Tuesday, June 28, 2011

True Life Tuesday- I'm an addict :)

I have a serious addiction yall.  Its honestly terrible, and unfortunately my poor bank account suffers the most from this serious habit.  I'd like to introduce you to my main shopping vice....

Like Pink Lou Lou, I literally hoard make-up.  If I have a bad day, I inevitably wind up at Sephora.  Usually, I am just trying to find one little item to console myself, but somehow I always manage to spend $100 +.  Kevin stays absolutely baffled at how high the price of make up is.  Bless his heart, I don't think he realizes that places like Target & Walgreens also sell make-up because I have trained him to know that Sephora (or sometimes Ulta) is the main place to buy Caroline's make-up.  
Similar to addicts, I have my must have make-up items that I cannot live without.  Like would go into an epileptic shock if I didnt have them.

1) Make-up Forever HD Primer: This product is super light & evens out your skin tone.  It honestly helps my foundation stay on ALL day.
2) Make Up Forever Matte Velvet Foundation: So, I have a tendency to run around like a crazy person all day long with my job.  Literally, I'm like a chicken with my head cut up.  Until I tried this a few years ago, my makeup looked similar to if I had just completed a marathon by the end of the day.  Now, I can honestly go to the gym & do a full workout, and my foundation is still on.  It is amazzzing. 

3)  Urban Decay Eye Shadows & Primers: In my eyes, Urban Decay can do NO wrong when it comes to eye color.  Their shadow palettes have every color & shimmer option known to man (or I guess woman) kind.  Plus, they sometimes offer their primers in their palette packs as well, which will amp up the eye color in the prettiest way.  I currently have 3 of their palettes (Excessive much? I know, I know), but I am dying to get their new "Naked Palette," but I haven't taken the plunge yet.  **Kevin- are you reading this?? My Birthday is in less than a month.  GREAT gift idea! :)**

4) Tarte Bronzer- I cannot say enough great things about things about this bronzer.  First off, I can say with 100% confidence that you will never look like Snookie if you try this.  It gives you the most natural looking glow, with a faint hint of sparkle, which prevents you from looking like Casper the Friendly ghost in the dead of winter.  Plus, it will last forever.  I think my last one lasted for well over a year.  I even sold Jan (aka my Mother) on this bronzer.  It has to be noted that Jan is the cheapest extremely frugal when it comes to buying make up.  For example, she has become best friends with her local Walgreens "Beauty Advisor" & is constantly telling me what new items she (aka high school dropout that rocks purple eye shadow on a regular basis) recommends. Gosh, there are so many things wrong with that sentence. Jan also gets super excited if her make up goes on sale- ie: 2 Loreals for $12.  Then again, she does live in Floyds Knobs where there isn't a ton to get pumped up about.  Regardless, if she is willing to step up to the Tarte Bronzer, you know its awesome. 

5) Eyeliner Recs: I'm going to be honest with you all, Eye liners are my biggest addiction.  On NYE, a few of my girlfriends & I were primping in my bathroom (ie: Pink Lou Lou & Court, to be exact), and we started counting how many black eye liners I own.  Any guesses?  If you guessed in the neighborhood of around 30, a gold star is coming your way.  I owned (at the time) 32 individual things of eye liner.  I usually try to rationalize my shopping behavior, but I am actually well aware that this isn't normal.  Even for me.  
**Side Note: I'm gonna blame Jan for this eye liner infatuation.  In high school, she REFUSED to let me wear any eye-liner or mascara.  Nevermind the fact that my eyelashes are completely blonde.  She insisted that wearing black eyeliner would give the image to people that "I was easy."  1) WHO SAYS THAT TO THEIR TEENAGE DAUGHTER??  2) Because I'm sure there is a direct correlation between sluttiness & black eyeliner.  Come on Jan. Anyways- So, I think that scarred me for life because I've had this HUGE need to try every eyeliner on the planet since I feel like I've missed out on so much in my teen years.  I also think this is the reason why I insist upon wearing ample amounts of eyeliner anywhere I go.  Don't worry, if you see someone who's eyes are made up like they're going to prom while at the gym, its probably me.  Lake, Pool, Gym, Grocery- doesn't matter.  I always have it on.  
So, up until recently, I had been using a Tarte Gel Eyeliner (which I still adore bc its a combo between a liquid & pencil.  Goes on great!), but it runs out super quick if you cake it on like I do.  ($18 for 2-3 weeks of usage seems a tad ridiculous- even to me.)  So, I was complaining to my local Sephora consultant, and she found me the most perfect eyeliner ever.
Meet Make Up Forever Aqua Eyes

