Friday, September 30, 2011

Carol gets crafty- Round 1.

I have determined that I have a major ego problem.  And I am going to credit this ALL to Etsy & Pinterest. I now have this terrible habit of looking at cute things, and thinking to myself "Hmmphhh.  I'm sure I could probably just make that myself, and save some $$ in the process."
I'm warning you- it is a terrible personality trait to have.  The best part about me thinking those thoughts is that i am the LEAST artistic or creative person you will ever meet.

Prime Example: Young Authors. You all remember Young Authors, right?  You know, the books you had to write & illustrate by yourself in Elementary school?  Mine were a complete joke.

However, I was clearly over confident in my abilities, and thought my books were utterly amazing when I was writing them.  Unbeknownst to me, I was the only one who thought that.  In fact, they were so terrible that my parents were seriously embarrassed by them, & conveniently never let me show any of my literary masterpieces to any guest that came to our house. Unsure as to why, with such classics as "The Ant in Jail," where the main character (aka the Ant) went to Kroger & stole cornflakes, blue suckers, and ice cream because he didn't have enough money to feed his family, then got busted & went to jail.  However, because of his super strength he got out of jail & then the police hired him to deal with the real criminals (ie: spiders & flies).  Whats not to like?  I'm positive that most people would think "The Ant in Jail" had a really great message behind it.  Message being that people will go to great lengths to provide for their families, duh.  I'm sure that was exactly the heart-felt message I was going for when brainstorming this scholarly novel at age 7. 
  The irony behind my horrendous stories & hideous illustrations is that my brother won the Young Author's competitions damn near every year.  His stories all took place in exotic places, like the African rain forests, had fantastic characters, good plot lines, and the most amazing illustrations to go along with it.  In addition, my parents have held onto all of his Young Authors books all of these years, and can still be found in my parents basement.  Yet, mine are nowhere to be found.  Way to encourage freedom of Expression, Pat & Jan. Hrmph.  Okay Okay, I'll admit- Kent kinda robbed the gene pool in the artistic arena.  But hey, I've got skills too.  I won the math award every year.  No joke. Every year. How. Cool. Am. I?

**Side note: Lets now discuss my brother's limited math skills & how ridiculous he is. In our hometown, there is this math competition, called "Math-athon" that fourth graders get to participate in, but only 4 kids get selected out of every school.  Then, the kids on the Math-athon team competed against other elementary school's math-athon's teams, and each competition was on tv.  It always astounded me that he made the "Math-athon" team because even at 10 years old, we were all aware that Kent wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed when it came to crunching numbers.  A future as a graphic designer- yes, an accountant- hell no.  I did his college math homework for him, if that tells you anything.  Anywho, somehow the topic of the Math-athon came up on our last phone convo, where he proceeded to tell me that the whole reason he got on the team was because he cheated on his Math-athon test because his ruler had all of the multiplication tables on it.  So basically, he thought he was gonna get his 15 mins of fame via the Math-athon.  However, he failed to realize that you only get air-time if you answer the question first & get the answer correct.  Due to the fact he couldn't bring his trusty ruler on set, his quest for fame immediately went downhill when he didn't answer 1 question while he was being filmed.  I think they were onto him :) Bahahahaha.  Love his heart.
The champion Math-athoner, Kent

So let me reiterate, the fact that I THINK I can get crafty & creative is utterly hilarious.  I think both Kevin & my parents get a little scared & shudder a little bit when I tell them that I'm gonna make something.  However, so far- none of them can argue with the results.

Lets look at 2 little items I crafted for our humble abode.

So, I constructed this little to-do list after seeing a similar concept on Pinterest, except the one they showed was a Menu board.  See, sometimes I ask Kev to do a simple chore, but he fails to remember to do it, which drives me psychotic.  However, if I write down a list of stuff, he will always do it.  The problem lied in the fact that I never have anything to write down a to-do list on.  Paper gets thrown away.  Spread-sheets are way too anal, etc.  In addition, I could also never find anything that was cute to hang up in our kitchen.  Everything I saw was either plastic/grade school-esque or a plan white board (ick).  So, this little number not only keeps my house organized, but also encourages Kev to get his butt up from watching football to help out around the house a bit more.  Super super easy to make.  Its just a scrapbook shadow-box frame, a sheet of scrapbooking design paper, and then just random stickers I found that I liked at Hobby Lobby.  The glass is ideal for using the dry erase markers/eraser when you're making out your weekly to-do lists.  I adore lists, and I literally think in bullet points, so this just works for us.  
I know some of you all probably aren't overly impressed with my creations, but considering my artistic ability is on the same wave length as my 3 year old nieces craft skills, I'm super proud of my DIY projects :)  Its baby steps, right?  
Anyway, lets move on the creation #2.

