Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Back to Reality....

And I'm back from a much much needed vacation in my beloved vacay spot in Hilton Head Island, SC. If you haven't been, I highly recommend going.  Like tomorrow.  Its beautiful.  Its clean.  Its calm.  There's fabulous outlet shopping.  Oh yeah, and there's a beach there too :)


Since returning, I've been plotting of ways for Kevin & I to have the ability to permanently move down there, but ummm.. all my business ideas are centered around wine or cupcakes.  The thought of me attempting to open and successfully run a wine or cupcake business is hysterical.  Heaven knows I'd wind up bankrupt in about a month because I'd drink/eat my whole inventory before I could even sell it.  Or I would find it necessary to frequently close down to see the daily shipments that came into the White House Black Market & Saks Off Fifth outlets.

Obviously my priorities are really in check these days

Hello Tanger Outlets. 

  Anywho, like I've said before- I'm kind of OCD about my routine and actually happy to be back home.  I can deviate from my normal schedule for a few days, but then I kind of get anxious to return home.  How on earth I ever thought I could study abroad in college is beyond me.  Ptsch, I can barely make it 5 days without almost having a meltdown because my life is lacking structure.  Plus, I was dying to get back to these two.  

I know this is probably an animal hoarder comment, but I legitimately worried about Missy (the Tornado Dog) the entire time we were at the beach.  Although she was boarded with Hudson at a fabulous boarding facility, I was convinced that she probably thought we had left her there permanently.  Yes, I am aware that dogs don't have the best concept of time.  And that their brains are the size of a peach (Thanks, dad for that reminder), but you can't help but worry they'll hate you or not remember you when you pick them up.
However, all my worries were cast aside when we picked them up and my dogs made the biggest scene in the history of dog boarding when they saw us.  You would have thought Kevin & I had been on an 8 month African Safari with the way they acted.  Literally- both dogs were barking & jumping as though I just given them free reign on some jars of peanut butter or let loose in Petsmart.  While it was kind of flattering to see that they missed us so much, it was also mildly embarrassing because the employees & other pet owners looked at them (and us) like they were they anti-christ.  Never a good look.  Actually, you should probably just run when you see that expression given to you by someone because it strongly suggests that they think you're a moron incapable of doing anything.   Regardless, I'm gonna choose to think that the dogs' insane reaction clearly indicates the love our animals have for us. Orrrr maybe it means that we smelled like bacon when we got out of the car from a 9 hr van ride, but whatev.

So, yes, I am back to my every day reality.  And that also means, I've been catching up on my reality shows.  We all know I am a sucker for reality tv.  Like, the trashier the better.
**Side note: Kevin tries to act like he's appalled by these shows, but he watches almost every single one with me.  You stay manly, Kev. **)

So, a few quick comments....

Real Housewives of Orange County- I want to give Briana a huge hug for defying ole Vicki & eloping in Vegas.  If Vicki was my momma, I wouldve run away to Vegas to get married too.

  Also, why was Ryan (Tamra's son) have more hair than he ever has before?  How is that possible?  Or that he couldn't afford furniture last episode, but he bought a new tux in this episode? Ohhh the housewives and their financial priorities. Lastly, Brooks just flat creeps me the hell out. From Donn to Brooks? I feel like Donn is probably super fun to hang out with, and I think he's probably even more fun now that  hes escaped Vicki.  You go on w/ your bad self, Donn.

Real Housewives of New Jersey-  I'm getting super tired of the whole Guidice/Gorga family turmoil.  Caroline & family are boring the absolutely bejesus out of me this season too.  I really wish they'd focus more on either Rich Wakile's crazy comments

or the out-lawish antics of Ashlee.  When is that crazy girl gonna be back home?  I feel like that show is kind of coming off the tracks these days.

The Bachelorette- Okay yall, since I have been getting my MBA on Monday nights for the past 2 years, I haven't seen any of the last 4-5 bachelor or bachelorette shows.  Since I did watch Brad Womack's initial season like 6 years ago, I did try to keep up with who he picked.  So after watching the bachelorette premiere tonight, here are my initial thoughts...
1) Emily looks/acts/talks like she is highly medicated.  She just comes across as being super wooden.

2) I would say 96% of those guys are complete toolbags that I would never even consider talking to when I was single.  Seriously though-Where do they find these guys?  No guy I know acts like that or is that desperate to get married.  And i live in the South where people get married at age 18.
3) How is this show even still on?  Havent only 2 couples married after like a bazillion seasons?  I mean, I feel like match.com would laugh at the bachelor/bachelorette's face about their overall success rate, which wouldn't give me much hope if i was single.
4) I kind of think Arie is super hot.  Maybe its because I'm familiar w/ his family & the whole Indy car thing, but I have a sneaking suspicion he will go very far, if not win it all.

5) My conspiracy theory is that Emily & Chris Harrison will wind up together now that he is divorcing.  He's made numerous comments to the media about being uber protective of Emily, which has made me wonder if they've had a side thing going this whole time?  Maybe thats why they were so persistent that she be the next Bachelorette?     Stranger things have happened.  I'm just saying.

Okay guys- that about does it for me.  Chat soon.
Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Missy Moo, the Tornado Dog.

