Friday, October 5, 2012

A Few Friday Fascinations

I swear to our good Lord that I have not been avoiding my blog.  I just have had the absolute worse case of writers' block ever.  I literally fall asleep thinking about what I could/should write about, and I draw complete blanks.
Finally, by the grace of God, I realized that it was my obligation to share with you all a few random obsessions that I have had as of late...
1. Hair Screws
We all know I love a good up-do, especially one with a Faux Braid (here's a quick tutorial for those of you all who haven't mastered that little trick quite yet)

However, lets face it- unless we wake up super early to have mass quantities of time on our hands before we go to work in the morning, I am alllllllll about easy w/ mahh hair in the am.

Enter hair screws. 

These bad boys run about $6-8 dollars, and you can find them practically anywhere that sells shampoo. Seriously.  I saw them at Kroger, if that tells you anything.
Not only are they cheap, they are extremely easy to use... 
Let me demonstrate (no tutorial- sorry yall- my phone was fixin to die, so pics will have to do today.)

I swear to everything holy & pizza that this is the easiest up-do of all time.  

1. Lift hair up like you were going to put your hair into a pony tail
2. Twist around & make the bun shape
3. Insert screws into an x shape into the little twist bun you created.
4. Just kidding, there is no #4. Its that easy. 20 seconds, tops.

Suck it, Sock Bun :) 

2. Talbots Outlet

No, my 58 year old mother did not just hijack my computer, you read that correctly.  For professional clothing that has a bit of style & classiness, you honestly cannot beat that outlet store.  It is phenomenal, I am obsessed with it, and I'm not even going to apologize for loving it so much. I'd like to tell you I'm mildly embarrassed that I see 62 year old women shopping there every time I go, but I mean, honestly- those senior citizens obviously know whats up bc the place rocks. I bought ALL of the following clothing (including the dress in the beach pic) for $92. 

Gotta Love some great clothes at senior citizen pricing :)

3. Loreal Nail Polish
So, I'm uptight with OPI & Essie because I honestly think their polish doesn't stay on very well.  I promise to yall that I am not cheap in the slightest, but I refuse to pay $8-$9 for polish that doesn't stay on.  Here lately, all I have been buying is Loreal.  Their fall polish colors are on point & only about $4.

Check out what color I've been sporting this week (and yes--- i'm well aware my fingers look identical to a 12 year old boy, but what can you do?) :)

Why hello, Greycian Goddess.
It is seriously my favorite Gray color of the season. Its not too dark or harsh, which I love.  I know neutral/dark colors are super trendy but I gotta be blunt-- sometimes staring super dark polish day in & day out just kind of depresses me & makes me want to start on a round of prozac. Just saying :)

4. Fallll lalalalaaa la la la laaaaaa

Typically?  I live for Fall.  We've got a bit of colder weather, jeans, pumpkin spice lattes, bourbon, etc. (ha, who am I kidding? I live in Kentucky--> we drink bourbon alllll year long. Those of you not from here should follow suit.. it will make your life infinitely better.)
However, my fall (because I am married to THE super fan of the University of Kentucky) hasn't been too fun, due to my Wildcats being embarrassingly bad at Football this year.  And believe you me, super fan is NOT fun to be around when his beloved wildcats are losing on a weekly basis.  

Anyways, I've just gone ahead & focused my efforts straight into Christmas.
Thanks to my boredom of now routinely skipping UK Football games, I have channeled my energy into creating various random Holiday items.  While I'm going to do a full post about the random Pinterest stuff I've made for Thanksgiving/Christmast/NYE, I'll give you a quick preview.

Fabulous, Fun, & For the Frugal :)

1. Buy a pack of plain glass ornaments, fun tissue paper & coordinating ribbon, & modge podge
2. Modge podge those suckers
3. Use your fun tissue paper, and stick it alllll over the ornament
4. Paint a layer of modge podge all the tissue paper covered ornament
5. let dry, add a bow, and you're finished!

Even if your team is having a stellar season (unlike my poor Cats), these are still super fun to make & could be fantastic little gifts for the upcoming Holiday season!!

Alright yall, thats about all I've got in me tonight.  Hope everyone has had a fantastic week & has an even better weekend! I know I'm ready to get mine rolling asap :)  Mmwwwa!


  1. I need all the help I can get with my hair so your tutorial is wonderful :)

  2. I love love love those hair pins! i have uber thick hair and bobby pins just don't do my hair justice. I can put my hair up, without a hair tie, no problemo with those things!

    xo michelle

  3. I might have to try those hair pins....hmmm...

  4. Um hello. I love your Talbots dress. I have still never been to this outlet but I NEED to. Also, I love the spin pins. I feel I've let you down since you didn't know about them. They're super awesome.
    Lastly, that ornament is the I may have to replicate. I've spent the last two Friday nights in Hobby Lobby. I am officially a loser.

  5. I have been wanting to make these leopard lovelies!! And I must get the hair twists.

    P.S. I'm super sad we can't make the trip to KY this weekend for some tailgating shenanigans. Drink one (or a few) for me :)

  6. Obsessed with those ornaments. I may be doing that craft this weekend!

  7. You have sold me on the hair screws; buying some this weekend lol

    - Val @

  8. um. Are you sending one of those ornaments? If you don't, I'm not your friend.

    That bun is super cute! I have so much hair that I just twist my hair and my bun looks like that. But those are genious for people with shorter hair.

    So glad you graced us with your blogging presence. Miss you, hate the time diff too. It's out of control that we are 3 hous apart now.

  9. I have been wanting to try out the hair screws for a while now. I should probably get on that.

    I found some really cute shoes at the Talbots outlet once. Sometimes, you have to love the old lady shops!

  10. i've gotta try those hair screws! your hair looks awesome!

  11. I need to get those hair screws immediately!!! I cannot do anything to my hair at all and yours looks so cute - cant believe it is that easy!

  12. Omg I couldn't agree more about OPI and Essie!!! They suck!!! I'm obsessed with Rimmel's nail polish. My home manis last almost 2 WEEKS! Swear. Try it!!! $4 bucks!!!

  13. Ohh I like the hair! So pretty!