How flippin adorable is that wreath???  Love love love.  Want to know what I love the most about it?  It only cost about $15 (give or take) to make.  All you need is a wreath ($4), little pumpkins from Hobby Lobby ($1.5/piece), 4 pieces of felt ($1 total), Monogram letter ($2), & about a 1/2 yard of burlap fabric ($2.50), and spray paint ($3).   All you do is cut the burlap into strips, hot glue them down on the felt, twist them into a flower, and hot glue those bad boys down.  Then, you just hot glue all of the burlap flowers down to the wreath, add the spray-painted pumpkins, and Waaa Laaah.  You have a fabulous new Fall wreath.  And yall, listen, if I can do this, ANYONE can do this.  

Mmmkay guys, thats about it for now.  Quick heads up- God knows I've been talking incessantly about how many changes we've made in our house recently, and FINALLY my next post is gonna be allll the pics from those decor changes.  Sooo excited to show you guys!!

I'm gonna leave you all with this because it will absolutely warm your heart. BEST PROPOSAL EVER. Enjoy!!  

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

So, lets discuss.....

How hysterical my mother is.  I'm not kidding when I say she makes me laugh on a daily basis.  About 90% of the time she doesn't mean to, and the other 10% is when she is trying to tell me a joke or something else funny, which she usually ends up telling incorrectly which makes it even funnier.
  Another reason Jan continually gives me mad kicks is because we are pretty much polar opposites.  Our minds work completely different.  My dad (who I am identical in personality to) & I talk daily, & we rarely go a day without some-sort of Jan-ism being told.
My all-time favorite Jan-ism came after Kevin & I were giving her hell about saving EVERYTHING.  When I say she saves things- I don't mean it in the pack-rat sense of the word, but more like it destroys her to see anything (and i mean ANYTHING) go to waste. In this particular instance, Kevin & I were telling her that it isn't necessary to put 2 peach slices (from a can, mind you) in a Glad tupperware box.  After getting distraught over our heckling, she finally threw her hands up & exclaimed,
"You two just DON'T get it.  I am a CHILD OF THE DEPRESSION, so I don't believe in wasting anything."

Great sentiment, right?  But, ummm... Jan?  I'm pretty sure you missed the Great Depression by about 22 years, seeing how you were born in 1954, and the Great Depression went from roughly 1929-1932.  

Bless her heart.  History is clearly not her strong suit.  (Ps- she now claims that what she MEANT was that she was a child of a child of the Depression. Uh, sure you did.)  Anyway, so remember what I said about her & I being opposites?  If you ever see my Momma out & about these days, chances are shes looking pretty stylish, but believe you me, that wasn't always the case.  She finally came to her senses about letting me pick out her clothes about circa 1999.  Thank. The. Lord. It was also around this time that Jan (along w/ my dad) started paying muuuuuch closer attention to pop culture (maybe because they were raising teenagers?  I still don't know the rationale behind them following popular trends.).  Anywho, their facsination w/ knowing the most current fads & adopting the most current "lingo" hasn't faded since we were teenagers.  Not one bit.  Please refer to the following texts I got from my mother after I was teasing her about her lack of fashion sense.  

Either Jan is getting more violent in her old age, or she definitely made a Bon Qui Qui Reference.  Truth be told, I wouldn't want to get into a tussle with Jan.  She probably would cut me.  Hahahahaha. No, but seriously. She might.  

Sooo, lets also discuss how bad Kentucky Football is this year.

