Wednesday, April 18, 2012

How to spot when you've become an official "adult"

Unfortunately there has been a plethora of events lately that has made me realize that I am knee deep into adulthood.  I guess I've been in denial since I graduated from college that I could be considered a "real" adult.  But all signs point otherwise. Boo. Hiss. This makes for an unhappy Caroline.

1. Get excited to find that your husband has called the carpet people to come clean.

Carpet looks brand new, right?  Sooo exciting!  Wait.. no. Not at all actually.

2. Wait the word husband is a pretty solid indicator you're not in college anymore. Over two years in & most days I still don't feel old enough to be married.

3. Two words. Mortgage payment. One of our good family friends always used to tell me "When you pay the mortgage, you only then allowed to curse freely & do whatever else you want. Until then... Tough luck" Ummm for the record, this is not nearly as cool as I once thought it would be.
4. Your fridge looks like this. Dont get me wrong- im more than excited for all these upcoming events but i remember when the only events on the calendar was a drink off between us Chi Os & Pi Phi. Actually- to be honest- I don't remember what our college fridge door looks like bc I only used it to house adult beverages. Now I scrutinize fridges based upon their actual features. Hm

5. Your friends fb statuses & twitter updates revolve around a never-ending weekend countdown &
Their disdain for the workweek.
Ie: Monday- I hate you. Or Why do weekends go so muh faster than the weeks
Or the ever popular- "oh Friday- i thought I'd never see you again."
Coughcough-I've been known to use one or both of these from time to time.
6. All plans are premeditated including vacays. Peace out random weekend trips. Kev has progressively gotten worse about this since we've been together. If we have a free weekend, The kid still likes to have all his weekend plans laid out by like Tuesday. And if we're going on a trip- forget about it. He is off the map bat shi* crazy about planning. Combine him w/ his buddy Hack & you will 110% have everything you could possibly need (including a new anxiety disorder) for any scheduled trip.
7. Someone makes you feel old when wearing a sorority t-shirt. Example a: Interaction at Target w/ college boy. Him looking at my t-shirt"hey! That shirt is great. How'd u get it?" umm, they gave it to me when I rushed? Duh. "dang- that's crazy. I was only like 11  years old in 2003." Shoot. Me. Now. Way to go, Ego killer.

8. Day drinking rarely goes into night drinking anymore. And if it does, you are lights out by 9pm. Or the drunkest person in a public area, which might not bode well for your professional career.  
9. You take a field trip with your husband (theres that word again. Might as well be a 39 year old. woof) to go survey the damage that the college kids left after celebrating UK's Final Four win over UofL.  And proceed to be mildly envious of those who did get to witness the mass arson display.  (Or that they were still celebrating at 11am the next morning?)

Shots, anyone? At 11am?  On a Sunday?

10.  Your phone is filled with pictures like this of you and your husband.  

Or of your pets....
Hudson & Missy Lou (She's a story for another time. and it is a doozie)

Or better yet, you even have a few snap shot of your parents???? 

Although I'm pretty sure the last pic cinched my adulthood status forrrrr sure, I can't help but be impressed by my mad photography skills.  Or umm, instagram's photography skills?  details!

And if that list hasn't solidified my adult status, lets discuss the fact that we are scheduled to attend Kevin's 10 Year High School Reunion. Like Romy & Michele style.  They seemed ancient when I first saw that movie.  Now my husband (ohhh theres that word again) is old enough to have one.  So incredibly surreal :)
Anywho, now that I've come to terms that I am a certifiable adult, I'm off to do something super adult-like... like plant flowers.  Or cook dinner.  I'm pretty cool, what can I say?  Ha!
Thats it for now!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Proud Member of the Big Blue Nation

 Annnndddd I'm back! And still alive. No, I haven't been hiding under a rock.  And no, I'm not preggo (Because about I had about 90000 questions after my last post.)
So, what have I been doing???

Cheering on my Wildcats, duh!

