Wednesday, August 3, 2011

5 Things I'm obsessed with Wednesdayyyy!

I know. I know- I've been a horrendous blogger lately.  But I've also been a super busy blogger lately--With additional responsibilities at work & the never-ending Finance Class from hell, free moments to blog have been few & far between.  Let me just elaborate a tad further...
I still love my work & job, so no worries- its all good!  A few months ago, I was asked to take on the task of organizing the 2011 United Way Campaign efforts for my work area (comprised of about 5 States), which was such a complete surprise & honor.  My first interaction with the United Way came in the 2nd grade.  At the time, our playground was beyond outdated, so no child in a wheel chair could leave the sidewalk to come play during recess.  Long story short, we ended up getting donated an amazingly fabulous (& wheel-chair accessible) new playground from the United Way.  I mean, as a 2nd grader, the United Way instantly became the equivalent of Santa Claus in my eyes.

 So, for obvious reasons, I've remained incredibly passionate about the United Way, & whole-heartedly support everything they do.  And if you don't believe me, please note the Save-the-Date magnet design posted above that is being sent to everyone in my area.  As a point of reference, I didn't even do Save- The- Dates for my own wedding- thats how much I love this organization. Actually, I am 110% sure that my team thinks I have turned into a deranged Cheerleader because I am so excited about it, but I am oddly comfortable with that title if it gets them to be more involved. (Believe you me, If you have any doubts about what they do, please please please email me.  I can detail you up & down about them!)

Sooo in other news..., I am convinced my MBA is trying to kill me.  My teacher (*Ear Muffs, Kevin*) is insanely handsome, has admitted to being a bad boy in a past life, & has a thick Southern accent, so listening to his lectures feel like I'm hearing Matthew McConoughey address the jury in "A Time to Kill." So, whats the problem? Homeboy can drone on & on & on & on & on about bonds until the cows come home.  Literally, I think my 2.5 year old niece could understand YTM, coupon rates, & NPV at this point bc he has run it into the ground.  To make matters worse, I get the distinct feeling he dislikes me.  I can't tell if hes annoyed that I actually understand the concepts (which-btw- is ridic because I did double-major in Mgt & Mkt in college, so UK would have some explaining to do to my parents if I didn't understand them), OR if he is irked that I "take notes" on my computer during his lectures (And by take notes, I mean- check twitter, price out trips on Expedia, shop on Etsy etc.).  Regardless, I seriously dread going to class every Monday.  Such a shame too, because I really think the teach & I would've been great friends in a past life, ya know- during his days as a Sigma Chi w/ him getting PI citations & such.  Now, not so much.

So, enough about my life... lets talk about what I am currently obsessed with:
1) My Birthday Necklace from the Hubs
Description from R-L: Citrine stone, Heart disc w/ Kentucky on it, Rec disc w/ our wedding date, Round disc w/ my monogram, & lastly, a pearl to finish off the look.

OMG. Obsessed!  How incredibly beautiful is this???  For whatever reason, he prefers to buy me unique jewelry vs. pieces that everyone has (ie: Yurman- although he has caved on that. twice. And don't even get him started on how terrible he thinks Pandora is. He'll go on for days...), so when we spotted a similar necklace at a horse show, he was hell bent on trying to find something just like it.  Mission accomplished with the FABULOUS Made By Sam Etsy shop.
Another example from Sam's Etsy shop. Soooo adorable!

Her designs are so beyond anything I've seen in Kentucky.  They can literally put anything on the discs & also personalize every other aspect to be customized to your liking (ie, shapes, chain, stones).  Very reasonably priced & they are incredibly prompt with their delivery! I have worn it every day since getting it in the mail, and I have gotten at least 5 compliments every day.  (Can't lie- huge ego booster on a bad day :)  ) Anywho, You must get one immediately (And tell them I sent ya!)- I promise you'll love it.

2) Spray Anti-Bacterial Pen?

Ummm, where have you been all my life?  Being around sick people all day, averaging between 9-10 medical office visits daily, I am absolutely stunned that I just found out about this little gem.  HOLY CONVENIENTNESS! No, it doesn't smell as fantastic as your perfume, but for $1.76, your immune system will thank you!

3) Whole Foods Wine Shop

I LOVE wine.  You know what I love even more?  FREE WINE!  Bet you didn't know that your local Whole Foods does a wine tasting every Thursday, Friday, & Saturday from 4-8pm? I'm not talking about tasting 1 sip & calling it a "tasting," either.  I'm talking 4-5 different wines, complete with the most knowledgeable staff who can help you find something in your budget that fits your taste, and topped off with a taste of a popular liquor (Ie: Last week, it was SKINNY GIRL MARGs!).  Seriously, take advantage.  I do.  Weekly :)

4) My new hotel-like Mirror

Also a Birthday gift from the hubs.  I have yet to come to terms with the amazingness of this being installed in my bathroom, complete with light.  I also have yet to figure out how I ever lived without this in my life, especially given my over-the-top fetish with eye make-up.  Oh, & don't worry, this little number has totally & completely given new life to my eye liner addiction.  I am more obsessed with eye-liner than ever bc I can critique each one so much better in the 50x magnifying glass, which brings me to #5.

5) Covergirl Liquiline Blast Eyeliner
So I honestly have made no excuses or apologies for my snottiness in make-up.  9 times outta 10, if its not from Sephora or Ulta, I probably won't buy it.  However, Jan (mi madre) came to visit this weekend, and turned me onto these covergirl liners.  Lets be honest, Jan shops at Walgreens for all of her cosmetic needs, so I was extremely doubtful she could teach me in anything pertaining to make-up, especially eye-liner.  Guess who got schooled? THIS GIRL.  This stuff is fantastic- goes on smooth, stays on all day, and for only $7.50, you can have your very own.  Apparently, you should only buy liners that are made in Germany- Jan tells me that "The Today Show" (aka jan's version of the voice of authority) was insistent that Germany-made eyeliners have the best quality, stay on longer, etc. Can't lie- so far she is right.

To close, I promise my blog slacking has come to an end.  I will up my blogger game :) But yall, thats it for now, so we'll talk soon!


  1. Good luck on your United Way fundraising, those look like great gifts, love that necklace! AND now I want a nice glass of wine and it's not even 12 yet! I'll have to check out that eyeliner, I'm usually a Sephora snob too but you can't beat $7.50!

  2. Yay for the United Way!

    That necklace is it!

    I will be checking out that eyeliner ASAP.

  3. Your United Way project sounds very cool!

    Loving your necklace and mirror! Cute!

  4. Thanks so much for letting me know about that Etsy shop!!! In love!!! So excited to look through more of her pretty things :)

  5. I love your Birthday necklace! and happy birthday to you!! You have a wonderful hubbs ;) I also love Whole Foods wine! Well actually I like any wine..but I do really like theirs