So, this eye liners comes in a little tub, and you apply it with the tiniest brush ever.  (I will say that you do NOT need to buy brushes at Sephora.  Target's ELF line has fantastic brushes for $1 that work great.)  I can already tell you that this will definitely last me months, and it stays on ALL day long.  Plus, the brush lets you make you draw a line that can be really thin or  (cover your ears Jan) SUPER thick, like how I like to wear it :)  Its fabulous.

So, there you have it!  Those are my top 5 favorite products.  Now- my B List includes (but not limited to: NARS blush,  Benefit BOING eye brightener (Thanks Lauren!!!) , Bare Escentials Mineral Veil, Urban Decay 24/7 eye liner.  I love all of those products too, but not near to the extent of the first 5.  

So finally, I'm going to veer away from Make Up & go onto something that I have around 15 questions about on a daily basis.  Mahhh crazy faux braid- soo I'm gonna leave yall with a brief hair tutorial on how I deal with my crazy bangs that are in growing-out stage limbo.  I do this little faux braid at least twice per week, accompanied with a professional pony tail.  Basically, I fix my hair like this when I'm running super later & don't have time to fix it.  And as you all can see- I am really telling the truth when I say it takes me under 30 seconds to put one of these in my hair.  Its hilarious too because I always end up with a bazillion compliments when I wear my hair like this.  Soooo Enjoy & feel free to copy :) 

Thats it for now!  

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

28 IS the new 24

Honestly you guys, who gets sick on their husbands birthday? Ummmm.. apparently THIS girl.  No bueno.  With the winning combination of fever, a sinus infection, & bronchitis, it's fair to say that I won the bacteria trifecta today.  I feel like I've been a huge letdown for the Bday boy because I've been soooo blah.
**Side Note** I'm pretty sure he picked up on the fact I was feeling really down in the dumps & guilty about being sick because when I got home from the doctor today, these were waiting on our front porch.

I mean, are you kidding me?  That right there is why I have the best husband in the world.  Who send their wife flowers on THEIR birthday?  Oh thats right, Kevin :)

 Anyways, I probably looked like I had raided the Walgreens pharmacy after I picked up my prescriptions because I literally left there with a grocery bag full of meds.  I'm still mildly petrified that I am now one robbitussen bottle away from getting questioned by the Walgreens staff about potential drug abuse.  Anywho, even though I havent felt 100%, I've been hell bent & determined to make Kevin have a great birthday.  Even though I didn't get to make him breakfast, I was able to meet up with him for a nice little lunch at Panera (granted, he was probably a tad embarrassed to be seen with me because I looked like a bag lady).

However, I fully intend to save face tonight & cook him a fantastic meal.  I think I've mentioned it a time or 2, but both Kevin & I LOVE Italian food.  I honestly think that him & I both could live on pizza or pasta.  Granted, we might be the next contestants on the Biggest Loser, but hey, I would definitely be one jolly big person.  So, tonight, I am going to cook him homemade Baked Ziti.

This is definitely our favorite recipe, so I have to say that this is a win for both of us.  Now, I know you are dying to hear what's in it, so without further adieu:
Baked Ziti
-1 Box Ziti Pasta
-1 lb. Ground beef
-1 lb. Italian Sausage
-6 oz. Provolone cheese slices
-6 oz. Mozzarella shredded cheese
-2 Tablespoons Parmesan cheese
-1 onion, chopped
-1.5 cups of light sour cream (I know what you're thinking.  Light sour cream in this recipe is like when people order a supersized big mac meal & then have the audacity to ask for a diet coke, but hey, you gotta cut the calories where you can, right?)

