Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hilton Head

What am I loving today??? The fact that my vacation is sososososooooo close. Thank. The. Lord. I realized that I have had approximately 2 days off since December. This is absolutely not normal for me. I LIVE to go on trips. I definitely inherited my love for traveling from Jan aka My Momma. Jan could seriously be considered a jet-setter. Within the last year, the woman went to Hawaii, Florida, the Bahamas, Napa (ok, that one was with me, but still..), a cruise along the East Coast to Canada, and those are only the trips that I actually remember. She lives the good life, let me tell ya. I pray to god that I have Jan's life when I am 56 (along with her looks. & her figure. & her optimism. Oh hell, if I'm .8% as fabulous as Jan is at her age, I'll be doing just fine. She plain rocks.) Anywho, Kevin & I (along with some of our friends) will soon be Hilton Head bound!!
My love for that Island is unreal, which is crazy because I had never been there before I was about 20 years old. Since then, I think I counted that I have been about 14 times? (Excessive much, right? Honestly though, if you haven't been, don't knock it until you try it. I have yet to meet a person who doesn't love HHI once they go.) I was recently asked if I had a favorite trip out of those 14, and I honestly don't. I don't discriminate against vacations- I love them all equally! However, there are a few HHI trips that have been a bit more ummmm, memorable than others though. Let me detail a few of these for yall.
Memorable Hilton Head Trip #1- 2006 SAE Fall Formal. Words cannot describe how much fun I had that weekend, and I definitely refer to that trip as one of my favorite weekends in college. When we got down there, it became obvious the formal should have been referred to as 2006 SAE/Chi Omega Fall Formal because there were between 30-40 Chi O's who were there as dates. LOVE!
So, in the Greek world, its the norm for fraternity guys utilize formal weekends to make a move on a girl they had been interested in... However, one of my best guy friends, J. Hendrix (AKA Hendrix, Hank, etc), asked me to go with him. We had been friends since Freshman year, so our comfort level with each other is through the roof. To preface this- while most couples were having "romantic moments" on the beach, Josh & I were bickering like an 80 year old couple who were on a mission to have a damn good time. A few highlights from the trip: 1) On the first beach day, Hendrix yelling things like "CAROLLLLL- BRING ME A BEER." or "CAROLLLLL, lets do some shot-gunning." every 5 seconds. It is crucial to point out that the whole beach heard our interactions because he was yelling at me from the Ocean. Thus began the birth of my (sometimes lush) alter-ego Carol. Side Note: Carol has seriously caught on like wild fire since that trip. This past weekend, I was at a bridal shower, where some of the girls just call me Carol for kicks. One of the girls that didn't know me seriously thought that 'Carol" was my real name, and apparently was talking to my friend Allie (aka the fabulous Pink Lou-Lou) about how odd it is that Im in my twenties with a name like Carol. Bahahahahahahahaha. Pat & Jan might be a tad crazy, but they do have taste. Come on now. 2) Walking in on Hendrix dancing by himself to Sexy Back, completely unaware that we are watching him. 3) At the actual formal dinner, Hendrix warning me at the top of his lungs, "CAROL! Don't eat the grape jelly. Its NOT what you think it is." So I then took it upon myself to skip the pseudo grape jelly, but fill my plate to the point where it was over-flowing- as if I wasn't going to be fed again. And I ate every bite. So classy. 4) Then, there was me ordering a freshman Chi O to go back to her condo & change because she had the audacity to wear the same formal dress as me. (Not a proud moment, I'll admit, but that was definitely the meanest I ever was to a younger Chi O Sista.) 5) Hendrix getting kicked out of the actual dance because of using profane language over the microphone. (Completely inappropriate, yet absolutely hilarious.) Needless to say, I'm confident that if there had been a vote for Formal King & Queen, Hendrix & I would have been a lock, based upon our mature behavior alone.
Memorable HHI Trip #2: Less than a year later, Kevin & I had been dating for about 9 months, and he invited me to go to HHI with him & his family to their condo for the 4th of July Holiday. Until this point, I had never been on a long vacay with a boyfriend & their family. I had done long weekends with some ex's, but never a 10 day trip, so to say I was nervous was an understatement. When you go on a trip with my family, it takes an act of congress to get everyone ready & in agreement to go somewhere. Its a hot mess. In contrast- Because they had been doing this trip for 20+ years, the Gray's have honestly perfected the art of a beach trip. They have it down to a science, right down to how many adult beverages can fit in a cooler, what bands are playing at the quarter deck, & how much food to make for their 4th of July party.
