Monday, June 20, 2011

There are no words.....

So, its 1:13am, and I am up.  I just finished a fabulous mba finance test.  Who's jealous?  If it werent for my teacher who incidentally resembles a polo model, complete with a Southern Mississippi accent, I definitely would have definitely dropped that horrid class like a bad habit by now.  Thank God for the little things in life, right? :)  (Calm down yall- he's married.  I'm married.  But I mean, just because you're on a diet, doesn't mean you can't scope out the menu.)
So, last week was pretty miserable, but I'm gonna spare yall the details.  However, there were some highlights.
1)  Lets discuss that Hudson (our dog) has decided to start acting like a complete weirdo, which has come out of nowhere.  He has started hiding under stuff, shaking, and not eating much.  So of course, I did what EVERY great dog parent does-  Google his symptoms & diagnose him mah self.  In turn, I scare the hell out of myself & convince Kevin that he has every horrible diagnosis known to man (or in this case, dog).  As a result, Hudson & I ended up at the vet last Wednesday bc I was 110% he was on his death bed.  

SOOOO, 3 1/2 hours, 4 blood tests, & a fecal test, the vet has some news for me.  According to Dr. S, my homeboy, Hudson, is "the vision of health, and he might just be in a mood."  Umm, A MOOD? Are you serious Clark?  I consider Lucy the Diva to be "in a mood" a solid 86% of the time, and I most definitely didn't go to Vet school to make that determination.  Anywho, later that night, Kevin & I decided to take Hudson on a walk to see if he was going to act more normal.  **Okay yall, if you have a weak stomach, you might want to ear muff it out on this next part**  
So, as we were walking, Hudson decided to take care of some business.  When I went to pick up his, ummm droppings, I was appalled to see that there was a complete (unused) tampon & remnants of a plastic fork in it.  Lets be honest, if either of those things had come out of me, I would be "in a mood" too & thanking sweet Jesus that I didn't have to get my stomach pumped.  

2) Speaking of Lucy the Diva....  Check out the video of her below.  To say that she was NOT happy to see the incriminating photos of her Aunt Lou Lou invading her Cat Condo is a vast understatement.
OH yes, this happened, and Lucy is out for blood.  

You know, I really need to get a better handle on my pets.  Orrrr maybe my friends.  Hmmm. Could be a toss up.

3) Guess who's bday is tomorrow???? No, unfortunately, its not mine (although, mine is exactly 5 weeks from tomorrow.  FYI- only 35 shopping days left.)   If you guessed this guy, you'd be right!

  BUT if you guessed this guy, you'd also be right.

Hey, I might not have gotten THE  Prince that was born on June 21, but I definitely got my prince :)  Kate's got nothing on me (exceptttt for maaayyybe her shopping budget. dang. Can't win em all.)  I'm super excited to celebrate his 28th year with him- & give him his presents. (ok- maybe theres a slight part in me that is actually excited because I know I'll get to eat some ice cream cake at some point Mr. Grays bday festivities. I mean, I do love his bday, but i might love ice cream cake more.  Jussst saying.  ) Hahaha, anyway, hope everyone had a good weekend- thats it for now.  


  1. Oh. my word.

    Lucy, I had no idea you were so territorial. I meant no harm by invading your space, I was just so jealous of your fancy diggs, i wanted to know what it was like to be cuddled up in them. Tell me you are not jealous of my fancy foot work. That is flexibility at it's finest.

    PS you don't scare me.

    I'll be back...

  2. crazy about hudson?! I can't believe the vet didn't catch that - but thank god he "passed" it naturally and is okay!

  3. Oh my gosh! A tampon and fork!!

    I feel your pain with the vet bills...we spent $256 last week because my cat has a cold. :/

  4. Lucy the Diva's video just made my day! I literally laughed out loud. I somehow stumbled upon Pink Lou Lou's blog months ago and love both of ya'lls! I keep thinking I'll start a blog one of these days. Have a great week!

  5. Holy hell, I'd be in a mood too if I had that crap in my belly. OUCH. The bloggies need to know...did Allison get OUT of that cat condo on her own or did you have to call in the reinforcements?! hahaha

  6. hahaha...

    omg, i can not believe Hudson pooed that out!!! No wonder he was in a mood. Poor guy. Hope he's back up the par now :) Happy Birthday Mr. Grey :) Enjoy that cake lady!- Gotta love ice cream cake.

    and PLL.... what a freaking hoot!

  7. Y'all are very lucky Hudson didn't have to have surgery!!! Most dogs cannot pass the plastic from the tampon... :(
    Maybe now's a good time to start flushing them? I don't flush my junk either so to speak now that your grossed out LOL BUT what we do do at my casa is put the trash can up high on the toilet with a LID that cannot be opened by our 4 legged babies. Maybe that will help :)

    So glad he's ok!