-Brown the onion/beef together in large pot
-Add sauce & let simmer for 15-20 mins
-Use a 13x9 pan, and spray w/ pam
-Layer 1/2 of cooked ziti into pan
-layer provolone cheese over ziti
-layer sour cream over prov cheese
-layer 1/2 of the sauce mixture
-put rest of ziti over the sauce
-Layer the mozz cheese over ziti pasta
-Put remainder of sauce mixture on top, then sprinkle with parm cheese
*Bake at 350 Degrees for 30-40 mins, and waaalaah, you have the best Baked Ziti ever.

Now, I'm sure you all are wondering what I got Mr. Gray for his 28th 24th Bday (which he informed me today that he doesn't feel a day over 24, so we're just gonna go with that number instead of 28 because 28 is so irritatingly close to 30.)
Welllll... I can tell you 2 things because he's already opened them.  The BIG present he is opening later, so I can't give that one away because I'm scared he'll read this post while he's on the golf course (highly doubtful, given that he left here with a cooler full of beer, and I'm guessing my blog isn't the first thing on his mind.  Shocking, i know.).  Still, i just don't wanna take the chance.
So, the first present should be a given:
Thats right.  Homeboy looks married again. Yayyyyy!  Now I don't have to worry about any girls hittin on mahh man. (Bahahahahaa. ptsch, as if that actually happens to him on a regular basis. Strip clubs don't count, Kevin. )
And because Hudson managed to chew up all of our favorite pairs of shoes last year when he was a little puppy, I also got him a pair of these:

A new pair of boat shoes... which unfortunately don't fit, and the all navy proved to be a bit fashion forward for Kevy.  (Kevin considers button-down shirts with TWO pockets to be wayyy edgy, so a navy boat shoe is the equivilent of Carlton Banks not wearing his shower shoes in the shower. Its just toooo craazzzy to handle...)

Okay guys before I go, I'll leave you with a picture that of Kevin from his actual 24th bday. 
Yay I'm 24!
Using Kevin's FAVORITE phrase, I'm gonna have to say he's "aging pretty darn well."  Him at 24 vs. him at 28 doesn't look all that different to me.  Boy still looks handsome as ever, but I am a tad biased :) mmkay, that's it for now.

Monday, June 20, 2011

There are no words.....

So, its 1:13am, and I am up.  I just finished a fabulous mba finance test.  Who's jealous?  If it werent for my teacher who incidentally resembles a polo model, complete with a Southern Mississippi accent, I definitely would have definitely dropped that horrid class like a bad habit by now.  Thank God for the little things in life, right? :)  (Calm down yall- he's married.  I'm married.  But I mean, just because you're on a diet, doesn't mean you can't scope out the menu.)
So, last week was pretty miserable, but I'm gonna spare yall the details.  However, there were some highlights.
1)  Lets discuss that Hudson (our dog) has decided to start acting like a complete weirdo, which has come out of nowhere.  He has started hiding under stuff, shaking, and not eating much.  So of course, I did what EVERY great dog parent does-  Google his symptoms & diagnose him mah self.  In turn, I scare the hell out of myself & convince Kevin that he has every horrible diagnosis known to man (or in this case, dog).  As a result, Hudson & I ended up at the vet last Wednesday bc I was 110% he was on his death bed.  

SOOOO, 3 1/2 hours, 4 blood tests, & a fecal test, the vet has some news for me.  According to Dr. S, my homeboy, Hudson, is "the vision of health, and he might just be in a mood."  Umm, A MOOD? Are you serious Clark?  I consider Lucy the Diva to be "in a mood" a solid 86% of the time, and I most definitely didn't go to Vet school to make that determination.  Anywho, later that night, Kevin & I decided to take Hudson on a walk to see if he was going to act more normal.  **Okay yall, if you have a weak stomach, you might want to ear muff it out on this next part**  
So, as we were walking, Hudson decided to take care of some business.  When I went to pick up his, ummm droppings, I was appalled to see that there was a complete (unused) tampon & remnants of a plastic fork in it.  Lets be honest, if either of those things had come out of me, I would be "in a mood" too & thanking sweet Jesus that I didn't have to get my stomach pumped.  

