Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Name Game

I find it absolutely hilarious that people think they should be able to have some say so about what Kevin & I name our unborn son.

For example,
Dear random lady in Kroger, do you think that I'm going to take your opinion about what constitutes a legitimate name when your cart is filled to the brim w/ totinos pizzas, mountain dew, and donut holes, while yelling at your 4 kids (all named after celebrities or totally made up, mind you) as they are wrecking havoc on the candy aisle?  You seem to be a totally credible source of all things great in a name. Wait.. no. Not so much.

Dear random dude in my customer's office, I don't really care that you don't like our child's name.  You named your child LOUDILLA. Yes, and that is pronounced exactly as it looks.  I guess its a spin from his love of Armadillos?  Regardless, you forfeited your right to give ANYONE an opinion about their children's name when you named your child LOUDILLA.  Thanks.

Dear Facebook friend who is on her 4th child (and is my age, mind you), You've named your first 3 children after characters in the Twilight series.  After you ran through your fav names from that super well-written book collection, you managed to name your last child after a character from Shades of Grey because thats a completely appropriate for a newborn.

Can you tell people absolutely LOOOOVVEEEE to tell you their opinions on the name you select for your child?  I honestly don't think I would ever have the gall to tell someone that I disliked the name they selected for the baby.  While it can be hilarious in some instances, that various people feel like they have the authority to give their opinion about whatever name you've selected, it is usually just plain annoying.

As a result, Kev & I just essentially decided that once we selected a name, we would stick with that name, end of story.  It is when people sense that you are undecided on a name that they try to sway you with the various names they favor (which are usually absolutely dreadful).  Anywho, this method has seemed to work, and people (for the most part) don't try to convince us to name this little name anything other than what we've already landed on.

Soooo.... I know yall are just dying with anticipation, right? hahahahaha, I'm sure.

The name for our little guy will be.....

Brooks Walker Gray!

Once we found out it was a boy, Brooks was honestly the only name we agreed on.  Kev was funny in the fact that if we would have had a girl, he would have let me name that child whatever I wanted.  But with a boy?  Ohhhhh, hells no.  It was game on as far as finding a boy's name that was manly enough, yet wasn't completely over done.  

We wound up choosing Brooks, because it was the perfect combination of being manly, not too popular, and it worked with our last name.  **Side bar**- Kev might also try to tell you its to pay homage to Rich Brooks, the former UK football coach, but I swear there is no connection.**

We really wanted to use a family name, because it just makes the name of a child so special.  While we toyed with the name James (Kevin's first name, his dad & grandfather's name, and my grandfathers name), we decided that James Brooks Gray or Brooks James Gray sounded wayyyyyy too much like a law firm.  We selected Walker because it actually is a family name.  It was my Grandmother's maiden name, and it worked perfectly with Brooks & our last name.  

And, there you have it!!!

Mr. Brooks should be here within the next week, so fingers crossed for a safe delivery :)

In the meantime, here's a little sneak peek of his nursery!

Thats allllll I've got for today, but since I'm now on maternity leave, be on the look out for some more posts in the very very near future :)  

Side Note** (I swear the whole pregnancy brain is not a myth.  I would have written more in the past few months, but my mind has been just completely blank.  I wrote about our carpet cleaner at one point, if that tells you anything :)  )**