Were currently on a 2 game losing streak, and I expect that to grow on a weekly basis over the upcoming weeks.  A few reasons why this upsets me.  
#1- Kevin takes it personally when they lose a game.  I'm not kidding.  It's like they deliberately ignored his play-calling from the stands, and he gets offended by that.  What nerve of those players- listening to their real coach.  
#2- Speaking of coaches- I loved Rich Brooks.  Adored him.  In fact, he is my #1 favorite person to follow on twitter.  He was a fantastic football coach.  Now... Joker P... Um. I can't say the same about you, buddy.  I've had issues with him inheiriting the Head Football Coaching position since the day they announced that decision.  I think a coach should have to prove himself, then interview for a DI, SEC coaching position.  You know, like other schools make other potential coaches do before hiring them? Crazy concept, right?  Maybe then we wouldn't have losses that end in a score of 48-10?  Blech
#3- WHAT ON EARTH IS MORGAN NEWTON SO FLIPPIN SCARED OF??????  The poor boy looks like he just stepped off a pee-wee football field & onto a pro-field when he tries to get a play off.  He seriously looks like the other players (including his team-mates) might try to eat him.  Just throw the damn ball
#4- Lastly- why can't they hold onto the ball?  Seriously, what on earth do the receivers do in their practices?  No, really, i'd like to know.  Their #1 job is to catch the ball, so I fail to understand why they can't do that.  Apparently we've had 10 turnovers in our first 4 games... only 4 other teams have had more than that.  For an SEC team, that is ridiculous.  
Okay okay, thats enough football talk.  I know you all who don't have football obsessed husbands like I do are probably yawning by now (coughpink-lou loucough), & probably need a translator for the last 4 paragraphs.  I just live with this EVERY day, so I am definitely projecting my frustrations on you poor readers!

Don't hate me because I'm not totally moving away from the sports talk, but I was seriously pumped that one GOOD thing game from Saturday's game.  I definitely did manage to get a photo-op with some other UK ball players this weekend.  You know, the infamous basketball ones?  AKA THE sport to watch in the Bluegrass if you're looking for a W?  
I look like an elf next to these boys.
Ohh heeeeyyy Doron Lamb & Anthony Davis.  Glad we could get a picture of us hanging out.  Like we do it all the time. hahahahaha.  Truth be told, Kevin & I might have stalked them down a long walk-way to get this picture.  How creepy is that?  Gotta love UK fans.  
Okay guys, I better end this because it is becoming painfully apparent that Kevin's UK obsession is starting to rub off on me, and its kinda weirding me out.  Sooo, thats it for now! xoxoxo

Monday, September 19, 2011

In a couple weeks...

I will be sailing away on this little number....

I haven't been on a cruise since I was 17 years old, during which time I was too jaded to really take in the experience.  So... this time, while cruising in the Bahamas to such places as: Turks & Caicos or Nassau, I will take full advantage of being in paradise & explore everything each port has to offer!  I should also mention that It took some convincing to even get Kevin on a cruise because he has watched entirely too much History Channel for his own good.  Concerns about a pirate ship attacking us was one his major push backs.  Seriously?  Pirates.  Ummm. okay.  
Anywho, since I haven't been on a cruise in almost 10 years, I am all about doing the tourist thing.  
Hey Kev, how do matching fanny packs sound? 
I mean, this guy looks pretty pumped to be wearing one (then again, he is at the happiest place on earth, so maybe its like a requirement? IE: Go to place for 5 year olds-check, wear creepy fanny pack- check check?)

I know Jan will be excited to hear this, but apparently Fanny Packs are trying to make a comeback.... **For those of yall that didn't have the privilege of knowing Jan circa 1994- my mom's standard vacay outfit used to consist of not only rocking a french braid that was tied off by a barrette bow, but a flourescent wind-suit that conveniently complimented her handy fanny pack. Yes, it was just as ridiculous as it sounds.**
Please witness the Fabulous Rhianna rocking a fanny pack.

Ohhh Ri Ri. No.  Just NO

I'll have you know that that fanny pack is made by my beloved Louis Vuitton.  But I think it was Countess DeLesseps that said "Even Louis Vuitton makes mistakes." Evidenced by pic above, that statement is a FACT.  Even Louis can't make a fanny pack cool.  Sorry Ri.  

