Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Grumppopotamos & the need for a Teen Mom Intervention

Yall... I've been in maaajjjahhh a funk this week, and as a result this has been me.....

Due to the deadly combination of ridiculous stress, anxiety, & just some plain ole sucky news, I have been transformed into Debbie Downer (although with better fashion sense & better hair, I hope).  I'm pretty sure that Kevin is convinced that enduring a double root canal & a Gilmore Girls Marathon has got to be more fun than hanging out me these past few days.  Between work, school, family stuff, & realizing I don't have a free weekend until late August, I started on the vicious downward spiral of self-pity, which hasn't been a pretty sight.  However, like I've said before, I am basically a certifiable nutcase if I don't get my workout in on a daily basis, so even if the world is coming to an end (in my eyes or in real life), you better bet I'm going to get that workout in, just because I know it'll help my mood.

As a side note: Now, although I may threaten violence on my ridiculous husband from time to time, the above clip proves why I'd never lay a hand on him.  Because....Happy people just don't shoot their husbands.  They just don't :)

Although I was 110% positive I was still going to be buying a one way ticket on the pissy train to blah-land when I returned, I did decide to go on a run around the neighborhood.  In the spirit of transparency, I really just wanted to be alone to get my pity party on, without judgement.  As I was running up a large hill, I noticed this other girl runner, with uber long, skinny legs, on the other side of the street.  She was taking this hill at a muuuuch faster pace than me (And making it look super easy. What a wench.), which was surprising because usually I can rock & roll on some hills.  (My mom towers over me with her long legs, but I always always always beat her on hills. Sorry Jan.) So with this girl, I really could NOT get over quick she was, considering how skinny & long her legs were.  Of course, being my hyper competitive self, I attempted to pick up my pace & beat her up that hill, but there was no catching this girl. I was trying to console my 25 year old body about my slower pace by telling myself that she had to be a high school cc runner, track star, or something of that nature.  When she stopped at the top of the hill to talk to a car that had pulled into one of the drive-ways,  I was super thrilled because I was dying to get a good look at this chick with the ridiculously fast pace & insanely skinny legs that went along to match.  When I finally caught up to her, I could not believe my eyes.  Shock & awe doesn't even cover what I saw.  I was right about one thing.  She was definitely in high school- couldn't have been a day over 15 years old.  But I was wrong about her legs.  They weren't skinny.  They weren't long.  They weren't even present.  Those skinny legs were actually prosthetic limbs.  Oh. My. God......
I had been praying over the past few days for God to cut me some slack & to let something GOOD happen because I couldn't handle much more. Witnessing the determination of this other runner gave me the gut check (and tears) that I was in desperate need of.  God sent a message back to me alright- LOUD & CLEAR.  Sh*t happens, its how you respond to it that determines what you're made of.  This other runner has been dealt one hell of tough hand in life, but its not getting her down- Yet, I'm letting a few bad days make me the Prozac poster child.  Needless to say, the endorphins I got from that run weren't the only thing that helped give me a new lease on life.  I am incredibly blessed & I need to remember it. Every day.  

So, speaking of the poster child for Prozac.....
Lets discuss this trainwreck.... Meet Amber Portwood.

Gary- Amber's Baby Daddy
Now, I'm aware that some of yall probably don't know her because you actually have standards when it comes to your television programming. But, shamefully,  I clearly don't share those standards.  Miss Portwood is from the classy MTV program "Teen Mom," & bless her heart, she is a hot darn mess.  Homegirl has been arrested for hitting her baby daddy (Gary- aka another winner) in front of her child, child neglect, & underage drinking.  And last night, I read that she tried to commit suicide on Monday night.  Yall- She is only 21. Do we think she'd have that kind of rap sheet & instability if she hadn't gained notoriety from Teen Mom?  Okay, Okay, in all honesty, she'd probably have some of it because she is kinda trashy, but I really think she's done a lot of it because she's learned that her crazy behavior gets her more attention, magazine covers, interviews, & lets not forget- another season of Teen Mom... And ps- it was reported that she made more than $280K in 2010.. and I mean, for what exactly?  Its not like she's poised with talent, unless you call perfecting your mugshot pose a talent? As much as this show has provided mindless entertainment for me, I have to question MTV's morals for continuing on with this.  Young girls are getting the wrong message from 16 & Preggo/Teen Mom.  MTV is making it seem perfectly normal & okay for these girls to get knocked up, make terrible decisions, and then be rewarded with a reality tv show.  Personally, I think they should only cast girls on Teen Mom if they are actually putting in an effort to turn their trainwreck lives around & into something... or MAYBE, I dunno, actually trying to provide a good home for their new children- novel idea, right? Now, my moral compass might not always point due North, but continuing to promote the concept of making horrendous decisions that negatively affect these young mothers ( & their children) because it makes for good tv just seems so incredibly wrong to me.  Come on, MTV- Go revamp Real World or something.
Now, I love some good trashy tv, but after hearing about Amber Portwood today, I gotta draw a line at this one.  Mmmmkay yall, thats it for now.  


  1. wow. what a post, great reminder of humility and to be thankful with what we have, wrapped up with a reminder to be lucky that we're not Teen Mom trash... I can't say I've watched Teen Mom, you know I'm busy watching quality TV like Make It or Break It and Bachelorette.... yup, super classy and grownup.

  2. Wow...I love how God sometimes puts us in our place! I do hope things are getting better for you though!

  3. Ugh pity parties.. I had one not to long ago and just the other day I was snapped out of it, by experiencing a similar situation to yours.

    You are too funny! Amber.. I don't even know what to say, but she does keep me buying the magazines she is in.