Needless to say, not only way I ridiculously impressed, but once my nerves settled, I had an amazing time.
Memorable HHI Trip #3: Last May, we invited 4 of our best couple friends down to stay at Kevin's family's condo. Sounds very mature & adult-like, right? Or it turned out to be highly comparable to an adult spring break. A few highlights include: 1) Us purchasing around 10 (maybe more) frozen pizzas, and managing to eat them ALL in about 4.5 days- Nevermind the fact that we went out to dinner every single night & weren't at the condo for lunch either. Fat kids. 2) The boys daring Kevin to jump in the Marriott's pond & act like a frog... and him actually going through with it. 3) The 10 of us feeling like VIPs at every bar because the summer crowd hadn't made their way down to the island just yet. One night we literally had the whole bar to ourselves, along with our own personal 1 man band...& a whole lot of soco & lime shots, which led to a beautiful new door :) 4) Watching the guys construct a beach baseball field like 5th grade little boys, & pitching (haha, thats a pun) a fit if any family laid down their chairs within 100 feet of their field. Talk about quality entertainment. I just realized that some of the pictures on the right side of my blog are actually from that trip (clearly taken during some of our more mature moments.)
So now, only a few days left stand between myself & the infamous HHI. Can't wait to see what this trip holds for us :) Thats it for now. XOXO- Caroline
Sunday, April 24, 2011

My 3 O'Clock Parade Questions

So a few months ago my company took us all down to the Happiest Place on Earth, AKA Disney World. As a side-note, I honestly have no idea how that place earned that title. It is my own personal version of Hell. Its beyond crowded, the food is mediocre at best, and there are replica Kate Gosselins everywhere with their 3 child stroller that ready to take you out if you beat them to the dippin dots line. No Thank you! Anyway, the main objective of the trip was for us to examine how all of their employees "exceed their guests' expectations." One prime example they used to describe this concept was by highlighting the 3 O'Clock parade question. In all of the parks, there is a parade that takes place every day at 3pm. Apparently, the #1 most common question that Disney World Park Employees get asked is "What time does the 3 O'Clock parade start?" Yes, I am dead serious. (I'm gonna take a gander and say that most of the people visiting Disney World with children have to be heavily medicated in order to have a desire to go, which is hopefully why they ask such ridiculous questions.) So, the Disney Employees pride themselves on figuring out what the guests are actually trying to ask aside from what time it starts, such as- Where is the best place to sit for the parade? Does it actually start on time, etc, instead of answering with a seemingly obvious answer, like "3pm, duh."
After I got back from that work trip, I started paying closer attention to the 3 O'Clock parade type questions I get on a weekly or daily basis. I have to share the top ones I get with yall because there are some doozies.
3 O'Clock parade Question #1: "So, you're an only child, aren't you?"
My Actual Thoughts before I answer: Umm, What are you trying to say here? Are you hinting that I act like a 2nd grader who won't share my toys? Or that I act like things have to be done my way for me to be happy? Several great friends of mine are only children & they are all fantastically generous/thoughtful so the fact that there is any kind of negative connotation attached with this term irritates me a bit. Especially given the fact that I do indeed have an older brother who is 3 years older than me, who spent his childhood terrorizing me. Insert broken nose, headless taxicab barbie doll, scars on my knees from racing to get the front seat, etc. Trust me, if I can make it through childhood alive with Kent, I can do anything & get along with anyone. Having a brother like Kent has definitely made my life more interesting to live. I always say 2 things when people ask me about him. 1) You would never ever know that we were related. When people meet us together, we inevitably get asked if we are half siblings. Our appearances are starkly contrasting. He towers over me, has jet black hair, is dark complected, and is skinny as a rail.
Yes, I too have raised questions with my mother about her relations with the mailman circa 1985. 2) He is wayyyyyyyy nicer than me. Kent can & would be your best friend in 10 minutes. He is so nice that he can literally find the good in just about anyone, whereas I am 99.9% sure I have never been described like that. Feisty, energetic, talkative- yes. Nice- not so much. Bless his heart, he is CONSTANTLY on me to be nicer & more tolerant about people that annoy me. I do try, it just never really pans out well for me. Again- we could not be more different. So, um, Jan? Was it the Schwan man, maybe? (I really am kidding, Kent is a dead ringer for my Dad & vice versa for me with my Momma)
#2 Most Common Question: Are you & Kevin trying to have kids?