2) Speaking of Lucy the Diva....  Check out the video of her below.  To say that she was NOT happy to see the incriminating photos of her Aunt Lou Lou invading her Cat Condo is a vast understatement.
OH yes, this happened, and Lucy is out for blood.  

You know, I really need to get a better handle on my pets.  Orrrr maybe my friends.  Hmmm. Could be a toss up.

3) Guess who's bday is tomorrow???? No, unfortunately, its not mine (although, mine is exactly 5 weeks from tomorrow.  FYI- only 35 shopping days left.)   If you guessed this guy, you'd be right!

  BUT if you guessed this guy, you'd also be right.

Hey, I might not have gotten THE  Prince that was born on June 21, but I definitely got my prince :)  Kate's got nothing on me (exceptttt for maaayyybe her shopping budget. dang. Can't win em all.)  I'm super excited to celebrate his 28th year with him- & give him his presents. (ok- maybe theres a slight part in me that is actually excited because I know I'll get to eat some ice cream cake at some point Mr. Grays bday festivities. I mean, I do love his bday, but i might love ice cream cake more.  Jussst saying.  ) Hahaha, anyway, hope everyone had a good weekend- thats it for now.  

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Grumppopotamos & the need for a Teen Mom Intervention

Yall... I've been in maaajjjahhh a funk this week, and as a result this has been me.....

Due to the deadly combination of ridiculous stress, anxiety, & just some plain ole sucky news, I have been transformed into Debbie Downer (although with better fashion sense & better hair, I hope).  I'm pretty sure that Kevin is convinced that enduring a double root canal & a Gilmore Girls Marathon has got to be more fun than hanging out me these past few days.  Between work, school, family stuff, & realizing I don't have a free weekend until late August, I started on the vicious downward spiral of self-pity, which hasn't been a pretty sight.  However, like I've said before, I am basically a certifiable nutcase if I don't get my workout in on a daily basis, so even if the world is coming to an end (in my eyes or in real life), you better bet I'm going to get that workout in, just because I know it'll help my mood.

As a side note: Now, although I may threaten violence on my ridiculous husband from time to time, the above clip proves why I'd never lay a hand on him.  Because....Happy people just don't shoot their husbands.  They just don't :)

Although I was 110% positive I was still going to be buying a one way ticket on the pissy train to blah-land when I returned, I did decide to go on a run around the neighborhood.  In the spirit of transparency, I really just wanted to be alone to get my pity party on, without judgement.  As I was running up a large hill, I noticed this other girl runner, with uber long, skinny legs, on the other side of the street.  She was taking this hill at a muuuuch faster pace than me (And making it look super easy. What a wench.), which was surprising because usually I can rock & roll on some hills.  (My mom towers over me with her long legs, but I always always always beat her on hills. Sorry Jan.) So with this girl, I really could NOT get over quick she was, considering how skinny & long her legs were.  Of course, being my hyper competitive self, I attempted to pick up my pace & beat her up that hill, but there was no catching this girl. I was trying to console my 25 year old body about my slower pace by telling myself that she had to be a high school cc runner, track star, or something of that nature.  When she stopped at the top of the hill to talk to a car that had pulled into one of the drive-ways,  I was super thrilled because I was dying to get a good look at this chick with the ridiculously fast pace & insanely skinny legs that went along to match.  When I finally caught up to her, I could not believe my eyes.  Shock & awe doesn't even cover what I saw.  I was right about one thing.  She was definitely in high school- couldn't have been a day over 15 years old.  But I was wrong about her legs.  They weren't skinny.  They weren't long.  They weren't even present.  Those skinny legs were actually prosthetic limbs.  Oh. My. God......
I had been praying over the past few days for God to cut me some slack & to let something GOOD happen because I couldn't handle much more. Witnessing the determination of this other runner gave me the gut check (and tears) that I was in desperate need of.  God sent a message back to me alright- LOUD & CLEAR.  Sh*t happens, its how you respond to it that determines what you're made of.  This other runner has been dealt one hell of tough hand in life, but its not getting her down- Yet, I'm letting a few bad days make me the Prozac poster child.  Needless to say, the endorphins I got from that run weren't the only thing that helped give me a new lease on life.  I am incredibly blessed & I need to remember it. Every day.  

