Friday, June 29, 2012


You like the post title? Ha. I couldn't help myself.  When I think about protein, I immediately yell "MUSCLE MILK" in my head.  Is this post about muscle milk? Hell no. But is it another post regarding healthy living? Ummm, yes. Don't kill me.
I swear on my life that I do not obsess over my health and fitness.  Never have. Never will. I have wayyyy too many other things in my life to stress over.
We might look like we're being super healthy by hiking during our wine country vacation, but that picture does a truly poor job depicting how much booze and unhealthy food we consumed.  Tricky, huh?
However, I have to admit that after a vacation centered on wine, followed by Kevin's 29th Bday celebrations, and partying it up in Indy for DMB last weekend, my body was starting to rebel against me.  Like legitimately, I felt disgusting and just... well... sloppy

 I know its shocking, but a steady diet of alcohol, pizza, and taco bell does NOT do a body good.
Regardless of feeling completely foul health-wise, I still always discuss my weekend shennanigans w/ two lovely ladies, whom I probably talk to more than my mother, who happen to be the infamous Pink Lou Lou and The Bargain Blonde!

So after recapping last weekend's events,

(*side note* -which may or may not have included running into one of the hottest guys to ever graduate from my high school, and sharing multiple dances with him over a fab 80s band. Don't worry yall, Kevin was there the entire time, and I introduced them to each other like 10 times.  Okay, i might have been gushing over this guy while introducing him to my husband, but hey- wouldn't you if you ran into "the" senior guy that everyone coveted when you were in 7th grade??  Believe me, my 7th grade, 13 year-old self is still super pumped about that random occurrence.  Like jumping up and down ecstatic, even though I'm sure I made a complete idiot out of myself while mentioning to him that his senior picture was a HOT commodity amongst us 7th grade FC girls. Hilarious and embarrassing all at the same time, but oh well. )

Lindsey mentioned that she had been doing the Tone It Up nutrition plan, and she really liked it so far.  Seriously?  A nutrition plan that LINDSEY likes? hrm.  That pretty much sealed the deal for me, and I immediately made my pizza-loving husband join me on a semi-detox.
First things first, we went to the grocery to get healthier items.  I never really buy bad items, but I could definitely use more protein, fruit, and veggies in my life, as could Kev.
Sooo, this was the result of our grocery trip.

Note all of the fruit, almond milk, and apple cider vinegar

Veggies GALORE.

I'm not going to lie to you, I was super skeptical about half of the items on the nutrition plan, because I am kind of a picky eater.  And as I've mentioned to yall before, Kev eats like an 8 year old.  I was super unsure how this was going to go.
And honestly?  I've been extremely surprised by mine and Kev's reaction to the food.  When I say surprised, I really mean super happy and completely fulfilled by all of it.  I've had to modify some items because there are some things that I just simply won't eat (ie: tofu, quinoa, tuna, and pineapple to name a few...).  But we've both also tried a lot of items that we've really wound up loving, which are all awesome for you.

My two favorite surprises so far?

Holy amazingness

Amazingly fabulous and refreshing

I think I was the most skeptical about the protein shakes because I seriously conjure up images of the guys from Jersey Shore when I think about protein shakes.  Do I wanna look like Ronnie?  Umm, thats a hells no! But every nutrition plan on earth heavily emphasizes the need for protein in your diet.

Kevin and I have both lost weight while doing it, and to be honest, we were going to completely end it after this week.  However, both of us feel soooo much better while doing it, that we're going to continue on with it.  I've always tried to live by the 80/20 rule in regards to food, but I have seriously slacked on that in the past few months.  (And by 80/20 rule, I'm not talking in a business sense.  I'm talking about I try to eat healthy 80% of the time, and the other 20% of the time I splurge a little bit.) So I think we're going to keep after it during the week, but let ourselves have a little bit of fun on the weekends.  Like Kev and I could/would be able to give up wine or bourbon for a diet? Yeah. Right. Theres no way.

 Anywho, I highly recommend doing this little nutrition plan if you're feeling a little sloppy after all of the summer parties, weddings, and cookouts.  I also think its SUPER beneficial if you have someone that is doing it with you.  I've had an awesome support system with this guy at home,

This pretty lady, 

Annndddd my fav Texan :)

Alright guys, I hope this inspired you ALL to have one last binge weekend :)  I promise you if you try this & are able to keep it clean for a bit, you're body will seriously thank you.
Mmmkay, thats about it :) 


  1. I love you so much!!!!!!!!!!! I love this post! hahaha

    Do I wanna look like Ronnie? Umm, thats a hells no!

    SICK! That is what I totally thought of protein shakes too but that slimdown smoothie rocks my world. Not as much as Magic Mike is going to tonight, but it's a close second. Um tofu, tempeh (WTF IS TEMPEH) and I will NEVER get along. But quinoa is actually surprisingly good.

    Accidently had 12 chicken nuggets from chickfila at lunch but i was nauseas and starving and a salad wasn't going to cut it. At least I did not get fries AND i've cut out ALL FAKE SUGAR even though I realllllyyyy wanted a coke zero. Maybe I could just have one coke zero a week and it wouldn't kill me?????????

    My favorite post was the picture of us at the end. We need a KY girls weekend date before you procreate so let's make it happen ASAP. I would prefer to come to a KY tailgate, but I don't know if your uterus will hold out that long without a baby Gray taking up residency.

    PROUD of US! Let's keep eatingggg cleaaaannnn.

    XOXO - p.s. i will never give up wine. ever.

  2. Did you buy the Tone It Up plan? Or are you just eating the foods they recommend, like natural whole foods? I've been debating whether or not to take the plunge and buy the plan for $150...?! I feel SO much better when I eat protein, veggies, fruit, etc!!!

  3. That garlic shrimp looks amazing!! Where do you get the recipe for that?

  4. Ok fine...I know Lindsey is your fav Texan but can I be #2? Please?

  5. Okay, so is Lindsey spilling your beans in her comments up above?! :) I was shocked to read you don't like pineapple. Whhhhhaaaatt? I have actually never had a protein shake. I know. Kick me. I'll walk over and you can fix one for me. Then we can drink wine. ha!

  6. protein shakes ALWAYS make me think of the jersey shore!