Thursday, January 26, 2012

I have a new best friend

So... after 26 years, 4 years of college, 4.5 years in the real world, and with only 7 months left to go on my MBA, guess what I have discovered that I actually like?


Those who know me well are probably now scared out of their minds, due to the fact that I am wired enough as it is. Caroline on coffee just takes everything to another level. However, people forget that I'm always caffeinated- I just have always obtained my usual morning caffeine fix through Diet Coke. And honestly, I probably wouldve been just peachy continuing on with that habit but Big P & Jan kept pushing for me to give coffee another try.
Sounds kind of crazy, right? What parents urge their child to get hooked on something as addictive as coffee? Welllll.....let me explain

You see, my parents literally live for coffee. I honestly think one of the reasons why Starbucks has been able to keep their doors open through our current economic downturn is because of my father's unwavering commitment to them & his daily coffees. I'm not exaggerating. If you ever have the distinct pleasure of joining him for coffee, I would be willing to place a $20 bet that the Starbucks staff Will not only know his name, but also his order. It's incredible. Even more amazing is that my $20 wager probably applies to at least 3 different Starbucks locations that I'm aware of. Getting coffee with Big P feels like your either with a local celebrity or in a Cheers episode by EVERYONE knows his name.

Big P & I during Christmas

But I digress... Okay.. So- my personal journey of finding a new BFF in coffee has truthfully occurred because I absolutely detest being cold in the mornings. Obviously, diet coke does sbsoutely anything to help when I'm freezing to death while fixing to leave the house on these Winter mornings. Actually, drinking that delicious goodness just made me feel even more like an ice cube. I thought by implementing the use of a koozie might help with this problem, due to the fact that my fingers/hands wouldn't be as cold drinking it while driving to work.
Well, that was a negative. All the koozie helped me accomplish was perfecting the look of a raging alcoholic bc a diet coke covered up by a koozie looks remarkably like a beer. Huge fail.

I swear on everything that is holy that I'm holding a Diet Coke. Promise

Soooo I happened to mention to Big P how much I enjoyed the White Chocolate Mocha from Starbucks, but I have them put in nonfat milk and leave off the whip to make it less caloric. And it also was starting to get to be an expensive habit at like $3.75/day. Big P comes back with something like "ummm hon? You realize if you like that, you probably would like real coffee too?"
I balked at the idea & proceeded to tell him that even if that were true, I didn't even own a coffee maker. Even worse? I HAD NO EARTHLY IDEA HOW TO MAKE COFFEE.

White Chocolate Mocha... sooo delish. Sooo Pricey. 

Pretty incredible, right? What 26 year old has never made coffee or tried an actual cup of coffee out of a normal coffee pot? Me. Oh wait- my husband falls into this same category. Clearly, it was not our mutual love for caffeine that brought us together, as was probably the case for Big P & Jan ;)

Like I mentioned earlier, my parents love for coffee runs pretty darn deep... But even I was surprised when my Dad said "Actually Caroline, you do own a coffee pot, along with filters & s scoop. I keep one in your pantry to make coffee for when I come & visit."
ummmmmmmm...... SERIOUSLY?!?!? Only my father.... gotta love him.

So, sure enoughh, sitting in a box at the very top of my pantry was this little guy....

Mildly psychotic move played by my parents, but yet how gratuitous was that for me and my new found addicition  love? So, on my next grocery run, I bought some Vanilla Coffee & fat free vanilla creamer, and I have been continuing my love affair with my new BFF ever since.

Yum Yum Yum

Wait........ What? You're completely jealous of my coffee mug?  Yeah, I don't blame you.  I'm sure you wish you had a personalized Looney Tunes coffee mug too- I hear they're a pretty hot item these days.  Along with scrunchies & stirrup pants. Ha.  
 Sidebar- When we took trips as a child, my parents always tried to buy me a momento from every trip we took so I could have something to remember that particular trip.  Unfortunately, "CAROLINE" was not a popular name & none of my trip trinkets have my name on it.  So, when I found that beautiful piece of tableware at a six flags when I was 16, you better bet your sweetness I purchased it.  Immediately.  That mug has made it through 4 years of college, and 3 moves after college.  Its kind of like an Ancient Artifact... minus that whole high value factor thing.  Hmm. Oh well.  

