedding, including the Bourbon Streets.  My view on Weddings is this:  If you spend months or years planning your wedding, you should get to partake in every single aspect.

Now, here is where we had our hiccup.... 
When it came time to leave the reception, my Dad & I both realized that we completely forget to arrange for transportation for Kevin & I to get home.  Major Fail.  Ooops. **Side note: Yes, we stayed at our own home on our wedding night.  I love my bed & our home, so why not?**  So, as I was having a slight panic attack, my best guy friend, since age 18 (Also an Usher in our Wedding), volunteered that he & his new girlfriend (now Fiancee!) would take us wherever we wanted to go.


Nevermind the fact that he drives a big, red Ford Pick-up Truck OR that he was actually volunteering his girlfriend to drive who wasn't familiar with Lexington.  No Big deal.  Soooooo, we began the treck to our house & we had been driving 10 or so minutes, and Kevin goes, "PULL OVER.  SERIOUSLY!" Obviously, Rachel obliged, but before she was able to successfully pull over, my new Husband lost his cookies alllllllllllll over the side of Ryan's Truck.  I was stunned because Kevin has maybe gotten sick a grand total of 4 times in our whole relationship.
Needless to say, the Bourbon Streets got the best of ole Kevin- especially when his nerves didn't allow him to eat much all day.  When we finally got to our house, Ryan & Rachel had to first help me get Kevin upstairs.  Then, as they were getting ready to leave, it hit me like a ton of bricks that I was going to have to sleep in my Wedding Dress if they didn't help get me out of it... As evidenced by the picture below, my dress seriously had a bazillion buttons going down the back.

Luckily, Rachel was a trooper & helped me get out of my dress.  The best part?  I had known her for all of 24 hours at that point & she was the one, not Kevin, to get me out of my Wedding Dress.
 110% Not Normal. But hysterical.

Ryan & Rachel... aka my Saviors :)
I can't lie- that night I just kept thinking... "Is this really happening?  Seriously? Who does this happen to? "  The next morning, an extremely remorseful Kevin woke me up with, "I'm so sorry.  I love you. Do you hate me?  I'm so sorry.... How much trouble am I in?"

LISTEN UP LADIES-  The one fabulous aspect of having your new husband do something clownie on your Wedding Day/Night is that you get to remind them of it forever & ever & ever & ever!  I'd even venture to say its a blessing in disguise, even though it doesn't feel that way at the time :)  Besides that- 
It makes for one hell of a story.

Obviously, that one incident wasn't an indicator of how our marriage was going to go because we are still rock solid 2 years later :)  And to commemorate our Anniversary, Kev & I put together a nice little Vlog for yall regarding key learnings from the past 2 years. Enjoy!

Thats it for now! Have a Great Monday! xoxo

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Pink Lou Lou has John K... Carol has who???

Hi.  My name is Caroline.  I'm about 5'1, w/ blonde hair, have a major affinity for cats, obsessed w/ my dog, and have a handsome husband.  Remember me?  Ohhhh you do?  Was it because I am clearly the obvious winner of the Worst Blogger in February award?  Fantastic!  Regardless of previous little bout of underachieving, I'm back in action....

After years of being out of the spotlight, my #1 childhood celeb crush, Mr. Jonathan Taylor-Thomas, surfaced a few months ago for some interviews/photo shoot with his former Home Improvement co-stars.  I remembered JTT (you know- his nickname used by those of us who were close to him. ahem.) looking exactly like the 1st picture below, ie: super hot to an awkward 12 year old.

How youuu doinnnn????- JTT in his prime
Sooo, obviously I was super pumped to get the Entertainment weekly to see how amazing time has been to Mr. Thomas.

I was 110% he was still going to be the stone cold fox that he was when I was 12.  

HUGE, actually.

I thought men were supposed to get hotter as they got older, no?  Look at Brad Pitt.  Leo.  Clooney.  Hell, even Sean Connery is still kinda sexy in a geriatric James Bond kind of way.  Ohhh no- Carol's crush had to peak when he was 16.  Big Shock. The Universe just loooooves to play games w/ me.

Anywho, seeing good ole JTT got me thinking about celebrity crushes.  Everyone has one.  
For example, my dad loves him some Ashley Judd. 

 He used to joke with my mom & say that Ash was the only woman he'd ever leave her for.  **Side note- I honestly can't blame him.  She IS a UK fan, after all.  Gotta love a woman that bleeds Blue.**

Kev absolutely loves him some Kate Hudson & Reese Witherspoon.    One major perk about this for me is that he will watch ANY chick flick with either of them in it, regardless of how terrible it actually is.  It's kind of a win/win for the both of us.  Plus- both women are beyond adorable, so I can't say I blame him.

Then we have my dear friend, Allie, or as yall know her- Pink Lou Lou, who is utterly obsessed with her celebrity crush, Carrie Underwood John Krasinski.  To be perfectly blunt (ha- Allie- you see what I did there? ), I didn't really understand her attraction or love for Mr. K..... until I started watching The Office.  Now, I completely 110% get it.  You win, Lou Lou.  


True. Love. (In Lou Lou's mind, anyways :)  )

So, that brings me back to JTT.  I honestly haven't really had a big thing for any celebrity in years.  I mean, sure- do I find Channing Tatum banging hot?  Abso-freakin-lutely.  Do I think he's super talented?  Not so much.......

THEN.... this happened. 
(ps- I know I've posted this before, but I'm still pretty obsessed)

Hhheeelllloooooo Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Beyond cute.  
While I'm well aware that he was on a hit show that competed with my former celeb crush, I'm just going to have to live with the guilt that I've jumped ship w/ JTT.  

So, what is it about Mr. Gordon-Levitt that makes him such a doll? 

Two words.

Triple Threat.

Homeboy can act.  He is a musician.  And he is extremely intelligent (Attended Columbia University & has also started a production company).  Lets be honest- added together, all 3 of those things are extremely hot.  And it doesn't hurt he's pretty easy on the eyes :)

Hey boy, heyyyyyyy....

So, have I sold yall on him yet?  If not, check out the video of him below, where he rocks out to some Beatles.  Gotta love a man who likes the Beatles.  

So, in conclusion, I definitely now have a celebrity crush.  I'm pretty convinced that Joseph is probably the nicest, sweetest, & all around coolest guy currently in Hollywood right now.
I'm also confident sure we would probably be best friends if we hung out.  Well..... 98% confidence level anyways...- Afterall, we don't know if he loves cats, and that's pretty much a deal breaker for me :) bahahahahahahaha.

Lets be honest though- who wouldn't love that diva-esque face?  HA!

MMMkay yall- thats it for now!