Anywho, normally, I detest Mondays, but this one is SPECIAL.  My favorite cousin finally had her sweet baby this morning!!!  
Meet BANKS!!!!

So ridiculously adorbs.  Due to the blaahh fact I have my MBA class tonight, Kevin & I won't be going to see this sweet angel until tomorrow.  However, I can already tell you that I won't be the first person to hold him tomorrow.  Ohhhhh no.  Absolutely not. 
My football-loving, beer & bourbon drinking, pizza & wing eating husband is a certifiable baby nut & will probably try to race me to the hospital nursery to hold baby Banks.
About a month ago, my bff Leslie gave birth to her sweet twins, Aubrey & Avery. 

 I insisted that we go see them the day they were born, whereas Kevin was super ambivilent all day long.  He kept trying to tell me that we needed to give them space, etc.  Clearly, I won that battle, because we were there by 6pm.  However, imagine my surprise when we were there all of 3 minutes, and Kevin had already sanitized it up, looked at Leslie & said "Alright then, I'm ready to hold these babies!!!!"

Umm, okay enthusiasm?  Good lord.  I'm not kidding when I saw the boy would not put the sweet baby down.  This might strike yall as funny, but even though I babysat from the time I was 14 years old on, holding infants kinda petrify me.  I fear I might hold their head wrong, or being me the clumsy person I am, run into something & drop them.  
No worries, though- Kevin, aka the Baby Whisperer, was there to help give me pointers on the "proper" way to hold a baby. Please look at him observing & supervising my baby holding skills.

Don't worry yall- I'm sure he is available to give you advice too on the proper child rearing methods.  After all, he did get an A in Womens' Studies in college. **Side note: My sister in-law was pregnant with our niece right after he finished this class, and Kevin would think it was perfectly normal to call his sister to TELL her the right things for her to be eating, what size the baby was at each point in her pregnancy, etc.  What. A. Weirdo.**

Can't lie, I'm kinda scared that he's gonna pull a "Meet the Focker" & follow me around with a faux boob after we have kids- you know, in case I'm doing it wrong.  
So many things wrong w/ this pic
Hahahaha.  Enough about kids.  I promise, they are still a long while off for the Grays. For now, lets just focus on the fact that we'll be in the Bahamas in a few short weeks.  If any of yall have any fab cruise tips, be sure to let a sister know.  *Side note: JAN, that statement is NOT intended for you.  Mainly because I know your cruise tips will be all about how to cheat during the cruise games & earn more points that will eventually get you a snazzy Carnival T-shirt.  Uh huh.  I'm onto you. **

Alright yall, thats it for now!  Hope you all had a great Monday!

Monday, September 12, 2011

4 Day weekends should a mandatory requirement

While I am straight DYING to show you all my bathroom re-do, we will unfortunately have to wait just a taaaad bit longer for those pics, due to the fact that Pottery Barn has decided to be as slow as flippin Christmas on the shipment of my new towels. (Albeit, they are Monogrammed, but yall know as well as I do that PB has some pretty intense monogramming machines- its not like they've employed some sweet little old lady sewing those monograms on by hand. Good lord.)

Anywho, we need to discuss something very important right off the bat.

So, due football season FINALLY gracing us with its presence yet again, we (Kev, along w/ our friends Davis & Adam -Pictured above.) decided we simply had to go celebrate this amazing occurrence by attending UK's first game in Nashville, TN last weekend, where our Wildcats played Western Kentucky in their season opener.  
You all think I'm kidding when I discuss Kevin's intensity while watching UK football.  I do not exaggerate this.  At all.  I could literally tell him that I was thinking about quitting my job to become a Lakers girl (sooo many things wrong w/ that sentence), and he wouldn't hear a word outta my mouth.  Please refer to Exhibit A
I think we were actually even winning when this picture was taken, but you wouldn't know it from his face.  This is when he likes to tell me that we should be winning by X amount & what plays they should be calling.  Have I mentioned I fear for when our kids play organized sports?  He will definitely be THAT coach that makes 6 year olds cry bc they were hustling enough.  Fact.  Have I also ever mentioned that Kevin DVRs EVERY football game (even though we're at every home game bc we have season tickets) & makes me re-watch them so he can point out where we (as if he is on the team) did well & where we need to make improvements?  Not normal, no?
Disregarding the above picture, we really did have a great time in Nashville.  If you've never been, you've got to go out in Nashville at some point in your life.  I think Hollywood's depiction of Nashville is pretty spot on- the live music scene is unreal & the people are ALL friendly.  You can always count on an amazing night out in Nashville- especially after a UK game bc every bar is FILLED w/ wildcat fans.  Case in point- running into this guy...