Soooo, since I am complete coffee novice, I now need all the suggestions I can get.
SOOOOO First off- What's the best coffee maker to buy? Do I buy a fancy Keurig single cup since I'm the only one drinking it?  Or do the old person thing & get nicer 12 Cup-er, so I can serve coffee when I have gatherings at our house?  Although, now that I think about it, I have yet to attend a party with our friends where coffee is being served.  At what age does that start to happen?  30? I just need to know to be prepared for that transition.  Hahahaha




Second novice question- What type of coffee do y'all prefer? I still really like sweet coffee versus super bitter/black cups.  I've been pretty happy w/ my vanilla infused Starbucks, but I'm down to try anything yall recommend!

Anyway, I'm thrilled I've now had the chance to introduce yall to my new BFF.  I have a feeling this is the start of an absolutely beautiful and long term addiction   relationship!
Soooooo with that- thats about it for now!


  1. I have a Keurig and I am SO in love with it! I highly recommend it. If you want to know anything about it, just ask!

  2. Here's what you do...listen to me, and listen to me good, I will tell you no lies. Buy a Keurig. It's the love of my life. And of course, sample some of their KCups. Buuuut, I've found my favorite to be the Folger's kind sold at WalMart/Kroger/etc. Black Silk is the bomb. And if you like coconut, you can't miss Coffeemate's Coconut Creme creamer. And their sugar free French Vanilla is just as fab. no, no I'm not a coffee addict at all........
    You can thank me later :)

    1. I second the Coconut Creme Creamer! I also 2nd the Keurig. But buy the one that you pictured...we have a single serve, and you have to put 8 oz of water in every single time. The one you pictured above can hold enough water for several cups of coffee! Only downsides to a Keurig are that 1) its more expensive (k-cups v. ground) and 2) it brews a smaller mug of coffee. Just some things to think about :) Welcome to the land of coffee. My in-laws were so proud when my hubby and I started drinking coffee (a year after we were married). Coffee actually has health benefits, and Diet Coke does NOT. :) Enjoy.

  3. I'm a super sweet coffee drinker... I like a splash of coffee with my sweetened warm milk/flavored creamer ;) we have a Tassimo and I LOVE it -- same concept as the Keurig, just better in my humble opinion, haha.

    also, LOVE the mug. amazing.

  4. Buy a Keurig! They are so worth the money and there are a variety of flavor K-cups you can get (Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, etc) and they even make hot chocolate ones.

  5. Gotta say- I don't drink coffee, and don't know how to make it, and don't own a coffee pot! LOL :) You weren't alone!

    Sidenote-- the fork and spoon art in your kitchen. WHERE is it from?! :)

  6. I loved this! So cute that he kept one there and you didn't' even know! I soooo want a Keurig. They are fab. Glad you found a new love!

  7. I am 27 and still don't drink coffee! My mom swore I wouldn't make it through college without an addiction, but I just can't stand it. My husband has become addicted since he joined the grown up world a few years ago though!

  8. Haha, you are hilarious!!! I just registered for a Keurig, and I pray to the good lord that someone will get that for us for the wedding! I'm a one cup drinker, so I have no need for a 12 cup coffee maker. Plus, it's awkward trying to pour water into those. I love all of the flavor K-cups, and now they have the K-cup that you can fill your own coffee with! Hello Cheap & yummy coffee!!!

  9. I use a Cuisinart coffee maker that grinds the beans for each pot. Whole beans are definitely better than pre-ground coffee. Also, I use Torani syrup and milk in my coffee, rather than creamer. Hazelnut or pumpkin pie syrup are my favorites!

  10. I swear you make me laugh so hard! I too, do not like coffee. I seriously don't know if I've ever even had a full cup. I'll stick to my hot chocolate!

    And... I'm not sure about the coffee at gatherings thing... I'm thinking it may be a little later than thirty... God I hope so, anywyas.

  11. I don't drink coffee but we have a Keurig and I love it! I use it for apple cider and hot chocolate!

  12. Keurigs are the ISH!! I am definitely a sweet coffee kind of person and I am totally hooked on the Folgers K-Cup "Carmel Drizzle" and "Vanilla Biscotti". I use the Coffee-Mate fat free french vanilla creamer and then whip it up with this bad boy ( It tastes just like Starbucks- if not better!