So, speaking of the poster child for Prozac.....
Lets discuss this trainwreck.... Meet Amber Portwood.

Gary- Amber's Baby Daddy
Now, I'm aware that some of yall probably don't know her because you actually have standards when it comes to your television programming. But, shamefully,  I clearly don't share those standards.  Miss Portwood is from the classy MTV program "Teen Mom," & bless her heart, she is a hot darn mess.  Homegirl has been arrested for hitting her baby daddy (Gary- aka another winner) in front of her child, child neglect, & underage drinking.  And last night, I read that she tried to commit suicide on Monday night.  Yall- She is only 21. Do we think she'd have that kind of rap sheet & instability if she hadn't gained notoriety from Teen Mom?  Okay, Okay, in all honesty, she'd probably have some of it because she is kinda trashy, but I really think she's done a lot of it because she's learned that her crazy behavior gets her more attention, magazine covers, interviews, & lets not forget- another season of Teen Mom... And ps- it was reported that she made more than $280K in 2010.. and I mean, for what exactly?  Its not like she's poised with talent, unless you call perfecting your mugshot pose a talent? As much as this show has provided mindless entertainment for me, I have to question MTV's morals for continuing on with this.  Young girls are getting the wrong message from 16 & Preggo/Teen Mom.  MTV is making it seem perfectly normal & okay for these girls to get knocked up, make terrible decisions, and then be rewarded with a reality tv show.  Personally, I think they should only cast girls on Teen Mom if they are actually putting in an effort to turn their trainwreck lives around & into something... or MAYBE, I dunno, actually trying to provide a good home for their new children- novel idea, right? Now, my moral compass might not always point due North, but continuing to promote the concept of making horrendous decisions that negatively affect these young mothers ( & their children) because it makes for good tv just seems so incredibly wrong to me.  Come on, MTV- Go revamp Real World or something.
Now, I love some good trashy tv, but after hearing about Amber Portwood today, I gotta draw a line at this one.  Mmmmkay yall, thats it for now.  

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Forever & Ever Amen

(Obvi- this isn't the real cemetery.)
Yesterday was first for me.  One of my customers lost his wife to a terminal illness over the weekend.  I've been doing this for about 4 years, and none of my customers have ever lost a spouse.  I think highly of all of my customers, but this gentleman, with 50+ years of expertise, has my utmost respect & admiration.  He's also just an extremely kind & genuine person, so it absolutely breaks my heart that he's now all alone.  So yesterday, I went by his office to drop off a card & additional treats for his office staff. It should probably be noted that his office is incidentally located directly across from the city's cemetery, & for some oblivious reason, this tidbit never even crossed my mind when I headed there yesterday morning. When I came back outside from the office to get back into my car, I looked across the street, and the burial portion of his wife's funeral was underway.
Side note:  I was told this morning that my customer bought those burial plots years ago- that way he would always be able to watch over her from his office if anything ever happened to her. Might be the sweetest thing I've ever heard.  
I literally stood there with tears in my eyes, frozen like a statue because my heart hurt so badly for this sweet older gentleman who had lost his wife after 53 years of marriage.

53 years of marriage.  What an accomplishment.  Can you imagine how strong of a bond they must have had?  I am in complete awe of people who have been married for such a long duration of time.  Marriage isn't easy, and whoever says that it is needs to be slapped. I kind of feel like married people should get a trophy for every year they are married- I'm actually 110% positive thats why we get a tax break :)
With all joking aside, I take marriage very seriously, most likely because of the example that was set forth by my family.  Both sets of grandparents are the quintessential role models of what the term "for better or for worse" truly means for couples.