Meet Payne
I've known this kid for probably about 10 years, and if he's around, your night will definitely be an entertaining one.  Please refer to Exhibit B.
Oh My...
A tad blurry but yes, that is Payne dancing atop tables at the bar in Nashville.  And this was taken about 10 seconds before he decided it'd be a great idea to poor his beer in the my Louis Vuitton.  His rationale- "CAROL, if the Louis can survive a 3rd degree burn, it deserves to have a beer."  Bahahaha. Hard to argue with that logic.  Love his heart. Always always always an interesting time w/ Mr. Payne.

The Saturday following the game was insanely chaotic, but in a great way.  Did I mention that this little pumpkin turned "Freeee?" (3, obvi.)  

My sweet Niece, Riley

So, clearly, celebrations were in order for that.  I am 10000 percent sure that I was more excited about the gift we got her than she was.  I insisted to Kevin that Riley NEEDED an American Girl Doll.  I was beyond obsessed w/ my American Girl dolls when I was little, so it makes perfect sense, right?  Give a 3 year old a $100 doll.  Well of course so!  I rationalized w/ Kev, telling him that the doll is an INVESTMENT, & Riley would have the doll her whole life.  Plus, this eliminates the worry on what to get her every holiday bc we can now just give her American Girl Accessories or clothing to match her doll.  So, here I was allll pumped about Rileys gift, and after allll the gifts were opened, can we talk about her fav gift? A PINK TOY VACUUM CLEANER.  Bahahahahahaha.  Hysterical.  Kevin swears thats where my parents went wrong with me- had they gotten me toy cleaning supplies, maybe I would like to clean our house more often.  So mean, but probably true.  Actually, I'd probably like to clean more if my vacuum was pink & bedazzled like Rileys is.  Hrmm. Maybe I should ask to see if I can just borrow hers.  

Anywho, we had to RUSH from her party to Macys, find Kevin a new suit/tie, and then proceed to our 11th Wedding of the Season.  As persnickety as Kevin is about his appearance, I have to give him some props about his clothing decisions- he can pick something out in under 10 mins & be perfectly happy w/ his selection.... versus his wife who obsesses over every decision possible.  But, hey- I can't argue with his speedy decision making this time- Hubs looked quite dapper at Miss Leah's wedding.

Hey boy heyyyyyyy. 
I kid you not in saying that every single one of our friends were at this wedding, so needless to say, it made for one hell of a celebration for Leah & Jed.  

The beautiful Bride, Chrissy, & I on the dance floor

Leah, Court, and 1/2 of myself

And Pink Lou Lou & I taking a time out to fluff our poofs
True story when I say the last pic took 5 different times to actually capture.  Tipsy Allie & Tipsy Carol are difficult photo subjects to capture after massive quantities a few glasses of wine.  Can we also discuss the fact that I just noticed that I am holding a drink in every picture?  It clearly shows that I took to heart what my Dad told me when I went to college- He always warned me to NEVER let my drink out of my sight bc you never know who's around & someone might try to roofie me.  Granted, I think that advice was only applicable in the college/frat party/bar setting, but you never know, right? hahahaha
So, to my husband, what made it a great wedding? Was it the tasty food?  The fabulous band?  The delish cake?  Ummm no.  The Kerkhoff wedding goes down as a great night in Kevin's eyes because he got to meet his favorite UK radio host.  
Ladies & Gentleman, please allow me to introduce you to Mr. Larry Glover

