Wednesday, August 17, 2011

If yall could be a fly on the wall....

When I was growing up, one of my girlfriends always used to say that my family could be on a sitcom because of all the ridiculousness that lived within the confines of our house.  Although I think it was probably her polite way of saying that my family was insanely quirky, I took it to mean that our family conversations were delightfully entertaining.

I can't lie... I was mildly concerned that once I got married, I would lose the "entertaining" aspect from my household of origin.  Believe you me,  I had NOTHING to worry about.

I would almost venture to say that life with Kevin has proved to be almost more entertaining than living with Pat & Jan.  I love my sweet husband more than all the diet cokes I have ever consumed in my life-
This melts my heart.  

 butttttt lemme tell ya, he comes out with some fantastic quotes.  Within the past 3 days, he has come out with questions, such as:

-(As we drive into downtown Indy...) "Hey Carol, who like, started Eli Lilly?"(Really? I have no words.)

-(In the middle of the Wedding reception...) "Do you think Hudson is thinking about us right now & wondering what we're doing?  Don't you kinda wish the would've invited dogs to come?" (I mean, this is a DOG we're talking about.  How insane is this kid gonna be when we produce children?)

-(Right after discussing selling our house in a few years..) Sooo, if we sell our house for MORE than we paid for it, that adds into what your original down payment was? (Yes, Kev- its how you can build up more equity." Ohhh, thats what that means.  Equity, I mean.  (I went onto comment about how this was a prime example of why I question Kentucky education versus Indiana education.  Then he proceeded to tell me that Dunbar is the best high school in the state bc of their accelerated classes.  Now, was he in that program?  Um, no, but he knows it was damn good.)

-(After me discovering he played middle school football...) "Yeah hun, I actually played quite a bit.  I was the kick & punt returner because I was just soooo fast.  Basically, I played exactly like Randall Cobb did for UK.  (For all you non-Kentucky fans, Randall Cobb was one of the best football players UK had seen for awhile & he just went on to the NFL to play. But, don't you worry, I'm sure Kevin could show you his moves bc they just MIMIC what Randall does sooo closely!)

I'm sure Kevin's moves were equally as impressive...

Now, some of his more classic quotes include (but are not limited to...)

-(While trying to convince me to eat pork chops...) "Honey, I mean, at the end of the day, its just lamb you're eating. What do you have against lamb? Its so similar to bacon." (O...M...G)

-(Before we left for one of our best friend's weddings, while trying on a new suit... "CAROLINE!!!! Do you think the Bride is gonna be mad at me? (Why, kev?)  You know, because people might be talking more about how handsome I look in my new suit versus her bridal beauty." (Gotta hand it to him, he doesn't lack much in the confidence department :)  )

-(After me calling to tell him I bought him a new paisley tie...) "OH, thats great babe.  Thanks so much.  Soo.. ummm.. What color is paisley?"

-(During our visit to San Francisco, CA...) "Honey, this is what I picture a 3rd world country to look like..." (Me: Why? Because its dirtier than Lexington?)  "No.. because of the hills & homeless people." (Ohh, the hills & homeless people.. What? on? Earth? Still haven't figured out the rationale behind that one...)
I think this was 2008?

-(His response to me questioning if he should drive after a few cocktails...) "Carol, I drive a PILOT.  It can drive itself, hints the name, duh." (Must be niiiiceeee.)

-(While missing the 1st UK home football game bc it was my best friend's wedding.) "Caroline, I literally feel like something within me is dying.  Its like I'm in a casket, & my pallbearer friends drop me to check a score I can't see. You just don't get it."

-(During the NBA draft when someone random who looked 40 but was really 18 got drafted before Enes K.) "18? Are you SERIOUS? There is NO WAY. Ohhh, well, he's from W. Africa- that explains it. (Me: Huh? why?)  Carol, you know the people in Africa don't know how to read the rules about birth certificates.  I mean, they don't even have food there. So, hes really probably 29 & I'm right." (I wish I could again connect the dots w/ that one... but I'm not even gonna try."

I mean, love his sweet heart.  He is nothing if not endlessly funny to listen to. (Okay yall, in the spirit of transparency, he could probably have written this same post about some of the blonde comments I make, butttt he doesn't have a blog, sooooooo.... sorry doll. xoxoxo)

In all honesty, we might not always have the perfect marriage or life, but I can tell you one thing, we sure do laugh a lot.  And maybe its naive, but I think if you can keep your sense of humor & laugh about things, even during the bad times, you can probably get through just about anything.
Okay yall, thats about it for me.  Talk soon!


  1. LOVE THIS. esp the ones about him being prettier than the bride and africa not having rules on birth certificates. i had to cover my mouth from laughing so loud in my office.

  2. These quotes brightened up my day :)

  3. This whole post made me chuckle. At least your hubby keeps you entertained!


  4. Too funny! I love the paisley. hehe.

    PS. New follower to your lovely blog. :)

  5. I loved reading these quotes and could swear that your husband could behest friends with my fiancé. Husbands say the earnest things. :)

  6. too funny, love it. if all else fails, it's great when your husband makes you laugh or smile! you need to start tweeting this stuff like I do with the hashtag #shitmyhusbandsays :)

  7. I needed that laugh today. He is just too much.

  8. bahahahahah I laughed OUT loud at many of these. Gosh i love your husband. If you die, can I have him?

    too much? hahahaha

    Love you C to the arol.

    PS BARBARA BUSH??? I feel as though we should dedicate a whole post to your barbara bush feline days.

  9. What color is paisley???!! Oh man. Guys are such pieces of work. I need to start taking notes on my husband...I totally forsee a post like this...

  10. Dying... hahahahahahah too funny. equity? dunbar has accelerated classes (news to me, obviously i wasnt in them either) and paisley as a color? Literally dying. No Words! :)

  11. HAHAHA! I'm just wondering how you remember all the funny things that he says. Oh wait, I'm sure Lucy follows y'all around at all times with a pen and paper in paw so she can transcribe for you. Oh, Lucy ... you little rascal, you.

    So my favorite line was definitely, "Caroline, I literally feel like something within me is dying. Its like I'm in a casket, & my pallbearer friends drop me to check a score I can't see. You just don't get it."

    HAHAHA! I cannot wait for college football to start. It's like something is missing in my life when it's not football season.

    OK, ta ta. MEOW.

  12. Hahaha. This was too funny. My fiancee is definitely like your hubby when it comes to College Football. I'm so glad I found your blog, I'm a new follower and I love it!!

  13. haha love this. how cute is that pilot line. lol. thanks for another amazing post. Would love if you'd check out my Fash Fave and Fash Fail for the week and see pictures from my Rachel Zoe encounter. xoxo

  14. LOL these made me laugh so hard! Your hubs is a riot! I love how he didn't want to look better than the bride! Oh, and Pilot?! LOL

    I'm a new follower! LOVE your blog!

  15. Haha wow this is hilarious! My hubs definitely doesn't lack in the confidence department either :)

    I'm a new follower!