Sweet Hazel (& my brother)
My maternal grandparents were married for 55 years before my Grandfather passed away.  My Grandmother absolutely loves to tell me that I was her favorite Anniversary present because I was born on their 49th wedding anniversary (Its July 26th- juuuuust in case you were wondering and/or want to send me a present! Just kidding. Kinda.), and I was their only granddaughter.  Wanna know the best part about their wedding anniversary? They never even had a wedding.  They actually snuck off to get married, and did not tell anyone for TWO years.  Apparently, they wanted to have their house completely built & paid for before they told anyone they were married?  Everytime I've ever quizzed my sweet little (4ft 10 inches) 94 year old bourbon-drinking baptist Grandmother (Hazel) as to why they snuck off to get married to my Granddaddy (who stood tall at 6ft 5 inches) or waited 2 years to tell anyone, she just giggles, and says "Welllll Suga, I just don't know.  I know it seems silly now, but then it seemed like an adventure."  You can't argue with that logic.  I love it.

This is my absolute favorite picture of them- taken @ Churchill Downs.
Lord only knows what he had said to get that look :)
My Paternal Grandparents were married just shy of 52 years.  Their love story is one for the books too.  My Grandfather moved to this small Indiana town from Kentucky, didn't come from much money, but was full of charm & big ideas.  My grandmother came from a pretty well-to-do family, and of course, they didn't approve of my Grandfather.  Not one bit.  Long story short, they got married and had my oldest Uncle when my Grandmother was only 17 years old. My Grandfather was hell bent and determined to win his over his in-laws & make something of himself, and that he did.  Guess who eventually built the most fantastic house that Scottsburg, IN had ever seen?  His charisma and kindness helped those big ideas become a reality, which led to him being wildly successful.  He had this HUGE personality, & was feisty as all get out. (My Dad tells me that I take after him through & through, which is by far the best compliment I could ever receive.) I wholeheartedly believe that my Grandmother's heart literally broke when he passed away because she was never the same after that. After being married for that long, I think it must feel like half of yourself is missing when your spouse passes away.

My parents were married for 32 years.  Yes, I said were.  As in past tense.  I'm not really ready to talk about that whole little road show yet, if ever.  When they divorced, it shook me to my very core.  I never believed in a million years that my parents would divorce.  Everyone knows Pat & Jan AS Pat & Jan.  Obviously, divorce doesn't happen in my family.  It just doesn't.  Side note: Whoever says divorce is easier to deal with as an adult also needs to be slapped.  Hard.  Divorce sucks.  Plain & Simple...   Anyway, It is a long story as to why they felt they needed to go their separate ways, & honestly, its not my story to tell.  Butttt I will tell yall 2 little tidbits about Miss Jan & Big P.......
Number 1- No matter how you look at it, 32 years of marriage is nothing to scoff at.  They went through crazy ups & downs, yet made it through together for a long time.  I truly admire both of my parents for following their hears in trying to figure out what was going to make them happy again.  Number 2- They've been divorced for 3 years now, which still just blows my mind.  However, Big P & Jan are now both happy again in a relationship.  With each other :)  Love always prevails, but I think sometimes you might have to veer off the beaten path to find it again.

Anyway, I always think of my grandparents when I hear this song about loving someone forever-So incredibly sweet. Well, thats it for now yall.  
Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A lost wedding band AND a wallet?

I've been getting a ton of grief for how much I rag on my husband.  I try really hard not to include his ridiculousness in posts, but in all honesty, I can't help it- he makes my life infinitely more entertaining.  99.9% of the time his entertainment is a great blessing.  However, sometimes he is just straight special & does clownie things... and they need to be chronicled for your reading pleasure.
For example, I bet none of yall can say that your husband has managed to lose his wedding band & wallet within the past week?  Yes- wedding band AND wallet.  WITHIN a week.  Who does that? Seriously, who does that???  I would love to tell you all some awesome story about how he lost his wedding band while cliff diving at the lake or even tubing, buttttt thats just not how it happened.  I'd also love to tell you that he was protecting my honor against a group of gang members (because there are so many dangerous gangs in Lexington & everything. ptschhh), but again, I'd be lying.  So let me tell you these new Kev stories.