Please note how excited Kevin Looks in this pic
So Larry Glover hosts a nightly UK sports call-in show.  I wish I told you all we listen to normal things on the radio, but I'd be lying.  ANY TIME we are in the car past 7pm, you better believe we have Larry on.  Kevin's favorite thing to do is to call Larry any time UK has a bad game, & vent to Larry (along with Big Blue Nation) about what he thinks went wrong & why.  Poor Larry just listens & provides polite comments.  It makes for solid entertainment.  So, Larry was at this same wedding, and when his wife told us who she was married to, Kevin got so excited you would have thought she said Tiger Woods or Brett Favre or someone of that caliber (No offense, Larry.  I like your show too, but the adoration my husband has for you is a bit outta control.).  Kevin then sought out Larry & picked his brain for like 20 minutes.   It was an absolute riot & he definitely talked about it for 3 days following the wedding.  Never a dull moment with Mr. Gray, let me tell you.
Sooo, that pretty much concluded our amazing 4 day weekend.  Hopefully, I'll be able to show you guys this crazy bathroom re-do this week too, so hang tight :)  Pottery Barn- consider that your formal warning. Alright yall, thats it for now!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

You might be a crazy cat lady if....

Anytime I get asked if Kev & I have any pets, I almost dread answering the question.  People are generally accepting when I tell them I have a sweet puppy, but when I also mention that we have 3 sweet kitties, their acceptance turns into looking at me like I'm the unibomber.  I mean, come on yall- they're just cats, its not like I'm hoarding gerbils or ferrets.
Hooooowever, on the flip side, I'll admit that a lot of people who are self professed "cat lovers" tend to be ummmm, a little off, yes?

Regardless of the cat lady stereotype, I consider myself to be (relatively) normal.  I constantly insist to my friends that having cats as pets does NOT make you an automatic weirdo.  However, they still find it hysterical to poke fun I am a cat owner (Ahem Pink Lou Lou), so I field a variety of daily texts, emails, and phone calls that somehow alllllll mock (in a loving way, mind you) my love for my sweet angel kitties.  In turn, this has forced me to re-examine if I could maaaayyybe fit into the crazy cat lady category from time to time.  Can't lie, I've come to realize that I might have some tendencies... 

You might be a crazy cat lady if.....

- Every card you receive on your birthday somehow relates to cats

Exhibit A (Loves you Brooke!)

No joke, almost every card I got on my birthday this year had a cat on it, which of course, I loved.  Refer to the picture above- note that I still have some of cat cards & my birthday was 1.5 months ago. **Side bar- All of my cards also had something to do with wine/martinis- maybe I should also re-examine my love for both of those as well. Hmmmmmm. nahhhh. **

-You give your cats people names, and refer to them as "the girls."
In my defense, we got all of our cats 3+ years ago when the thought of having children was not even REMOTELY close in the horizon (okay yall, calm down- not saying its on the table for discussion right now either, but its closer than it was 3-4 years ago.), so I obviously felt the need to name my cats fun little girls' names.  In retrospect, I cannot even tell you how many times a stranger will hear Kevin & I talking about "the girls," and proceed to ask how many daughters we have.  Bahahahaha that explanatory convo is a laugh a minute, let me tell ya.  But, hey, at least I didn't name my cat after a Backstreet Boy. (CoughcoughLindsey Loucoughcough- Ps- yall, don't let me fool ya- she & her fabulous blog rock).

Oh heeeeyyyy Nick Carter. 

-You dress them up & have someone take your picture with them.
The good news about this little Caroline fun fact is that I only did this between the ages of 6-8 years old.  Clearly my parents didn't love me enough to splurge on a new American Girl Doll just yet (Pat & Jan felt it was necessary for me to PROVE I was responsible enough not to deface one of these pricey dolls, so in order for them to buy me a particular character, ie- Samantha, I had to first read all of the books associated w/ their time period.), so while I was honing my speed reading skills, I had to get creative with what resources I had available to me at that particular time.
Lucky (our horribly pitiful looking & hateful cat we had while I was growing up) was fortunate enough (hints the name) to bare the brunt of my creativeness, as it pertained to dress-up.  She got to be numerous characters, but for some odd reason, I favored dressing her up like political figures (I had an odd fascination with presidents at the time.  Bahahaha- I was clearly one odd little kid.), so her most notable impersonations were definitely Abraham Lincoln (I used my talking Goofy's clothes, along with pushing her chin fur forward to help pull off the look & really get the full Honest Abe Effect.) 

