Thursday, February 16, 2012

Pink Lou Lou has John K... Carol has who???

Hi.  My name is Caroline.  I'm about 5'1, w/ blonde hair, have a major affinity for cats, obsessed w/ my dog, and have a handsome husband.  Remember me?  Ohhhh you do?  Was it because I am clearly the obvious winner of the Worst Blogger in February award?  Fantastic!  Regardless of previous little bout of underachieving, I'm back in action....

After years of being out of the spotlight, my #1 childhood celeb crush, Mr. Jonathan Taylor-Thomas, surfaced a few months ago for some interviews/photo shoot with his former Home Improvement co-stars.  I remembered JTT (you know- his nickname used by those of us who were close to him. ahem.) looking exactly like the 1st picture below, ie: super hot to an awkward 12 year old.

How youuu doinnnn????- JTT in his prime
Sooo, obviously I was super pumped to get the Entertainment weekly to see how amazing time has been to Mr. Thomas.

I was 110% he was still going to be the stone cold fox that he was when I was 12.  

HUGE, actually.

I thought men were supposed to get hotter as they got older, no?  Look at Brad Pitt.  Leo.  Clooney.  Hell, even Sean Connery is still kinda sexy in a geriatric James Bond kind of way.  Ohhh no- Carol's crush had to peak when he was 16.  Big Shock. The Universe just loooooves to play games w/ me.

Anywho, seeing good ole JTT got me thinking about celebrity crushes.  Everyone has one.  
For example, my dad loves him some Ashley Judd. 

 He used to joke with my mom & say that Ash was the only woman he'd ever leave her for.  **Side note- I honestly can't blame him.  She IS a UK fan, after all.  Gotta love a woman that bleeds Blue.**

Kev absolutely loves him some Kate Hudson & Reese Witherspoon.    One major perk about this for me is that he will watch ANY chick flick with either of them in it, regardless of how terrible it actually is.  It's kind of a win/win for the both of us.  Plus- both women are beyond adorable, so I can't say I blame him.

Then we have my dear friend, Allie, or as yall know her- Pink Lou Lou, who is utterly obsessed with her celebrity crush, Carrie Underwood John Krasinski.  To be perfectly blunt (ha- Allie- you see what I did there? ), I didn't really understand her attraction or love for Mr. K..... until I started watching The Office.  Now, I completely 110% get it.  You win, Lou Lou.  


True. Love. (In Lou Lou's mind, anyways :)  )

So, that brings me back to JTT.  I honestly haven't really had a big thing for any celebrity in years.  I mean, sure- do I find Channing Tatum banging hot?  Abso-freakin-lutely.  Do I think he's super talented?  Not so much.......

THEN.... this happened. 
(ps- I know I've posted this before, but I'm still pretty obsessed)

Hhheeelllloooooo Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Beyond cute.  
While I'm well aware that he was on a hit show that competed with my former celeb crush, I'm just going to have to live with the guilt that I've jumped ship w/ JTT.  

So, what is it about Mr. Gordon-Levitt that makes him such a doll? 

Two words.

Triple Threat.

Homeboy can act.  He is a musician.  And he is extremely intelligent (Attended Columbia University & has also started a production company).  Lets be honest- added together, all 3 of those things are extremely hot.  And it doesn't hurt he's pretty easy on the eyes :)

Hey boy, heyyyyyyy....

So, have I sold yall on him yet?  If not, check out the video of him below, where he rocks out to some Beatles.  Gotta love a man who likes the Beatles.  

So, in conclusion, I definitely now have a celebrity crush.  I'm pretty convinced that Joseph is probably the nicest, sweetest, & all around coolest guy currently in Hollywood right now.
I'm also confident sure we would probably be best friends if we hung out.  Well..... 98% confidence level anyways...- Afterall, we don't know if he loves cats, and that's pretty much a deal breaker for me :) bahahahahahahaha.

Lets be honest though- who wouldn't love that diva-esque face?  HA!

MMMkay yall- thats it for now! 


  1. You're so cute! Welcome back! I, too, had a mah-jor crush on JTT when I was young. I was just telling my fiance that I'd kiss my JTT poster every night before bed. Then I googled him right then & there and was so disappointed! You're right -he definitely hit his prime at age 12. Sadz.

  2. I loved this!!! Do you know who is Kendol's celebrity crush.... Hysterical... Wait for it... REBA. I am 100% dead serious. Out of all of the women in Hollywood and music, he chooses Reba. While I absolutely love me some Reba, she wouldn't be at the top of my list of crushes!

    And mine, of course, is JT, as in Justin Timberlake. Always has been, always will be!

    As for JGL... He is so adorable and is definitely one of my favorites! How hot is he when he sings... O My-lanta!

  3. Well hello friend! I have to say that I love me so JGL as well...have you seen his new movie, 50/50?? Watch will make you love him more!

  4. JTT was my crush growing up too!

    & I love JGL!

  5. Carol Ann Blanche Gray,

    You are outta control. I see you hijacked some pictures of mine, mainly that studly one of my future husband. Do you know what Leah promised me for valentines day? John K handcuffed to my desk. I was gonna give him the business and show him my best moves, but she did not come through on that promise. That is why she is on my current shank list.

    I totally get the JGL thing. I use to have a major crush on him when he played that little alien kid with that big tall giant girl. He's a cutie. I also liked him in '10 things I hate about you' which I am pretty sure I watched every day for the entire summer of 2000.

    Thanks for my shout out seeeester. Although one day I AM gonna need to see your face again in Lex-town. Speaking of, I need a pedi, do you? Pedi happy hour? We can discuss the hi's and lows of my current taboo love affair. No?


  6. aww...i think JTT does look even better now. This was a fun post...glad you're back to blogging :)

  7. hahah oh god I was teeny bopper obsessed with JTT. Posters on the wall and the whole thing! Glad you're back...we've missed you!!!

  8. Hahahaha I'm dying at this post. I pretty much could've written half of it, except for the fact that I'm just not as witty as you. I was totes in JTT's fan club back in the "fan" mail from him with his "signature" and everything. Puhhhh-thetic. I loved every second of it though. And Joseph Gordon Levitt...don't even get me started on him. I've got some kind of serious crush on that boy--it stemmed from 500 Days of Summer and has only gotten worse since. Geez. Thanks for reminding me of my loves this morning :)

  9. I used to love me some JTT when I was little! My friends and I would argue over who had a crush on him first - that clearly meant that person would marry him.

    I'm on the JGL train as well. If you haven't seen 50/50, go do it stat. You'll cry like crazy, but will love him that much more.

    Ryan Gosling is also a man currently after my heart...

  10. okay... so many things I love about this post!! I CANNOT believe that is what JTT looks like... poor thing.... back in my younger years I thought he was just the most amazing gorgeous thing ever. I completely agree about Joseph Gordon-Levitt.... I have watched the NYE video thing about 25 times!! Have you seen 50/50 yet!?

  11. Too funny! I also loved JTT, but seriously he still looks like he's 16! Definitely hasn't aged like Clooney :)

  12. Ugh, MAJOR letdown on JTT! How can that happen? I had a crush on JGL when he was in Angels in the Outfield, but he kind of fell off for a while and now that he is doing more movies, I have been intrigued as well.

  13. I never really thought about Joseph Gordon-Levitt as being super adorable, but after watching those videos of him singing and reminiscing about him in movies (10 Things I Hate About You!) i have reconsidered...what a cutie!