Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A Whiny Rant & a HUGE Rave

Happy Tuesday!!!

Soooo, in case you've never read my blog before (or if its been awhile), I'm about 7 months pregnant with our first child.  
Just know that going into today's post :)

I found the perfect cartoon to express 
my rant of the year....

Yall, it honestly blows my flipping mind that women are SO beyond eager to not only share their delivery stories with you the minute you get pregnant, but to also fill you in on 
ANY and ALL issues they had during their labor & delivery.
Do women who have difficult deliveries sign some document that says they MUST tell every detail of their awful experience to any pregnant woman they encounter???
Because I'm firmly starting believe that these women with horrendous tales get HUGE kicks out of sharing every aspect of their labor & delivery story, which, if heard from a 3rd party perspective, these stories could be confused with horror stories.
So, to whom it may concern:
I don't want to hear about how you almost died during childbirth.
I dont want to hear how your child almost died during childbirth.
Please don't mention that your epidural wore off.
Also, I don't want to listen to stories about not being able to get an epidural.
Lastly, please don't tell me about how awful your first month was with your child.
I mean, ladies, all of these discussions sufficiently scare the absolute hell out of ANYONE who listens to them, pregnant or not.
Because lets face it, in these situations.....

Ignorance is Bliss 
(in my mind, anyway)

Moving on to my RAVE Review...

So, I was always one of those girls who rolled their eyes at women who immediately stopped working out when they got pregnant.
Wait, I am still one of those girls who rolls their eyes at women who immediately stop working out the minute they find out their pregnant. 
However, it absolutely kills me to admit that your workouts definitely change during these months.
Those who have followed me for awhile know that I've always been big into fitness & workout 5-6 days/week.  More so, I've always been a runner.
I mean, I've done half marathons & a plethora of 5K races.
How hard can it be to continue running while knocked up?

(How hilarious is this throwback pic of me & Jan taken after the KY Derby Half Marathon? Jan looks like a flippin super model, and I look like a disheveled mess. Oh Jan...)

So In the spirit of transparency, I haven't run more than 2 minutes at a time since December.
So, to answer my question...
However, I have been super fortunate in the fact that I have maintained a high level of energy throughout my pregnancy, and have been able to work out 6-7 days a week.  While I'm well aware how OCD that sounds, I swear on everything that is Holy that I'm not trying to pull a Gisele or Heidi Klum & walk a run way 3 weeks after giving birth.  
To be perfectly honest, I've just maintained a steady routine of exercise & workouts because its one of the few things that I still have control over (to an extent).  Plus, it has been a great stress reliever.  As an added bonus, the consistent workouts will help me once I try to get this body back in shape after I have this child (one can hope anyways!)
So, like I said earlier, I've had to adjust my workouts in a HUGE way.  
One major thing that I incorporated into my workout routine has been this bit of fabulousness...

Why hello, Tracy Anderson Method!!!

Meet Tracy Anderson's method of pregnancy workouts, aka,
The Pregnancy Project. 
I cannot say enough great things about these workouts.  The $50 DVD collection provides you with 9 DVDs, one individual workout for each month of your pregnancy (Worth every penny). Believe you me, your abilities change with each passing month, so its great that it adjusts to accommodate that.
The Whooooollllleeeee Set!
The Best Part?

Tracy is pregnant throughout the workout series, so you don't want to cut her nearly as much as you do during other trainers' DVD workouts (I'm LOOKING AT YOU, JILLIAN MICHAELS.).
Call me a hateful wench, but it makes me feel 100000 times better when I see the trainer struggling during a workout, the same way I am.  Don't judge me :) 
So, take my word for it- as soon as you get pregnant, I highly recommend ordering this specific workout series asap :)

While my stomach has gotten exponentially larger in recent weeks, I'm convinced that the DVDs (along w/ our trusty workout bike & walks w/ the pups) have saved me (so far) from becoming Shamu's identical twin.

But hell, I'm pregnant & kind of crazy half the time, so I'll let yall be the judge :) 

7 months. 
3rd Trimester.
Thank God Almighty.

Well, I think i've probably hit my quota for sharing personal info for the entire year after this post, so I think thats about all I've for today.  

Have a great Tuesday!!


  1. You look great!!! I am totally bookmarking this post to remember those DVD's for when I'm knocked up! :)

    (And your 7 mo. belly looks like my food-baby post dinner at Carrabba's...so I'd say that's a big lose for me, and a big ass Hell Yes to you for being so fit!)

  2. You look amazing!! Working out definitely helps towards the end, during delivery, and afterwards.

    I remember everyone giving me their 2 cents before I had Tanner and it scared the hell out of me. Giving birth wasn't half as bad as people made it seem (online and those that I knew). I'm a complainer and a wuss and made it through totally fine ;) You'll be great!

  3. I knew when I clicked this link from Facebook that there'd be a picture of you!!!! YAY!!! I was so happy! I was just thinking last night after we were emailing that I needed to come see you bc it'd probably be the only way I'd get to see you pregnant ;) First - you look fantastic. Second - you don't look very pregnant!...I know you're not your usual self but I'm telling you...you look pretty damn good sister!!! And I'm with Shannon, since I currently have a food baby larger than you. Yep.

  4. I had horror stories told to me as well. I had two very easy deliveries and recoveries. The not so pretty part is when you go home and you can't take the hospital staff with you :( Good luck with your last trimester you look great in your picture!

  5. Before I saw underneath the photo that the picture is of you at SEVEN months pregnant I thought wait didn't she say at the beginning she is 7 months pregnant why would she put a photo of the very beginning of her pregnancy??! You look amazing!!!

    I will definitely keep that DVD set in mind for when I'm prego. Fingers crossed hopefully soon :)