I preface this post by reminding you all that Kevin and I should be prohibited from even coming within a 1 mile radius of Petsmart during adoption days.  We are the definition of bleeding hearts, and those sneaky shelter volunteers see us coming from a mile away (Hints why we wound up with Lucy, Stella, and Hudson.  Breyer was actually premeditated, believe it or not.)  Keep that in mind as you read this post..... and also... please don't call Animal Hoarders on Kevin Gray just yet.

Almost 2 months ago, Tornados ripped through Eastern Kentucky, leaving two towns in my work territory absolutely devastated.  In the week following the tornados, I was unable to even go to Eastern Kentucky, so I had no idea how the damage affected my customers or if they were even alive.  Finally, FEMA had cleared out of Salyersville, Kentucky, so I was able to make it there 1.5 weeks after the tornados ripped through.  I thought I had mentally prepared myself for what the town was going to look like, as I had been paying close attention to the news casts every night.

I could not have been more wrong.
Nothing could have prepared me for what I witnessed when I got there.  

This was about 2 miles away from Salyersville.  As a point of reference, those hills used to be covered in trees and other greenery.

And this was the first sight I was met with when I finally got into town.
My heart was absolutely broken when I realized the gravity of the situation, and how horrific the damage was to the city of Salyersville, Kentucky.  

Now, I took video of my experience as well because pictures didn't show everything I wanted people to see to better understand the situation they were dealing with.  However, I start crying midway through the video, which leaves anyone watching it forced to deal with trying to translate my hysteria. I didn't want to do that to yall, but if you get a chance to donate to the Red Cross or United Way of Eastern Kentucky- please do it.  They still need all the help they can get.  It will be years before these towns fully recover from this.  

So, Kevin & I continued to talk about what we could do to help with the tornado relief efforts.  We had already donated to the Red Cross, but it still didn't seem like quite enough.  Then, my phone rings one day while I'm at work....
Me: Hello?
Kevin: Honey, I know how we can help with the tornado relief.
Me: Ohhh! Thats great!! What are you thinking?
Kevin: Well.  You know all the Animal shelters in Morgan & Magoffin County are now non-existent.  And as a result, a ton of the dogs are being sent to other shelters.  Like Estill County.  You KNOW, Estill County is beyond over crowded and they can only keep the dogs ONE day before they are put down.
Me (Being my bleeding heart self): No.. I didn't know that? Oh my god.  Okay, well, should we make a big donation there?  
Kevin: NO, CAROLINE (In the most annoyed voice ever).  I think we should work with a rescue league and (wait for it)... FOSTER MISPLACED TORNADO DOGS. (Yes- read: Dogs. S. As in plural)
Me: Ummmm.... I'm sorry, what did you say?
Kevin: Ohh yeah- we'd be great at it!! And I've already been working with a Rescue League & we've already been approved anyways.
Me: Ummm.... I'm sorry? I think I'm hallucinating.  You want to do what? Seriously? I think you've lost your damn mind.
Kevin: What are you talking about?  This will be great!  This is how I'm giving Alms during Lent, Carol! 
Me: Seriously?  Is this my life?  

A lot of people have the misconception that I am the head-strong one in my marriage.  Lemme tell ya, when Kevin Gray gets something in his head that he is going to do something, homeboy is going to do it, come hell or high water.  
Knowing this about him, I wasn't entirely surprised to come home from Easter in Louisville (which he um, conveniently skipped out on because he was "sick?") to find this little angel in my back yard.  

Meet Missy Moo, the Tornado Dog

So, again, was I surprised?  No.  Was I thrilled to see a new dog at our house?  Ummmm, No. And actually, I'm convinced that Kevin googled "How to calm your wife down so she doesn't kill you for doing something utterly ridiculous" before I got home because I was greeted with red wine and flowers as soon as I walked in the door.  That kid knows how to work me.  Maybe Petsmart gave him some pointers, no? :)
So, that was 3 weeks ago, and I think its safe to say that Missy Moo, the tornado dog has been formally adopted.  She is basically the best dog ever.  We are both pretty much completely enamored with her.  I mean- good lord- how could we not be?  She came to us crate trained, house broken, and has learned quite a few tricks already.  Its like a miracle dog.  
However- Let me stress that there will be NO more dog fostering at the Grays because you get attached & it inevitably leads to scenes like these.....

I gotta give her props- she is the best snuggler ever.

And if you don't believe me, just ask Hudson...

At this point, I firmly believe that Hudson would cut me if we gave Missy back or let anyone else adopt her.  
She is his BFF.  
For life.

The only downside to their newfound friendship is that I think Missy has further fed his ego & he now firmly believes that he is a huge dog.  Its basically like Missy gives him the muscle to back up his insane persona.  
What a pair.  

So, anyway, if you havent called Animal hoarders yet, rest assured that my A-type personality has made me even more psychotic about cleaning my house & ensuring that our humble-abode smells nothing like a Feeders Supply.  Now, lets just pray that no more natural disasters occur because I'm mildly terrified that Kevin will try to adopt something really weird, like a lama or ostrich, the next go round.  hahahaha.
Anyway- thats about it does it for me.  Have a fab Tuesday!