My response: "Ummm, no. We're just not really ready yet. I'll let you know if that changes?
What I'm really thinking: (After I hyperventilate for about 5 minutes...) Invasive much? That question gives me horrendous anxiety the minute I hear it. Can we just be married and enjoy each others company for like .5 seconds? We've only been married 14 months. I'm sorry I'm not like half the people I know from my hometown who became "with child" the very second they were married (or lets be honest, some before hand, but thats okay!). Not that there is anything wrong with that, its just not my style. I'm not a big fan of change, so you know the Public Service Ad that is supposed to scare the hell out of teenagers that says "A Baby Changes Everything"? That Ad has actually been wildly successful in completely freaking me out and terrifying me that my life is just gonna stop when Kevin and I do decide to procreate. I need a lot of time to get used to something before I even consider changing it. Right now, I am just really enjoying this time with my husband where we can go on a spur of the moment trip, or stay out until 3am without judgement. Plus, with how busy I am with work and getting my MBA, I have consistent nightmares that Kevin & I have had a child, but I have managed to lose it somewhere in Lexington. I think thats a pretty solid indication that I am not quite ready for a child. Besides, I'm only 25, not 45- I think I have some time. Side note: All of our neighborhood children like to linger around our house because we're the "cool, young" neighbors...

or so I thought. My next door neighbor, who is 8 (& good at it), had the audacity to inform me Thursday that she thought I was definitely starting to look like I could be a Mom to someone, and I actually am old enough to be her mom. ZING. Granted, I would have had to be on 16 & pregnant to be her mom, but it hurt none the less. No more extra cupcakes for you, little Shelby.

Parade Question #3: "You have HOW many animals? 3 cats & a dog? Good lord, why?"
My Response: Yeah... we do. It just kind of happened. We love them to pieces though.
Actual thoughts: Okay, really? I don't ask you about why you are 48 & have a nose ring, do I? Nor do I ask you to help me take care of them, so lets take it down a notch, judgmental Judy. I understand that having 4 pets is not the norm, but its not like we started out on a mission to acquire a bunch of furry friends to help us inhabit our house. As I have stated before, Kevin & I are both are HUGE pushovers for animals. Seriously, pet smart is a dangerous place for us to visit on a weekend. Again, those humane society people should really look into working for the government on their treaty/peace making efforts because they could talk people into doing ANYTHING. So, how did we end up with 4 animals? Kevin adopted Breyer to keep my company when I lived by myself in Southern Kentucky. In a dry county. Need I say more? Cat #2 came along because we were at PetSmart on a Saturday (uh oh. big mistake) & Kevin suddenly decided that Breyer HAD to have a friend. Insert Stella, who was the smallest kitten ever, who has grown up to be the ummmm, most unique looking cat we own (politically correct term for unfortunate looking). Eight months later, we were back at Pet Smart on a Saturday (Stupid, Caroline! Just plain stupid!) and the humane society volunteers was this sweet older couple who had actually fostered some of the cats there. There was this one chunky monkey of a cat there, who was about 4-5 months old, but she looked soooo much like a wildcat with her markings. The older couple said she had the most playful personality of any cat they had ever fostered, and they were worried that no one was going to adopt her because she was already out of being a "true kitten." I fell in love with this cat instantly, and begged Kev to let me have her. Any guesses on who that was? My little LUCYYYYY Girl!!! (Ps- best decision of my life.) We adopted Hudson because 1) I had never owned a dog and 2) when he was a puppy those crazy people at the humane society listed him as a german shepard/lab mix, which was exactly what we wanted. Much to Kevin's dismay, he just really never grew into that description. At our 2nd vet visit, the vet told us that she thought he was a MIN PIN/ Lab mix, and he would only be about 35 pounds. Kev was heartbroken, and literally asked (and still asks) Hudson every day, "So, youre gonna keep growing, right?" Um, he is now a year old & weighs 32 pounds. Not exactly the guard dog we wanted, but I look at is one of those "Life is like a box of chocolates" lessons...But come on- look at this face-
I mean, have you ever seen a dog so handsome? So, to my friend Judgmental Judy, Yes, I have 4 animals. The better question is Why are so you jealous of how extremely adorable my furry children are? Hahahahahaha.