    Welcome to the coffee addict family! :)

  13. omgosh I love coffee too. The day Keurig entered my life, it changed for the better!

  14. I'm 25 and have still never tasted a sip that I like!!! But I did just purchase my first coffee maker to be able to make my boyfriend some - he has to have at least 4 cups a day!!

  15. I was the same way when I started drinking it- I loved only sweet. Now, I drink regular lattes or coffee with strictly half & half. Also, we have a Keurig and regular ole' coffee maker. Keurig is convenient for one cup, but to make more I prefer old faithful.

    I am missing caffeine SO badly! Decaf is not the same.

  16. I'm 29 and have never liked coffee. I am not sure I want to start bc I will probably be addicted to the expensive Starbucks stuff!

  17. You are so funny! You always make me laugh. I'm glad that you have found your love for coffee. My problem is that I only like the kind with waaayyyy too many calories! Ugh!

  18. I don't drink coffee (gasp!) but I felt the need to comment because I love Big P hahahaha :) He is so funny and I love that you two are basically the same person!

  19. i started drinking coffee regularly 2 years ago and never looked back. now i can't live without my morning cup on my ride to work.

    i have the keurig, as i'm the only one in my household that drinks it... its quick, easy and fast for 1 cup. i even used it when my family was over since only about 4 of them wanted coffee...

    i have the 12-cup maker... i keep it for company, larger parties, like you said --i'm in my 30s :( haha. it almost never gets used, but i like to be prepared just in case.

    so totally up to you but the keurig rocks. i usually buy the french vanilla flavor k-cups and then add a french vanilla creamer!

  20. Yuban Coffee found at any grocery store is a daily tasty choice. I use liquid creamer only (hazelnut) no sugar. So delish. Welcome to the coffee world!!! I'm a newbie too!

  21. Coffee coffe coffee!! I love my Keurig and think you will also. I use white chocolate mocha creamer and it's supper yummy!! Miss getting to see you but LOVE I can still keep up to date here :)

  22. I absolutely LOVE my Keurig!!! It's beyond perfect! You can have a different kind of coffee each cup!

  23. I just started drinking coffee lately and I don't know how to make it either- you are not alone. We have a Keurig at home so I use that but if Im at work I have to wait for someone else to make it before I can have any, ha!

  24. I'm a new follower!

    I'm OBSESSED with Starbucks! I get it almost every morning before work! (Yikes! I know!) It is my bad habit I guess! I need to invest in a nice coffee maker but I'm not a "coffee" drinker I'm a mocha, latte, blah, blah! (put coffee in my drink but I don't want to taste it!) haha

  25. So, I didn't like coffee until last year! Now, I'm obsessed! YOU NEED A Keurig! My favorite thing ever!

    I'm your newest follower! Cute blog :)

  26. I am a new follower as of NOW! I found you from Bargain Blond's blog!

    Coffee does wonders doesnt it? I have a BEST FRIEND who has been a Starbucks Barista for 5 years. She writes Starbucks rants she calls them and they are ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS! I will have to show you! I told her to publish them and make a book! But she must quit before she does that!

    Cute blog!!

  27. legit. you need a keurig. you will have coffee in like 45 seconds flat and you can buy all sorts of flavored k-cups and i swear your life will be transformed into something magical! ;)

    :: new blog reader!! ::

  28. It's time for a new blog post.


  29. I can't believe I never commented on this post. I got hooked on Dunkin' Donuts coffee while living in CT. Anyway--DD is where it's at. My fav is Hazelnut flavor, add 4 equal to a coffee mug you'd have at home, and top with a generous amount of milk or half&half. My husband says it is more like dessert than coffee. Yummm...I could go for a cup right now :)

  30. My Boyfriend and I finally made the big step and bought a coffee maker...after 5 months of moving into our new place ugh, what took so long you ask? the same questions you had...Keurig or no Keurig...we opted for the good ol' 12 cup-er but its a cusinart beauty and RED! now our pockets are alittle fuller (not as many starbucks runs) and the smell of freshly brewed coffee is intoxicating in the morning. helps the Monday wake up go a little easier. anyway LOVE you blog I am a newbie follower :)