Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Wedding #1 of the Season = check!

So Wedding #1 in 2011 is a wrap. Let me tell you all, it was a chaotic couple of days. Leading up to us traveling to Indianapolis, I had a huge stress melt down. Crazy stress levels are sooo not the best way to kick off a long weekend, and it definitely made for a shaky start. I'm not entirely ready to share what provoked the meltdown, but I promise I will fill everyone in on the details at a later date. What I will say is that my life changed in a big way about 3 years ago, and it looks like things have finally come full circle. Anyway, I did learn a few truths after this first wedding weekend, so I thought I'd share with yall.
Truth #1- There is no doubt in my mind that Kevin & I are the most neurotic dog parents alive. We decided to board Mr. Hudson for the first time this weekend. Up until now, we've either had a house-sitter or family have watched him while we've been out of town. So on Thursday, Kevin literally called me THREE times before noon trying to decide what kind of pet suite would be best suited for Hudson's needs. These included questions, such as: "Does he need a regular suite? An In/Out Suite? What about a Luxury suite that has pet cams so you can get online & check on them? And also, did he need play time? Or cuddle time? Maybe both?" Are a dog's accommodations really something to stress about? All I could think was, "Holy hell Kevin- get a grip." I mean, what is he gonna be like when we do bite the bullet and have children??? After HOURS of deliberation,Kevin finally decided the best option for Hudson was the In/Out Suite with a day of playtime. Thank the lord that was settled. So all that was left to do was to drop Hudson off at the boarders when we got to Indy. I was truly worried that Kevin would have a breakdown and cry when we dropped him off. However, when we got there, he was cool as a cucumber. As for myself, I basically had to fight tears. I really felt like I was dropping off my first born child to Kindergarten. I just kept thinking "What if he thinks that we're never coming back to get him? What if my sweet puppy turns into a terror & attacks another dog? Or another dog attacks him?" Don't worry, I am totally aware of how incredibly pathetic I sound. Luckily, I was given a nice glass of Pinot when we got back to Jared & Katies House (our gracious host), which calmed me down. I'm not going to lie, I did call to check on him on Saturday to make sure he was doing okay.... and guess what they said "Ohh Yes, Mrs. Gray, he is doing great. He is such a happy dog & playing his little heart out. We told your husband the same thing WHEN HE CALLED 20 MINUTES AGO." Bahahahahaha. Better question- How crazy are we both going to be when we have children? Needless to say, Hudson was completely unfazed by staying with strangers, and acted 110% normal when we came to get him. Not to brag, but check out his report card.

Yes, every dog gets a report card, and if you can't see it, it says that he got perfect marks & was a great guest. I am pretty sure that has something to do with our awesome parenting skills.
Truth #2- Our rockstar days are LONG over. When Kevin and I first met, we had no problem with going out & getting wild, and staying out til 3 or 4 am. Then, getting up the next day and doing it all over again. Now? Not so much. I swear, Kevin & I take turns at being super lame, and it just so happens that it was my turn this past weekend. On Friday, I think us girls who weren't in the wedding made it our mission to consume as many glasses of wine possible. At the rate we were taking it down, you would think that prohibition was getting ready to be reinstated. In our defense, we did do a lot of waiting around while watching the rehearsal, which I think made us even more thirsty. I am not exaggerating when I say that the preacher ran a TIGHT ship during the mock ceremony. When I say tight ship, I mean that if any of those groomsmen or ushers had messed up, blood might have been shed. I kind of understand his gruffness- I mean look at these guys?
Who knows what those characters might have tried to pull? Anyway, lets just say the rehearsal went a bit longer than we had anticipated, which resulted in massive quantities of wine consumption. Needless to say, Saturday morning was a bit rough, but we definitely all rallied like champs. We all had a ball at the wedding, and were vying hit the town together on Saturday night. So, we make it downtown around 12:20am, and probably 20 minutes after we get there, the effects of 2 consecutive days of drinking wine like I was pre-rehab Amy Winehouse hit me like a ton of bricks. I basically proceed to beg Kevin to leave because exhaustion had set in. After a little battle, he begrudgingly agrees, and we go back to Jared's house. Can we say light weight? Now, before you all think I'm terrible, asking to go home as soon as we get to the bar is a regular occurrence in our marriage. 9 times out of 10, Kevin is the one pleading to go home. Moral of the Story- Kevin & Caroline can't hang like they used to.
Truth 3 There is no telling what we spend in a year on pizza or how many calories from pizza we consume in a years time. Just this weekend alone, I can count 3 frozen pizzas, countless pizza bites, and 2 pizza deliveries for us. I mean, at what point do we need to admit that we have a problem? Its not uncommon for us to order 2 large pizzas on a night where I don't feel like cooking. Yes, 2 large pizzas because we don't like the same toppings. And no, we rarely end up throwing any of it out. Its gotten so out of control that the Puccinis guy knows our routine order by heart. I also began adding up what we have spent in the last month on various pizza purchases, and its so embarrassing that I won't even tell you all what it is....I am beginning to think we need an intervention. Is there a rehab for pizza? If so, we may need to go :) Well, thats it for now. XOXO-Caroline


  1. This cracks me up about boarding your dog but I honestly have ZERO room to laugh! Clint and I went through the exact same thing as you guys...always had our parents watch our dog but a coupple months ago decided it's time to board her. We went thorugh the same decisions (play time? no play time? in/out suite? just inside? etc...). Leaving her there and hittin' the road was the hardest thing I've had to do. However, I think WE have a harder time with it than they do - they probably love it! Glad you guys a fun wedding weeekend. 'Tis the season!