I definitely have more 3 O'Clock parade questions, but I went on way longer than I had intended. But seriously though- listen for these questions this week because I guarantee you'll hear them & start to form some fabulous responses in your head. As a warning, I probably wouldn't use any of my line of thinking while answering them. It might be come off as a wee bit provocative :) Okay, thats it for now. XOXO- Caroline
Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What I am loving & NOT loving Wednesday

I am completely slacking in my blogging. I apologize. Need. To. Do. Better. Anywho, first thing I'm LOVING this Wednesday? My continuous glow from seeing SIR ELTON JOHN in concert last Friday night. O.M.F.G. The man is utterly amazing. All last week, I was ridiculously excited about going to see him, and probably told every single person in every office I call on that I was going to see my idol. Nevermind the fact that the majority of them looked at me like I was nuts... I mean, I guess a 25 year old obsessing over a 60+ gay man isn't exactly the norm, but hey- to each his own. I think I was a tad scared that I had built up his fabulousness too much in my head, so my nerves kicked in the day of the concert that he might not live up to my expectations. Or the $150 price tag on the concert ticket :) Needless to say, he blew me away. That man is/was on POINT for being his age & performing for so many years.
Looking pretty damn good to be a senior citizen. I'm just sayin...In the spirit of transparency, I may or may not have teared up during "Tiny Dancer," like a tween at a Bieber concert. Kevin looked at me during that time and said something like, "Are you crying? Seriously?" Um, yes, tears were shed.. OUT OF PURE JOY & AWE, duh. Don't try to get all high & mighty on me doll, because I am 100% sure that when UK beat LSU or South Carolina, there was a moment of you being too choked up to speak. Tears at an Elton John Concert = acceptable. Tears at a UK Football Game = questionable at best. Moral of the story- if you get an opportunity to go to see Sir Elton in person, do it (& call me if you need a date!! Don't even worry about Kev. He knows Elton & I have a strong connection that is unexplainable :) )
So, what else am I LOVING today? I know I am going to completely embarrass myself with this one, but I don't care. Who remembers the Sweet Valley Twins? Jessica & Elizabeth Wakefield? If you say you don't & you were in elementary school in the early-mid nineties, shame on you for lying! Well, those 2 bad-ass bitches are back & all grown up.
Oh yes, Francine Pascal has outdone herself with this doozie of a novel. (Not sure if you the words Sweet Valley & Novel qualify to be in the same sentence, but I feel like the word book just doesn't do this piece justice.) I've only read a few chapters, and it is seriously taking me back to when I was 11 years old & reading books to get free pizza from Pizza Hut. Side note-My school participated in some program where if you read 5 books, you got a free personal pan from Pizza Hut. Twenty bucks says Kevin Gray read at least 25 books/week to get in on that action.- Shockingly, Elizabeth & Jessica are now arch-enemies (GASP!), and live on opposite coasts. I'm still a little uncertain as to why they loathe each other, but I think it has something to do with Jessica being too slutty I mean, promiscuous. Another side note- when I was little, my dad always read to me before I went to bed. He absolutely despised reading Sweet Valley or Babysitters club, so he basically re-wrote the books & put in inappropriate language to make the books more interesting. Example: Book reads "Jessica, you are not being very nice to Lila & her feelings are hurt. Dad's interpretation: "Jessica, you are being a huge skank to Lila, and she hopes you get hit by a bus." Parent of the year? I think so.- I am extremely excited to keep reading on what I am positive will be the next Great American Novel :)
What am I NOT loving today? The fact that my husband thought it would be fine to give Hudson to okay to chew my throw pillows.
I mean, seriously? Not happy. At all. Kevin's response? "Oh its fine, honey. I really never liked those pillows anyway. They looked like they belonged at my Grandma's house, so I didn't really think it would matter if Hudson ruined them." As you can tell, there was just LOADS of logic used behind that thought process. Yes, I am aware that these are just pillows. However, now I am faced with IMPOSSIBLE task of replacing those. Massive hassle. Colossal. I have been to EIGHT different places to replace those bad boys, and I have found nothing that works. Correction- I finally did find some blue & green ones, and my dear husband has done nothing but complain about how they look too. So, were back to square one. Last I checked, Kev didn't go to design school...However, he informed me that he watches HGTV, so he knows what works & what doesn't. Good lord. Alright yall, thats it for now. XOXO- Caroline
Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Wedding #1 of the Season = check!

