Saturday, April 27, 2013

Little English!!!

Sooo, as I've mentioned previously, I have become an even bigger shopaholic since becoming pregnant.  I know, I know, I didn't think that was possible either.... But it is.

I honestly cannot help it- baby & children's clothing are just too much fun & too adorable to pass up!  Plus, as I've mentioned previously, shopping for yourself, especially when you're 8+ months pregnant, is for the birds.  At this stage, you can't envision yourself ever being skinny again, the only shoes you want to wear are comfy/support flats (Lets face it- unless you're wearing orthopedic shoes, sassy flats that are 100% comfy/supportive do not exist.  Tory Burch needs to step up her game & invent a maternity line asap.), & the thought of leaving your house to venture out to the mall makes you want to cry.  Its seriously a no win situation.

In turn, shopping for my son is infinitely more fun.  I've become mildly obsessed w/ finding precious clothes for him (along w/ pieces for my nieces & nephews) that I'm not going to see on every other child.  I can only handle so much Gymboree & Carters on a child- I swear, all of their stuff starts to look identical, no?

Lucky for me, I found a phenomenal fix for my obsession of finding unique, yet quality clothing for not only my soon to be born son, but also for my other family members.
What might that solution be?!?!?

  Little English!!!!

If you aren't familiar with this precious collection, brace yourself for a whole LOT of adorable.

I mean, lets be honest.... what little boy wouldn't look handsome in one of these little numbers??  

Aghhhhh! I die! So flipping cute.  

I can't lie though- looking at the little girls' dresses & outfits kiiiiinnnnnd of make me wish I was having a girl.
I guess I'm just gonna have to spoil my nieces because some of these are too gorgeous to pass up. (See- my shopping problem is clearly getting out of hand, yall!)

So, here I am feeling pretty excited that I found Little English & all the fabulousness that goes along with it.
THEN, I find out even BETTER NEWS!

1. For all you Kentucky Girls, they are based here in Lexington. Holy Amazing. (And sorry, Kev, for the dent that might make in our bank account.)

2. (Hold onto your hats because #2 will ROCK your world)---

(Even bigger apologies to my husband, because that obviously means that dent in our bank account just exponentially grew in size. oops.)

Obviously, this is phenomenal news, right?  Especially since the weather is supposed to be absolutely terrible over the next few days.

So, if you're like me & adore fantastic children/baby clothing, especially when those items are on sale, let me give you all the details....

Warehouse Sale Location:

Regency Centre
150 W Lowry Lane, Ste 142
Lexington, KY 40503
(Down from TJMaxx)


Sunday, April 28th 2pm-6pm
Monday, April 29th 9am-5pm
Tuesday, April 30th 9am-2pm

Hmmm.. I just had an AMAZING thought. What if I went ahead & bought some of Little English's little girls' clothes, JUST IN CASE, my next child is a girl??  
Too crazy?
I'm totally kidding. 
Kind of :)

For now, I'll just have to settle (if you can even call it that because everything they have is beyond perfect!) for buying little boys clothes for our little man.

PS- Can you believe that he should be making his appearance sometime in the next 5-6 weeks?!?!?!


Anywho, I hope yall have a FABULOUS weekend!
And if you're in Kentucky, be sure to cater to your inner-shopoholic (like I obviously plan to do),
 and stop by Little English to take advantage of their amazing sale! 


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