UK basketball is kind of like a religion in Kentucky.  Actually, scratch that.  It basically is our religion in Kentucky.  We are incredibly serious & overly superstitious about it, so that is why I couldn't tell yall my #6 fixation a few weeks ago.
See, as soon as the NCAA Tournament brackets were released my super-fan of a husband got online & made hotel reservations and got tickets for us to go watch the Cats in Atlanta for the Sweet 16 & Elite 8 games.  Kevin's crazy fanisms have clearly been projected onto me because I decided if I blogged about it ahead of time, it might jinx us.  I know Kentucky was the #1 seed & have been a big deal all season, but I wasn't about to count my chickens before they hatched....and God knows Kevin would have never let me live it down if we had lost & I had talked about our trip before we went.  
SOOOOO..... Obviously we won our first 2 games & we did head down to the ATL.  And had one hell of a good time. I took a ridiculous amount of pictures, and I think they do a preeeetttyyyy good job accurately describing our tip, so I'll just let them do the majority of the talking.

Like any great fan, I packed only team colors.  Even Kevin found this commitment to be impressive, which says a lot :)
Once we got to Atlanta, we got ready in a hurry & went straight down to the Georgia Dome.  Kevin wanted to have some time to get himself "mentally prepared"for the IU game.  Like he was coaching.  Ha.  
Anywho, I was ridiculously excited about this IU game because I grew up in Southern Indiana...aka Hoosier/Cardinal land, and I was ALWAYS taunted for being a UK Fan.  I literally loathe Indiana.  With every fiber of my being, actually.  So when we lost to IU in December, it absolutely broke my heart.  And i also wasn't sure if I would ever hear the end of it from my IU friends.  
Luckily, T. Jones & the rest of my boys came to PLAY that night.

Seats at the game

Court Shot!!!!! Such an intense game!

What does that say?  I can't read it?  Does it say we won?  Of course it does!!!!!!!! Loo Loo Loosiers.  Okay, I promise thats the end of me being an obnoxious UK Fan. (Although I must say- the IU fans in Atlanta were some of the mouthiest fans I've ever encountered.) 

Soooo then we had an entire day to kill and umm get mentally prepared to play Baylor.  So after reviewing game tape- Just kidding- (cough- Kevin really did watch the game highlights while I was at the gym. Normal, yes?), we cabbed it to Mid-Town & took in some of the Atlanta sights.
Spent all afternoon listening to a great live band & doing beer tastings at Sweetwater Brewery.  So. Much. Fun.

Maggie, Court, & myself waiting in line at the brewery.

Our crazy UK loving men.

You know I'm in celebration mode when a) I am even drinking beer and b) I am drinking a dark beer.
This. Never. Ever. Ever. Happens. Momentous Occasion.

Soo, after the brewery we traveled onto Buckhead, & had numerous more cocktails and dinner.  
(**Side Note: AND Can I just say how incredibly disappointed I was that I did not see Nene, Sheree, Kim, or Kandi?  Major Letdown.  The only person we did see was the Atlanta Falcons' quarterback? Booooooo. **)

So, in typical Caroline fashion, my phone died.  And it pretty much stayed dead until after we won against Baylor the next night.
At this time, most normal people would have just gone back to the hotel & regrouped. But nooope.  The four remaining soldiers, aka the Grays & the Hacks, decided it was a great idea to keep the celebration party going.  Fun, yes.  Smart, absolutely not.  
Our strategy was that we would bar hop, and every person got to pick 1 bar of choice to visit.

This starts out low key.

But quickly escalates....

And leads to absolutely awesome decisions. 

Ummm... Not.

Heres the best/worst thing about this-- people looovvee Kentucky fans.
This results in numerous free shots and drinks.  
Which results in a miserable drive home the next day.

Regardless of how miserable the drive home was, I wouldn't trade the memories from that trip for anything.  Especially the memories from the Cats victories :) 
Ummm.... Kevin may or may not have told me (after a few celebratory beverages) that it was 
his favorite trip of all time.
And yes, that includes our Honeymoon.  
Ohh the life of being married to a super fan.

So just in case you are on the fence about who to cheer for during tomorrow night's CHAMPIONSHIP GAME, just ask yourself ONE question, 
"What would Lucy do?"

Duh. She's like a mini Wildcat herself.
Obviously, she's cheering for our boys to bring home our 8th Title.

And you should too.

Go Big Blue.