Monday, September 15, 2014

Back in the Saddle

Guess who's back? 

Back again :)
(Please say you just sang those 2 sentences in your head, Eminem-style. Nothing would delight me more.)

Yeah, soooo its only taken me well over a year to feel like I have enough time to blog again, but who's really counting? 
Between coping with the first year of parenthood, having numerous changes occur within my job that required a ton of learning, time, & attention, I constantly feel like I'm running around like a chicken with my head cut off.  I kept thinking I'd come back to blogging as soon as life slowed down for a hot minute.  But, that has never seemed to happen. 
However, I realize something recently....


And I'm 110% okay with that because I am one #blessed girl.

I should probably throw a disclaimer out about how incredibly deceiving that picture is...
It looks like Kevin and I have it pretty together, right?
Uhhhh. We totally do! About 25% of the time.
The other 75% of the time, we have no idea what we're doing with little man and are just trying to keep our heads above water.
But we get through it together, utilizing equal parts humor and wine. 


(Yes, we did take a child-free vacation to Sonoma when Brooks was 8 months old. Don't judge me :) It was worth every penny to have uninterrupted adult time for 5 straight days. Some call it selfish to take vacations without your kids... I call it "a reclaim on your personal sanity.")

I couldn't ask for a better guy to be doing this whole parenting thing with. Seriously. He knows how to keep me calm (no easy task), and help me find the humor in these crazy situations when I have problems seeing it.

Sorry, I completely got off topic.

Let me reiterate... these first few pics are incredibly deceiving. 

Our life is more accurate depicted by the situations/pictures below... 

For example, what in the hell do you do when you find your child drinking out of the dog bowls and/our playing in them on a consistent basis? 

Ummmm. You have no choice, but to laugh after it occurs 12390523 times.
I'm sure people are gonna get all Judge Judy on me and question my child's hygiene, but I can guarantee those are the people that don't have kids.
Don't worry, your time is coming. Get all your parenting opinions out now while you don't have any bc I love hearing them. They're all so credible :) 

Heres another example of our normal.... 
What about when your child starts stealing food off of other kids' plates at school, while trying to make it look like hes just nonchalantly walking around the lunch tables?
(Nevermind the fact he's already dominated his own lunch & snack. #fatsyhead)

Devious much?
While its absolutely hilarious, I'm also kind of like... holy embarrassing. 
I mean, do I send even more food? Do I send something to help ensure that his little tail stays in his seat? If so, what on earth does that look like? Should I start to be concerned about how much he seems to genuinely enjoy food? 
This is seriously what my first thought was when I was told about his food stealing ways...

Yes, I was worried that if my 1 year old continues with his eating habits throughout his childhood that he might wind up with Diabetes.
Totally normal.

Welcome to parenting, yall. 
Worrying about insane things is also I something I now do on the reg. 

Okay, heres something else I have concerns about..... 

So, this looks super sweet, right? 
And it honestly really is.
However, homeboy is super obsessed with animals. 
Like, he gets more excited to see his dogs than me when he gets home from school.
And he also prefers to stalk other people's dogs when visiting friends' homes vs. playing with his friends' toys.
No joke, he also called our dogs, "Mommas" for a solid 2 months. 
Can't lie, that one kind of hurt. Thank God he grew out of that phase. 
Now he just constantly follows our dogs around, making barking & panting sounds. 
Hmmmm. New revelation. Maybe he is confused & thinks that he IS a dog?
That would explain the dog bowl fascination :)

I'm just gonna continue to tell myself that his love of animals means that he's gonna be a super compassionate guy and will make a great father some day. 
Whatever helps me sleep at night, right? :)

Speaking of sleep, that sounds rather fabulous right now. 
But before I go, just know that yall have a lot of solid parenting/marriage/life stories & astute observations headed your way.  I've got 15 months of pint-up writing to get out :) 
Consider yourself warned. 


  1. LMAO Caroline . Hey it only gets better.

  2. So glad you are back!! Looks like you two have one handsome little fella to keep tabs on. Can't wait to read more!

  3. Haha love all of this! So true about this parenting thing...especially a toddler! Glad to see you back!