Trust me, it totally worked.

and also Barbara Bush (Don’t worry, I used a white babydoll dress & Jan’s pearls to accomplish this classy look.)
The best part about this is that a) I grew out of my need to dress up my cats/animals b) people really do legitmately do this with their cats.  I googled a few images & I thought I was gonna die of hysterics, so of course I had to share some with you all.    

Ohhhhh my


Puss n Boots, yes?

I can promise you that we do not own one costume or article of clothing for any of our animals, dog included.

-You think its normal that to have kleptomaniacs as pets
Sooo, the first month I was married, one of my wedding bands kept going MIA.  Kevin used to get SO mad at me because he was insistent that I was being irresponsible w/ my new bling while I kept insisting that I put my rings in the same spot everyday and that they were magically disappearing.  Inevitably, we would find the MIA wedding band somewhere random in our house, yet Kevin would swear that I'm just scatterbrained & I'd lose my head if it wasn't attached (ummm, which is unfortunately a fair statement...). Finally, we figured it out. Insert Stella.

Don't let that sweet sleepy face fool you- homegirl has some sticky fingers claws on her.  After finding my wedding band, along with a Tiffanys ring, in her water bowl & watching her play with them, we quickly figured who the lil kitty culprit was. Sooo insane, but hey you have to hand it to her- shes got great taste :)  My actual theory is that since she is my (Ear muffs, Kev) *homely, less intelligent* cat, she will go to great lengths to get ANY attention from us- (positive or negative attention), hints the klepto tendencies.  Her other favorite things to steal is hair bands.  I'm not kidding when I say we found 60+ hair bands hidden in our laundry room earlier this year.  Theres a reason why my hair is rarely in a ponytail these days.  Although we do joke about her sticky claws, I am now fairly concerned that Stella's ways have been a negative influence on Lucy the Diva.  Yesterday, Kevin told me that some "bedazzle" from one of my shirts came off in the dryer, but that I could probably fix it.  So, i went to examine the damage, but the bedazzely piece was nowhere to be found.  Or so I thought.

My Diva protecting the bedazzle with every inch of her fatness. 
We might need to have a cat intervention about their conniving ways.  That behavior is just unacceptable :)

-You get kicks out of watching your cats get high on cat-nip, and then proceed to assess their drunken cat-nip antics.

**No cats were harmed in the making of this video.  I can't help it that they act a fool when they smell cat-nip.**

If you don't have the time to watch, let me give you a brief synopsis over what happens...
We gave 2 of our cats cat-nip.... and then discussed their drunken/high behavior, ie: how one gets super feisty, hateful, and aggressive while high (Charlie Sheen style), while Lucy the diva get the munchies & never strays from the food bowl (Kirstie Alley style).  
As you can probably tell, Wednesday nights are prettttty wild around the Gray Household.  Are you thinking we would probably be able to entertain ourselves in a cardboard box?  Be honest, I probably would think that if I saw us.  Filming our cats.  Like its a normal thing to do.  Bahahahahaha.

-So, just a few more ways you can determine if you MIGHT be a crazy cat lady....

- You have more pictures of your cats than your significant other, friends, or family COMBINED on your phone.
(I'm too embarrassed to tell you how many pictures I have of Lucy on my iphone. Like.. its sad.  Its probably a sign we need to have kids. )

-You don't even get mad when you find your cat laying all over new clothes that have yet to be worn.  Actually, you are more impressed with the fact they sought out a sleeping spot w/ such stylish surroundings. 

-You can't help but feel mildly offended when someone tells you they hate cats.... but then you're also secretly telling yourself that you're positive they would definitely  like your cat.  For sure.  I mean, who wouldn't like a cat diva who loves you enough to try to go places with you??

Yall obvi get the point & now know that I do love my fabulous felines.  And I clearly do exude someeee slight crazy cat lady tendencies, but please know that I really am completely normal.  I just absolutely think it's hysterical there are soooo many funny associations that go along with cats & their owners.  As of right now, I'd like to think I still fall into the less crazy cat lady category.. However, if you ever find me to be dressing up like the picture below, please stage a cat-ervention ASAP. (Thank youuuuuu Linds for this jewel of a pic! xoxoxoxo)
Mmmkay yall- thats it for now!