Thursday, March 31, 2011

Oops.. I did it again.

So, as I mentioned in a previous post, I have a slight tendency to self diagnose myself when I am feeling ill (and my husband). I don't have any medical background, so this self diagnosing/self medicating myself never ends well. You'd think I would've learned my lesson, right? um, no. On Sunday, my ear felt like it was going to explode, but I chose to ignore it. Why, you ask? Well because #1- don't only small children get ear infections? & #2- I had a UK game to watch. Like my Wildcats could win without me watching them with a massive group of people. At a bar. On a Sunday. No judgement :) (As a side note, I did attend church before I participated in these celebratory activities.) And my Cats did win, so it made me temporarily forget about my ear.
Woooooop. FINAL FOUR BOUND!!!!! Who's excited???? I know I am, but I am positive my husband takes the cake. He has made re-watch Sunday's game at least 3-4 times. (God knows how many times hes watched it.) Kevin likes to make SURE I know exactly where UK has done well, and where they have room to improve. Like he is reviewing game film. Like he's a paid coach. Oh wait, he's not. Can you imagine what he's going to be like when we have kids? Have you seen the movie Kicking & Screaming? He will be just like the possessed Will Farell Character. My kids are going to have to do mandatory drills before dinner every night. Mark my words, it'll be a hoot to watch.
Per usual, I digress. By the time Monday rolled around, the ear ache was gone & I was feeling better. I had a fantastic day at work, followed by a great 4.5 mile run. Moreover, I even had a 30 min long convo with my boss at the gym after my run. Healed, right? Wrong. Again. When I got home, I started to go downhill fast. I managed to cook dinner, but then I checked my temp- 101 degrees. Don't worry, it stayed around that same temp until today. I honestly haven't/hadn't been this sick since I was about 10 years old. The culprit? Strep Throat. Again, who gets strep throat at age 25?? This is me strepified, being completely miserable.
SCURRRY PIC!!! Lemme tell ya, I thought I was dying. And yes, I am the same person who made fun of my husband a few weeks back for being a baby. I was literally eating my words. Despite my shortcomings as a caregiver, Kevin might win an award for being the best person ever. I'm talking taking me to the doctor, picking up meds, bringing me milkshakes, gatorade, etc. LOVE THAT BOY. So with all of his nursing, he was not entirely happy to see this little roadshow going on when he got home from work yesterday.
I may or may not have been working from my bed on my work laptop. While on our Macbook watching my beloved Netflix aka my life saver during this illness. (ps- I'm up to Season 3 of Brothers & Sisters. Its soooo good.) As you can imagine, he had a damn fit. But yall, I just don't do down & out well. Much to his dismay, I also may have snuck out of the house and am working today. I honestly can't help it- I love my job and HATE being out of the loop. So one more time- I haven't gone to med school. I don't learn medical knowledge through osmosis or telepathy by being around medical professionals all day. I won't diagnose myself, and I will go to the doctor. Although I learned it the very difficult & painful way, Lesson Learned. Again :) Thats it for now! XOXO- Caroline


  1. Strep is the WORST THING EVER! Even though you havent been to medical school I would venture to guess you are better at diagnosing Strep then the morons at CLub MD :)