Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Random Tidbits

Believe it or not, I really dislike Spring. Lets discuss this weather. If she were a girl, she no doubt would be labeled a tease. I don't like being presented with 70 & sunny day on a Sunday, which then turns into 42 & storming on a Monday. Just doesn't sit well with me. Plus, it makes planning outfits ridiculously hard. Specifically for weddings. Our wedding season officially starts this weekend. Its the first of (get ready) 14 we are invited to this year. (Fun fact of the day, the groom of this wedding is who introduced Kevin & I to each other. Needless to say, homeboy is getting a killer gift.) I'm super excited minus the fact that I have no idea what I'm going to wear to the rehearsal dinner or wedding. I mean, how do you plan for 68 degrees, yet thunderstorms? Do I do long sleeves bc it'll keep me warm? Or a cute short sleeved dress with adorable boots? Or cocktail attire, complete with a black dress/black FM heels? Mahjah dilemma. Fill me in on some suggestions ladies! Guys have it soooo easy. Kevins thought process would be as follows (as he packs 15 mins before we leave), "Hmm. I'll just wear this partially ironed blue shirt (bc his whole closet contains nothing but different shades of blue or white button-down shirts), and a pair of khakis w/ a navy blazer. The blazer will cover up the fact that I didnt make time to iron my shirt, so it's perfect." Exhibit A- a small sampling from Kevin's closet.
Wow. So difficult to make a choice, blue or white? Blue or White? Its tough stuff guys. I used to think that he favored the color blue because of his loyalty to UK. However, he finally confessed that he prefers blue because "it makes his eyes stand out." Although that is true, I don't know if I would've ever admitted that. Bless his heart. This is also the same kid who asked me to buy him a new, more stylish tie before we went to a wedding. I happily obliged, and when I called him to tell him about it, I said, "Oh my gosh. I think you'll really like it. Its paisley, so its definitely more trendy." Kevin replies, "Ohhhh, okay. Sounds good. But um, what color is paisley?" Wow. Reason 938120400 to never let Kevin pick out anything. Its a good damn thing he will be in a tux for the actual wedding.
Moving on, has anyone else been watching Real Housewives of Orange County?
I've been a loyal fan since season 1, but I have some issues I need to discuss. Okay, first & foremost, I am beyond annoyed with the fact that nearly every housewife on there is bankrupt.
-Alexis just had to sell her house in a short sale & they filed bankruptcy on another property.
-Peggy's house was just sold at auction because they couldn't make their payments.
-Tamra, after being forced to sell her house in a short sale, now lives in a dainty town house that is anything but fabulous.
-Lynne got evicted last year from her house.
I mean, Bravo- I am 110% sure that there are women in orange country who would LOVE to be on the show, who can actually pay/afford their mortgages. My fun in watching the show has revolved around the fact that I've been fascinated with how lavish their lifestyles have been. So, knowing that they cannot afford half the stuff they do annoys me to no end. I just end up yelling at the TV, trying to tell them they need to put some money in the bank.
Second issue, Tamra's meanness level has reached a new high. Its like she's out for blood this season.
In the past, I have always been Team Tamra, but now, not so much. She seems to be really happy about being single, but constantly casting stones on other peoples' marriages is NOT the way to behave. Furthermore, I'd be pretty annoyed if she tried to give me marriage advice after her tumultuous break-up with Simon. Thanks, but no thanks. In addition, I thought the bathroom scene with her and her new bf was nothing shy of just being plain tacky. You're divorced. We get it, but please think about your children when filming raunchy scenes.
Last Issue of the day, Can someone please tell me out of alllllll the fantastic people in Orange County, why did they choose Peggy as the newest housewife? Definitely a victim of having entirely too much plastic surgery. Whoa. And trying to push her kids into modeling at ages 1 & 3? Double Whoa. Not sure how that goes along with her "holistic" lifestyle.
At the end of the day, I know I will still watch this season, despite being utterly disappointed with all of the girls this year. However, I think its safe to say they've lost their touch & the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are now the Queens of Bravo. Well- thats it for now. XOXO- Caroline


  1. hahahaha I too, have every sginle same issue with this season of RHOOC - I mean it is getting ridic and Tamara ughhhhh she literally makes me gag every time she is on the tv. If its not her doing soft porn with a freako guy in the bath tub, shes naked with a lesbian doing an ad! Give me break. but... I will continue to watch too. Bravo needs to come to LexVegas and do a show on us and how much more fun and cute WE are!! bhahahahahaha (should we write them?)

  2. I could not agree more about spring! I am so excited about wedding season but have no idea what to wear also. I am thinking dress with a scarf or cardigan because I always get cold!!

  3. Okay, crazy, because...my husband has asked me the SAME question (what color is paisley?) AND his closet looks very similar to that of your husband, haha! Love it! :)