Monday, March 12, 2012

You gave up what for lent?!?

I'm just gonna go ahead & assume most of you know that Lent started a few Wednesdays ago. You know Ash Wednesday is the day that Lent begins, yes? So when you saw people with something on their forehead, they didn't all coincidentally forget to shower.. No, they had ashes on their foreheads from mass to signal & remind us that we all sin-& dont rven try to get all high & mighty on me saying you dont sin bc i know you do. So these ashes are also supposed to remind people that we need consistent conversion/reminders of our baptisms, & (THIS IS THE KICKER) we need to work on ourselves on the days leading to Easter. (How's that for Religion 101, Dad?)
In turn, that's why you always hear people asking,"So, whatd you give up for Lent?"

Talk about the million dollar question. What on earth do I need to work on? God knows I'm pretty stellar, as is. Just kidding. Seriously, I'm completely joking. It's more like- I have an extremely difficult time pinning down just 1 thing to give up bc there are so many things I need to work on.
So on the days leading up to Ash Wednesday, I was stressing in a big way bc I still wasn't about what I was giving up.
Finally, I had some inspiration.. Or err, maybe a revelation.

True Life Thursday: My mouth could give any sailor a good run for their money. 

Kev, along with my patents, are always yelling at me to watch my language. I swear I suffer from a mild case of Tourette's.

 **(Side note: I've to tried to convince my mom that I should probably have a Tourettes diagnosis, but since she's a medical professional, she promises it's just a bad habit. She's prob right. But she also once drugged me with a Tylenol PM an hour before a science fair presentation bc she she forgot she had combined 2 bottles for a trip.-so shes lost any major credibility with me. Looking back, I prob got the sympathy vote from the judges for being the only kid who has to present their project while being roofied by their mom. Not to brag, but I actually did win an all-state award for my project that year. Hmmm.... Maybe Jan was onto something. Tricky.)**

So, I am obviously giving up my profound overuse of profanity this year for Lent.
And y'all, it is one of the most difficult things I've ever done. Basically, I feel like I'm talking in code to a class of 4 year olds in every conversation bc I can't express myself as ummm aggressively  passionately as I would like. 

Yall would be absolutely stunned at how much profanity you probably use in every day conversation.  It is UNREAL.  As a direct result of cleaning up my language, I now notice & hang onto every single curse word a person uses when they are talking to me.  You know when people are on a diet & they compulsively stare at the french fries on someone else's plate?  Its kind of like that.  Basically, by not doing something, it makes you hyper aware of the people who are doing it.  

I use the french fry reference because that is exactly what Kev decided to give up for Lent.  Bless his heart.  Have I mentioned how much I looooveeee French Fries?  They are definitely one of my top 3 food weaknesses, and I refuse to give them up.  Not because I can't do it, but more for the reason that not eating french fries won't help me better myself.  
Sooo.. Kevin.  Whenever I order french fries, he honestly looks/acts like a person who has been away at fat camp for the past 4 months & i'm dangling a twinkie in front of his face. 

Please tell me yall remember this movie? Such a classic. The Blob? Amazing.

It's pretty sad. Butttt, both of our sacrifices will both help us in the long run become better people.  For me, my filtered language will ensure the fact that I will now never be considered for a role on the Maury Povich Show or Cops, which is a win for everyone.  Before hand, it was looking like I could be a shoe-in because I sounded oddly similar to those featured on such programs. 
 **Side note: Obviously its not a favorable comparison, but such a comparison does kind of make me feel like a total BA.  See what I did there?  I've even cleaned up my blogging.**

As for Kev, his no french-fry diet will decrease the chances of him ever being considered for my 600 pound life or Biggest Loser.  Not that he was headed there for anything, but less fried foods will obviously make the kid healthier.  Now.... if we could just get his addiction to Pizza under control.  Wish in one hand, right?  
So just remember to be throwing me some positive reenforcement during this no-cursing endeavor because I have a feeling this sacrifice is going to get about 2000% harder as we roll into the NCAA Tournament this week.  Ohhhh, you can't read that?

 It just says.... The Cats got the NUMBER ONE OVERALL SEED FOR THE WHOLE TOURNAMENT. No biggie.  However, I've said it before & I'll say it again, when a UK game is on at our house, our neighbors probably confuse our profane ref bashing


  1. Oh my word, I am right there with you! It's nothing for me to drop the F bomb every couple of words in casual conversation. Obviously, I tone it way down while out in public, but around friends & family (gramma excluded) I let it fly! I've tried to stop before but, gah, getting your point across is so much harder without the use of profanity! LOL

    Good luck! :)

  2. yikes. I know I say the eff word a lot. Please forgive.

  3. I WAS PEEEEEEEEESED about the game yesterday!! I's still so sad!! But I think our bracket is looookin pretttty good. I am hoping this is the fire we needed under our hind ends! BROW DOWN!! And I too need to clean up the potty mouth. It's probably bred into us- along with cowboy boots, blue blood, and Makers...are we supposed to be faulted?? Ok probably.

  4. Good luck!!!! You can totally kick the habit! ;) I'm always yelling at my bestie to clean her sailor mouth too ;) I gave up all beverages except for water for lent and it's been a struggle, but I'm glad I'm doing it!

  5. I did the french fry thing a few years ago and it was beyond hard. I'm kinda obsessed with 'side items' (the reason I won't order a salad or pasta) and fries are my go-to. I was embarrassed by how difficult it was and how much I missed them!

    AND I have no idea how you'll survive March Madness without cursing. When UK plays I turn into a redneck sailor. I cannot control it, I just get so angry and excited. Hopefully we'll stay happy and not mad. Praying for a good tournament! Go Cats!

  6. I should have followed in your foot steps.... I gave up pop and candy... two other large addictions in my life, however, if guessing, cursing is definitely above those two! .. maybe next year?! :)

  7. ha! I admire you I'm not sure I could give up my mouth lol

  8. O man, you are a brave woman. I cuss like a sailor. I seriously, don't know if I could do it!! Best of luck to ya!!

    And that's only one of my favorite movies of all time.. Make my day!!

  9. Omg that movie was a classic!! I feel ya on cussing- I drop the F bomb wayyy more than I should. I still have to filter the way I talk around my rents because growing up we weren't even allowed to say butt, crap, fart, pissed, dang, etc!! It sucked!

  10. I love that you gave swearing up! I also let them slip when working out! Oups.

  11. my brother gave up cursing for lent too! i gave up candy- which i thought would be semi-easy, and it really isn't! in the end, like your hubby, i'm bettering my waistline from junk! LOL

  12. Ugh swearing... where do I start? I can contain myself around my family, and people at church (omg can you imagine!), and at the hospital where I volunteer... but at work it's kind of no holds barred. How does one keep that in check!? Eeek!

  13. GIRL! I gave up the SAME THING and it is soooooooo hard. I totally failed ash weds and the day after but have been pretty good so far. I must admit telling funny stories is SO much harder without cussing. no one listens about a jerkface who was a meanie head to some chick. haha!


  14. I curse way too much as well and have been trying to stop but it is so hard! Also, I bought Heavy Weights for the hubs for Christmas because I found it for $8 at Best Buy. Such a good investment. But, watching those chunky kids jump into the Blob on a high def tv? May more hilarious than watching it on the old school tvs when I was younger!