So, the wedding band WAS lost at the lake- that much was true.  However, once I noticed he was wearing his wedding band on the boat, I immediately made him take it off, and put it in a plastic bag in the boats glove compartment for safe keeping.  So, we're all good, right?  WRONG. Once we got back to marina, I got the ring out of the bag & brought it to him.  I sat it ON the table, and said, "Kevin, put your ring back on.  KEV- put your ring back on." Welllllll, tubba wubba decided that he should first engorge himself in more Bold Chex Mix (I can't really fault him for this because it is super delicious- by far the best Chex Mix flavor.) before putting his ring all the way back on.  Then, his fingers were a hot mess, so he flicked the mess off into the water.  And into the water the wedding band went. Womppp womppp womppppp.  My wrath was definitely not worth the deliciousness that the Chex Mix brought to him- I can assure you that.  We've been talking about replacing the band, but it just feels kind of wrong.  I mean- he took vows in that original wedding band.  A replacement band would have zero meaning behind it, right?  So, he's been wearing a ring that I gave him when we were dating.
As a side note- To Clarify any misconceptions- That ring was not in any way a "promise ring."  Give me some credit- I'm not that lame.  One of his friends had one & Kevin thought it looked cool on, so he wanted one.  End of story.  So, don't let him lie to you & tell you anything different :)

So, lets discuss the wallet.... After our friend Dana's wedding rehearsal, all of the boys went out on the town.  Meanwhile, all the bridesmaids went back to Dana's house to just have some girl time.  Kevin came to get me in a cab because he had indulged in one too many cocktails. So, he picks me up with the cab driver, whom Kevin has completely befriended & also giving this poor guy marriage advice. 2nd side note: I would pay big money to have heard what kind of relationship advice he was giving that unsuspecting driver. I'm sure it was top notch pearls of wisdom. Seriously- it mildly frightens me to know what he said.  Also, we should also discuss that when we get into a cab, Kevin never ever ever sits by me.  He always hops up front- like he is going to help navigate in his less-than-sober stupor?  That sounds like a promising idea. Not.

Anywho, we finally get home & Kevin urges me to go inside to check on the dog- probably so he can finish his counseling session with the cab driver?  Then, he comes inside & BEGS me to take him to Taco Bell, while he is cooking pizza bites.  He's a great multi-tasker, what can i say?  Finally he goes to sleep.  The next morning is when he finally realizes he managed to lose his wallet in the 3 minute duration of me leaving him to walk inside & him paying the cab driver.  That dern Taco Bell 4th meal will cause ya to lose focus every time.

So, needless to say, he was not at the top of my favorite list of people this past week.  Then, a miracle happened.  I don't know if I've mentioned it or not, but I'm in the process of getting my MBA.  So, I have class every Monday from 6-10pm, and yes- it makes me loathe Mondays even more than the average person.  A root canal has to be way more fun than my Mondays.  When I got out of class last night, I came home to a clean house, a full pantry (aka a full on grocery trip had been made), a perfectly manicured lawn, and an offer to take the dog on a walk.  Truth be told, I don't think being offered a cameo on the Real Housewives would have made me as happy as he did last night. He's the best, and I don't say that enough.  Sooooo, next time I make mention of wanting to kick him in his teeth for being utterly ridiculous or tardtastic, will someone please remind me of how much I do love this face? 
I mean, how can you resist? hahahaha
So, a few other people that I am loving on this Wednesday.... So, do you all remember how my Mr. Vuitton became a burn victim right?  So, nice people at Saks & LV stepped up their game, anddddddd ITS BEING REPAIRED AS WE SPEAK!!!!! For only $87. Bargain.  I got a little huffy with their original unwillingness to fix it, so I think they might have been petrified to tell me that cosmetic surgery on him was out of the question.  I mean, you don't mess with a girl & their burn victim Louis.  Trust me. If they hadn't repaired it, I may have gone Bon Qui Qui on them (Mad tv- I will eventually post a link to this. Its my fav.)

The last person I am loving? The fictional Luke Cafferty from Friday Night Lights (Real Name- Matt Lauria).  I love him.  He might just be my favorite player to have ever played in Dillion, Texas.  Side note- football players in my high school never looked like that.  Ever.  Anyway- Friday Night Lights = best show on television.  Ever.  If you haven't seen it, immediately invest in some Netflix & start from the beginning.  You will thank me for this advice- I guarantee it.  

Okay, thats it for now yall.  Have a great rest of the week.