So Wedding #1 in 2011 is a wrap. Let me tell you all, it was a chaotic couple of days. Leading up to us traveling to Indianapolis, I had a huge stress melt down. Crazy stress levels are sooo not the best way to kick off a long weekend, and it definitely made for a shaky start. I'm not entirely ready to share what provoked the meltdown, but I promise I will fill everyone in on the details at a later date. What I will say is that my life changed in a big way about 3 years ago, and it looks like things have finally come full circle. Anyway, I did learn a few truths after this first wedding weekend, so I thought I'd share with yall.
Truth #1- There is no doubt in my mind that Kevin & I are the most neurotic dog parents alive. We decided to board Mr. Hudson for the first time this weekend. Up until now, we've either had a house-sitter or family have watched him while we've been out of town. So on Thursday, Kevin literally called me THREE times before noon trying to decide what kind of pet suite would be best suited for Hudson's needs. These included questions, such as: "Does he need a regular suite? An In/Out Suite? What about a Luxury suite that has pet cams so you can get online & check on them? And also, did he need play time? Or cuddle time? Maybe both?" Are a dog's accommodations really something to stress about? All I could think was, "Holy hell Kevin- get a grip." I mean, what is he gonna be like when we do bite the bullet and have children??? After HOURS of deliberation,Kevin finally decided the best option for Hudson was the In/Out Suite with a day of playtime. Thank the lord that was settled. So all that was left to do was to drop Hudson off at the boarders when we got to Indy. I was truly worried that Kevin would have a breakdown and cry when we dropped him off. However, when we got there, he was cool as a cucumber. As for myself, I basically had to fight tears. I really felt like I was dropping off my first born child to Kindergarten. I just kept thinking "What if he thinks that we're never coming back to get him? What if my sweet puppy turns into a terror & attacks another dog? Or another dog attacks him?" Don't worry, I am totally aware of how incredibly pathetic I sound. Luckily, I was given a nice glass of Pinot when we got back to Jared & Katies House (our gracious host), which calmed me down. I'm not going to lie, I did call to check on him on Saturday to make sure he was doing okay.... and guess what they said "Ohh Yes, Mrs. Gray, he is doing great. He is such a happy dog & playing his little heart out. We told your husband the same thing WHEN HE CALLED 20 MINUTES AGO." Bahahahahaha. Better question- How crazy are we both going to be when we have children? Needless to say, Hudson was completely unfazed by staying with strangers, and acted 110% normal when we came to get him. Not to brag, but check out his report card.

Yes, every dog gets a report card, and if you can't see it, it says that he got perfect marks & was a great guest. I am pretty sure that has something to do with our awesome parenting skills.
Truth #2- Our rockstar days are LONG over. When Kevin and I first met, we had no problem with going out & getting wild, and staying out til 3 or 4 am. Then, getting up the next day and doing it all over again. Now? Not so much. I swear, Kevin & I take turns at being super lame, and it just so happens that it was my turn this past weekend. On Friday, I think us girls who weren't in the wedding made it our mission to consume as many glasses of wine possible. At the rate we were taking it down, you would think that prohibition was getting ready to be reinstated. In our defense, we did do a lot of waiting around while watching the rehearsal, which I think made us even more thirsty. I am not exaggerating when I say that the preacher ran a TIGHT ship during the mock ceremony. When I say tight ship, I mean that if any of those groomsmen or ushers had messed up, blood might have been shed. I kind of understand his gruffness- I mean look at these guys?
Who knows what those characters might have tried to pull? Anyway, lets just say the rehearsal went a bit longer than we had anticipated, which resulted in massive quantities of wine consumption. Needless to say, Saturday morning was a bit rough, but we definitely all rallied like champs. We all had a ball at the wedding, and were vying hit the town together on Saturday night. So, we make it downtown around 12:20am, and probably 20 minutes after we get there, the effects of 2 consecutive days of drinking wine like I was pre-rehab Amy Winehouse hit me like a ton of bricks. I basically proceed to beg Kevin to leave because exhaustion had set in. After a little battle, he begrudgingly agrees, and we go back to Jared's house. Can we say light weight? Now, before you all think I'm terrible, asking to go home as soon as we get to the bar is a regular occurrence in our marriage. 9 times out of 10, Kevin is the one pleading to go home. Moral of the Story- Kevin & Caroline can't hang like they used to.
