Tuesday, October 11, 2011

and YOUs gonna get on a booooat

So, its been a few years since I have been on a cruise.  My last one was when I was a junior in high school.  Wait, no correction- its actually been 10 years since I've been on a cruise (PS- why do I still think high school was just a few years ago. Damn you mid-twenties.)  But, from what I remember, cruising was a pretty classy experience.

PS- I took this picture by myself. Who's impressed? :)
Welll, apparently, cruising has changed something serious in the last 10 years.  How does it change you ask?  Weeeellllllll, the characters that now frequent this large ships are ehhhh... much more mirroring those in a girls gone wild or rap video than I had remembered. My case in point was exhibited the VERY first night we were on the ship.  Literally, we had been on there for 3 hours when we (the Grays & soon-to-be Wrights) decided to check out the Karaoke Bar.  Color me ridiculous because this is the first performance we walked into.... Helllloooo Drunk Monkey.

Let me take a quick poll:
Could ANYONE understand one word that Karoke Underwood was trying to sing?  No worries- us either. I still have no clue what song homegirl was even trying to sing. Bless her heart.  Now I'm not one to judge, seeing how I was the ONLY person on our cruise group (comprised of about 45 people) who brought their own wine. Don't get all Judge Judy on me now yall.  While other people were waiting in a ridiculous bar line once we boarded the ship, I was sipping on Pinot Grigio.  Some would call that borderline alcoholism, I prefer to call it resourceful.

Anywho, I stand FIRMLY by my decision that a website needs to dedicated to capturing the ridiculous acts and INSANE clothing choices that people make on cruises.  Kinda like People of Walmart, but it should be People of Cruises.com.  Seriously, it needs to be done.  Like yesterday.

Moving on, the first port we stopped at was the stunningly gorgeous TURKS & CAICOS!

So beautiful, right?  Wouldn't that be a perfect place to get engaged at?  Ohhhh wait, now that you mention it.
And THENNNNN......
Josh & Jen taking a quick walk down the beach 
The Soon-To-Be WRIGHTS!

Okay so, in the spirit of transparency, the 2nd & 3rd pictures are a re-enactment.  This pasty British couple began walking like 5 feet behind Josh & Jen, so not only did they stumble upon Josh popping the question, but also managed to ruin every picture. Booo. Hisss. Profane words.   Regardless, she said YES!
Me celebrating w/ the Bride to be!!!!!!

Oh don't worry, after 3 martinis, I obviously had to try all of our bling on together. Normal, yes?
Soo, what other interesting tid-bits occurred on this trip?

#1) I completely failed to remember that my husband is a complete picture Nazi on trips.  The kid wants a picture of damn near everything.  I'm not exaggerating when I say I have probably 20 pictures taken from our balcony of JUST the ocean.  No, dolphins aren't in them.  Or whales.  Just ocean. And clouds.
Exhibit A
Why hello clouds
#2) In my opinion, the turqoise water in the bahamas is by far the most beautiful ocean color in the world. Definitely my favorite.

Representing the CATS!!! 

Me pretending I just got engaged. Again :)
#3) Water Slides are FUN and a great time no matter how old you get. Nevermind the fact that I almost fought a 7 year old because he kept cutting in line in front of me.  

#5) As much as I love my husband, I have to admit that after a sharing a 10X10 space with him for 6 days straight, I was seriously ready to go back to work come Monday morning. I have no idea how his college dorm roommate managed to not seriously injure him solely based upon his sloppiness in a small confined space.  (Oh wait, yes I do.  It was his cousin.  Had it been anyone else, he surely would have faced a beat-down.)
We look so happy, right? Note- this was only the 3rd night :) Just kidding.

Before you want to throw rocks at me for how beautiful those pictures are, be consoled by the fact that every night we faced the most incessant & intense boat rocking that could make a whale sick. Due to the fact I know we are all adults now & live for our vacays, I promise to not post any more pics bc I know I would want to shoot me too :) So, I promise that now concludes our cruise experience, and thats about it for now.  Have a great Tuesday!!! 


  1. "i call it resourceful" hahaha, i agree...and id totally do the same thing! So jealous of you right now :)

  2. Girl... I would be packing my own wine too!! We just come prepared :)

  3. It looks like an overall good time, despite the few cracker jacks in the mix. It just goes to show, you can't take some people ANYWHERE.

  4. Let me just say that:

    1. I was super excited when I saw that you had a new post up. I can ALWAYS count on you for putting tears in my eyes every single damn time.

    2. Karaoke Underwood-no words. What WAS that??!!

    3. Couldn't agree more about the peopleofcruises.com. OHEMGEE. We went on a cruise for my bachelorette party and THE second we stepped foot on that boat, I knew exactly why it only cost us $250 for a 5 day cruise. Holy ghetto.

    4. I'd kill Beau too in that small of a room. Shoot-I kill him in our townhome. (kidding. kinda.) Anyways-I won't even discuss how we fit FOUR GIRLS in our cabin for FIVE days...

    5. Next time I go on vacay, I'm totally doing this one post re-cap thing...my trip to Hawaii that I insisted on doing a day-by-day/play-by-play was for the birds.

    That's all. I think.

    Glad you had a good trip!! Looks gorgey!

  5. Miss Karaoke Underwood needs serious help...I only watched part of it before I had to turn it off (I am at work, ha). I too have witnessed similar acts on cruises...kinda makes me want to go on a cruise again for all the free entertainment, haha :)

  6. 1. ok, um. WHAT? I'm literally watching this video with a face of confusion. I don't get it. What. the. EFF. is she even saying??? Wow. OK, I can't listen to any more of that giberish.

    2. I have been on one cruise and it was back in 08. So many characters on that cruise. There was literally one group of normal dudes that we hung out with the whole time. The rest were strange families and old people. On said cruise I got my cruise card deactivated. Did I tell you this story? I got banned from the cruise nightclub?? If not, I will.

    3. I got so sick one night at dinner during the waves and after the night I got banned from the nightclub, I woke up puking in that tiny ass bathroom. The cruise was fun, but I'd prefer to stay on dry land at a resort where I am not surrounded by freaks and don't have the captain telling me we've docked and I need to get up.

    4. Are your rings big enough??? Are y'all looking at bringing a Sister Wive into the mix? I'm game.

  7. Your trip looks like such a fun time! I've had the cruisin' itch latetly and your post has pushed me closer to the "book now" decision - thanks! :)

    What a perfect place to get engaged!

  8. Kareoke Underwood needs to watch this so she knows to NEVER do that again in a public place hahaha too bad you couldn't email this to her as a concerned citizen!! :) XO

  9. Your pictures are amazing!

  10. Love the pics! It looks like you had a great time besides the drunk karoke in possibly not english! :)

  11. Love the cruise pictures! I have never been on one before but would love to go! Congrats to your friends on their engagement! That is so exciting. PS, the picture of all the bling is gorgeous!!! Soo sparkly!

    Blogging Blondie