Wednesday, April 3, 2013

So, who are you married to?

I swear I'm still alive :)  It has been a wild few weeks for this girl, but be on the look out for some more posting consistency here in the next few weeks/months.  
In the meantime, I'm just gonna leave you with this sweet video I took of my niece a few weeks back. 

If you need a little afternoon pick-me-up, this should do the trick :)

How precious is that?  
(I swear I'm going to remind Riley of this video when she's about 15 :)  )

Goes to show that even at a young age, we all just want to marry someone as good as our own Dad.

That does it for me, but I hope yall have a great Wednesday afternoon!


  1. I like that before every answer she says "uhhhhhh" hehe :)
    Cutey pie!