Sunday, October 26, 2014

Get it together, Mickey

I would honestly love to know how many times I've already eaten my words since Kevin & I became parents.
Actually, probably not.
Some of my most notable proclamations have been the following:

"My child WILL only eat healthy foods."

Bahahahaha. My child has an obsession with cheese & cookies. Legit, one of his first words has been "Cookie." 

Exhibit A.

Maybe its because I straight dominated a pack of Keebler Elf Double-stuffed Cookies every other day when I was pregnant.  
**Mental note for next time around, eat more carrots. Yep. Only snacking on veggies & nuts. And peanut butter, since its technically made from nuts. Nutella basically fits in that same category too, right?** 

"I refuse to let my child play with my iPhone."

Okay, I really did try hard with this one.  But lets face it:  an object that lights up all pretty, plays music, takes pictures, AND it allows you to see your Grandparents & cousins? 

Brooks clearly loves a good selfie. Ha.

I had an uphill & virtually impossible battle to win w/ it. 
I really do only let him have it to play with this super annoying  highly educational Fisher Price Alphabet app. 
Thank God, he hasn't realized that he can watch cartoons on it yet. <-- u=""> Yet
being the key word in that sentence. 

Speaking of cartoons...

" I wish Brooks would find a cute tv show he liked so I could get some work done."


Ohhh, Brooks finally found a tv show he likes.  
Actually, I wouldn't say he just "likes" it. A more accurate description is that he is OBSESSED with it.


Enter: "Caroline & Kevin's personal hell."
Enter: "I want to punch Mickey's face in."

Yall, after watching 345875630340 episodes, I have sooooo much rage against this show.

For starters, why does Mickey never come prepared for any of his adventures?
I mean, instead of packing necessities for his shennanigans, he relies on his buddy, Toodles.

Toodles, who is clearly the only one at the Clubhouse with any damn sense, is expected to be at Mickeys beckon call AND cart around anything and everything for Mickey and his pals.
The worst part??
Poor Toodles doesn't even get to hang out with Mickey & his gang. Once he delivers the necessary tool to help Mickey out, he is then banished back into the scenery.
Mickey needs to get his head OUT of his tail, and start appreciating all that Toodles brings to the table. Without Toodles, there would be no adventures. 
OR, Wait....
Toodles just needs to grow a backbone & quit being Mickey's servant. Poor guy. 

Also, why is Donald sooooo flipping grumpy in every episode?

I mean, homeboy landed Daisy, who is seriously a catch. She's a super sassy dresser & is way less whiny than Minnie Mouse.
Donald, you should be counting your lucky stars that your posse continues to puts up with you, given your bad attitude. (Once again, Poor Toodles. They let Donald the Downer participate in every adventure, but not him. Awesome set of friends.)

Other than Pete, why does the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Crew think its cool to follow Mickey along on every adventure?  
Seriously. I really wish that one character would stand up to Mickey, and be like "Mickey, this adventure is a truly god-awful idea, and I'm not going. Peace out."
But noooooo. Instead, they follow the underprepared Mickey wherever he wants to go.
I guess the writers parents never taught them the whole "If all of your friends jumped off a bridge, would you do it too?" concept.
Once again, huge fail on Disney's part.

Another thing, why is Pete ALWAYS the villian? And furthermore, I think its a baddddd message to send to kids that the plump/husky character is the bad guy. 

Way to go, Disney. Lets have small children associate being plump with being bad/evil. 

Along with Toodles, I think Pete is the smartest character on the show. 
Not only does he march to the beat of his own drummer, he's one hell of an entrepreneur. 
He's always finding ways to make that cash money, and turn a profit from whatever ridiculous adventure Mickey puts himself in. Last I checked, Mickey is unemployed and continues to live rent free in his clubhouse. Talk about entitled. 
Pete is a straight hustler compared to Mickey Mouse. 

Once again, way to go, Disney. Awesome message to send to our children.  

And finally, the worst 2 parts......

1. I'm clearly entirely too invested in Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, seeing how I've had time to thoroughly dissect every character and plotline. This is what happens when you have 43 episodes recorded on your DVR. (Pleaseeeee God, let nothing happen to erase those bad boys)

2. Lord knows we'll probably have another 40+ episodes recorded before its all said and done. Brooks is obsessed with ole Mickey, so that show will continue to dominate our DVR until the next thing comes along (which lets hope is veeerrrry soon!).  It is truly amazing the things you will do to keep your child happy. 

So, all of you expectant parents out there, just be cautious about what you wish for/make proclamations about as it relates to kids or parenting. 
I can promise you that you'll wind up eating your words 90000 times, just like we have :)

Hope yall have a great week!!


  1. Lmao I am cracking up after reading your dissection of Mickey Mouse's Clubhouse!!!

  2. This is hilarious! I can so relate. Also, besides being so grumpy, why doesn't Donald wear any pants?!

  3. Hilarious. Im pretty much saying these things too! Screw it...crying babies need what they need and that includes an iphone and effing Mickey!

  4. I hear you on Mickey Mouse...we are so tired of that at our house and totally have a good 30+ episodes on DVR as well. I'm sure Carter would be fine with the same one over and over, but for our sanity (or at least what little sanity we have), it's nice to have something a little different! Thank goodness within the past week my little guy decided he like watching Curious George AKA "monkey" too!