Truth 3 There is no telling what we spend in a year on pizza or how many calories from pizza we consume in a years time. Just this weekend alone, I can count 3 frozen pizzas, countless pizza bites, and 2 pizza deliveries for us. I mean, at what point do we need to admit that we have a problem? Its not uncommon for us to order 2 large pizzas on a night where I don't feel like cooking. Yes, 2 large pizzas because we don't like the same toppings. And no, we rarely end up throwing any of it out. Its gotten so out of control that the Puccinis guy knows our routine order by heart. I also began adding up what we have spent in the last month on various pizza purchases, and its so embarrassing that I won't even tell you all what it is....I am beginning to think we need an intervention. Is there a rehab for pizza? If so, we may need to go :) Well, thats it for now. XOXO-Caroline
Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Random Tidbits

Believe it or not, I really dislike Spring. Lets discuss this weather. If she were a girl, she no doubt would be labeled a tease. I don't like being presented with 70 & sunny day on a Sunday, which then turns into 42 & storming on a Monday. Just doesn't sit well with me. Plus, it makes planning outfits ridiculously hard. Specifically for weddings. Our wedding season officially starts this weekend. Its the first of (get ready) 14 we are invited to this year. (Fun fact of the day, the groom of this wedding is who introduced Kevin & I to each other. Needless to say, homeboy is getting a killer gift.) I'm super excited minus the fact that I have no idea what I'm going to wear to the rehearsal dinner or wedding. I mean, how do you plan for 68 degrees, yet thunderstorms? Do I do long sleeves bc it'll keep me warm? Or a cute short sleeved dress with adorable boots? Or cocktail attire, complete with a black dress/black FM heels? Mahjah dilemma. Fill me in on some suggestions ladies! Guys have it soooo easy. Kevins thought process would be as follows (as he packs 15 mins before we leave), "Hmm. I'll just wear this partially ironed blue shirt (bc his whole closet contains nothing but different shades of blue or white button-down shirts), and a pair of khakis w/ a navy blazer. The blazer will cover up the fact that I didnt make time to iron my shirt, so it's perfect." Exhibit A- a small sampling from Kevin's closet.
Wow. So difficult to make a choice, blue or white? Blue or White? Its tough stuff guys. I used to think that he favored the color blue because of his loyalty to UK. However, he finally confessed that he prefers blue because "it makes his eyes stand out." Although that is true, I don't know if I would've ever admitted that. Bless his heart. This is also the same kid who asked me to buy him a new, more stylish tie before we went to a wedding. I happily obliged, and when I called him to tell him about it, I said, "Oh my gosh. I think you'll really like it. Its paisley, so its definitely more trendy." Kevin replies, "Ohhhh, okay. Sounds good. But um, what color is paisley?" Wow. Reason 938120400 to never let Kevin pick out anything. Its a good damn thing he will be in a tux for the actual wedding.
Moving on, has anyone else been watching Real Housewives of Orange County?
I've been a loyal fan since season 1, but I have some issues I need to discuss. Okay, first & foremost, I am beyond annoyed with the fact that nearly every housewife on there is bankrupt.
-Alexis just had to sell her house in a short sale & they filed bankruptcy on another property.
-Peggy's house was just sold at auction because they couldn't make their payments.
-Tamra, after being forced to sell her house in a short sale, now lives in a dainty town house that is anything but fabulous.
-Lynne got evicted last year from her house.
I mean, Bravo- I am 110% sure that there are women in orange country who would LOVE to be on the show, who can actually pay/afford their mortgages. My fun in watching the show has revolved around the fact that I've been fascinated with how lavish their lifestyles have been. So, knowing that they cannot afford half the stuff they do annoys me to no end. I just end up yelling at the TV, trying to tell them they need to put some money in the bank.
Second issue, Tamra's meanness level has reached a new high. Its like she's out for blood this season.
In the past, I have always been Team Tamra, but now, not so much. She seems to be really happy about being single, but constantly casting stones on other peoples' marriages is NOT the way to behave. Furthermore, I'd be pretty annoyed if she tried to give me marriage advice after her tumultuous break-up with Simon. Thanks, but no thanks. In addition, I thought the bathroom scene with her and her new bf was nothing shy of just being plain tacky. You're divorced. We get it, but please think about your children when filming raunchy scenes.
Last Issue of the day, Can someone please tell me out of alllllll the fantastic people in Orange County, why did they choose Peggy as the newest housewife? Definitely a victim of having entirely too much plastic surgery. Whoa. And trying to push her kids into modeling at ages 1 & 3? Double Whoa. Not sure how that goes along with her "holistic" lifestyle.
At the end of the day, I know I will still watch this season, despite being utterly disappointed with all of the girls this year. However, I think its safe to say they've lost their touch & the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are now the Queens of Bravo. Well- thats it for now. XOXO- Caroline