Monday, November 14, 2011

Daughter in-law of the year

So, obviously, its been a hot minute since my last post.  I would love to tell you that I have been busy doing fabulous things..... but that would be a bold faced lie.
Ohhhh no, quite the contrary.  Currently, I am under a tight tight tight timeline because of what I decided (a bit late, mind you) to get my Father in-law for Christmas.  I know what you're thinking...."what on earth could she have gotten him that has taken her away from her precious blog time?"
Well friends, allow introduce you to the world of needlepoint.  More specifically, the world of needlepoint belts.  (And if any of you show this to Big Bo, just expect to receive one hell of a tongue-lashing from yours truly because it took me forever to figure out what we were gonna get Mr. impossible to buy for...)

Kevin = my personal Vanna White. Great demonstration skills.
So, needlepoint belts are HUGE in the South.  Almost every guy I know has one, and they wear them 24/7.  At first glance, they look hugely easy, right? Um, no.  If someone ever tries to convince you to make a needlepoint belt for them, run like hell.  On average, they take about 72 hours of labor to complete.  So if you get bored easily, you will want to stab your eyeballs out with the needle on day 2.  Lucky for me,  I absolutely LOVE making these bad boys.  Although I am ADHD as all get out, I have some major OCD tendencies, so it actually calms me down because you have 110% complete control of your stitches.  And, its super addicting.  I'm not kidding.. this stuff is like crack to me.
So obviously, when Kev & I decided that Bo's Christmas present would be a custom designed needlepoint belt, I knew what I was gettin myself into.  This isn't my first rodeo.  
However, when I picked it up, I was told I had to have it 110% completed by

Fantastic.  Did I mention that was 2 weeks ago?  No pressure or anything.  Only the minor detail that if I don't get it finished in time, my Father in-law will have nothing to open on Christmas from Kevin & I.  No biggie.  Let me put this in perspective for yall.. normally, the cross-stitch belt project is something that I do at my leisure.  Like, I give myself 2 months to do one.  So, a 3.5 week timeline? Can we say major stress ball?  I have honestly been working non-stop on this belt, ie: we're talking 2am bedtimes, bringing it with me in the car & making kevin drive so I can work on it, & getting up early to work on it.  OUT. OF. CONTROL.....However, my dedication has paid off- I'm closing in on the finish-line.

Left side


Right Side.  (The SC sign is already done, so I just have to fill & do the 18th hole.)

Needless to say, I'm just gonna go ahead & nominate myself for Daughter in-law of the year.  Nevermind the fact that I am Bo's only Daughter in-law.  Hrmphhh. Minnnorrrr detail :)  
The one bad part about this belt is that Kevin has now seen that I can seriously FLY on some needlepointingwhen I put my mind to it.  He now thinks that I should be able to produce a new one for him on a much more consistent basis.  Riiiiiight- Keep dreaming, honey.

Due to the fact I am obsessing over this damn belt, it has also made me completely obsessed with Christmas this year.  Jan (mi madre) convinced me this weekend that I could craft a new Christmas wreath without much issue.  Well, um, I have absolutely zero talent in the floral department, so I found this sentiment laughable.  THEN, i found the bedazzled area in Hobby Lobby that is specifically designed for floral arrangements & wreaths.  O.....M....G..... Talk about a game changer.  
So, with some Jan supervision, let me reveal my bedazzled Christmas Wreath.

It's a little disheveled after sharing the backseat w/ Hudson on the car ride back from Louisville, but yall get the idea.  I know Christmas is more than a month away, but I beyond jacked up it.  In addition to the wreath, I may or may not have purchased 4 other Christmas decorative items over the weekend.  (Jan is a terrible influence on my bank account. I can always count on her to convince me its totally cool for me to drop a couple hundred dollars on something completely ridiculous.  Thats what mom's are great for, right? hahahaha)  And I've already spent hours designing our Christmas Card.  Please sweet Jesus, someone tell me this is normal?  Or am I the only one?  

I need to get it together & redirect my focus on THANKSGIVING!!!!!!!!!!!
I always do Thanksgiving at my house the Wednesday night of Thanksgiving week w/ some of my family & friends.  As of right now, I THINK I have my Menu together (due to Jan's never ending persistence).... However, I am in desperate need of a good Mac & Cheese Recipe because mine has just not been on point lately.  Suggestions are welcome & truly appreciated!  MMmmmmkay yall, that is it for now! 


  1. good luck on the belt! cross-stitching calms me too, I feel like a grandma when I do it but I love it!

    also - here's my fave mac & cheese recipe - SO good:

  2. I love your wreath! My girlfriends and I are making wreaths this Saturday and I can't wait! I hope mine turns out as well as yours did.

  3. wow! that belt looks so great!!! I've never tried cross-stitching but maybe I should..I'm sure my bf would love for me to make him a belt like that!

  4. Ok... so apparently this needlepoint belt trend hasn't hit down here yet. So cute!!!! super impressed :)

  5. That looks awesome, and yes, these belts run amok down here in GA, too. Why did you have to finish it a month early, though? Do you have to send it by pony express to a small hut in the southeast corner of Thailand?

  6. O.M.G I have the BEST mac n cheese recipe ever BUT the kicker is it is seriously like $50 to make because all the damn cheeses are so expensive... I was going to do a post on it this week so be on the look out, you will be so excited! And actually you could prob cut it in half for $25 depending on how many ppl you need to feed...?? XOXO oh love the belt, I'm making a kid one for little Jake for Xmas too, do you sometimes feel like your eyes are crossed after you get done working on it? LOL ;)

  7. ok I have never a day in my life heard of needlepoint belts??? What on earth?! Who would have thought this was such a big deal?! My husband has a lizard belt, or something from a dead animal but that's nothing new.

    Anywho-you are a WAY better daughter-in-law than I am (even if we are the ONLY ones) looks REALLY good...coming from someone who has never seen one I hope you totally take that as a compliment.

    You are TOTALLY not alone with the Christmas hype. I spent 48 hours putting up our damn tree this weekend. 48 freaking hours, 4 trips to Wal-Mart (ew) and 2400 lights later...the stupid thing is up. Perhaps I'm biased but it looks pretty darn amazing if you ask me... :)

    Oh-and I have SHutterfly open at the moment...designing our CHristmas card too. Great minds think alike. Duh! xo

    That's all. Bye!

  8. Those belts are too cool great job! Definitely makes me want to learn how to do some type of "sewing" amazing! :)

  9. LOVED you on facebook! tweeting you now and I am a follower! :) Love this dress!!! so adorable!

    giveaways are so much fun!!!! :)

  10. are amaze-balls! I am a)not that talented and b)not that patient. Why did you give yourself a deadline of Thanksgiving? You are ambitious girl! :)