Monday, September 19, 2011

In a couple weeks...

I will be sailing away on this little number....

I haven't been on a cruise since I was 17 years old, during which time I was too jaded to really take in the experience.  So... this time, while cruising in the Bahamas to such places as: Turks & Caicos or Nassau, I will take full advantage of being in paradise & explore everything each port has to offer!  I should also mention that It took some convincing to even get Kevin on a cruise because he has watched entirely too much History Channel for his own good.  Concerns about a pirate ship attacking us was one his major push backs.  Seriously?  Pirates.  Ummm. okay.  
Anywho, since I haven't been on a cruise in almost 10 years, I am all about doing the tourist thing.  
Hey Kev, how do matching fanny packs sound? 
I mean, this guy looks pretty pumped to be wearing one (then again, he is at the happiest place on earth, so maybe its like a requirement? IE: Go to place for 5 year olds-check, wear creepy fanny pack- check check?)

I know Jan will be excited to hear this, but apparently Fanny Packs are trying to make a comeback.... **For those of yall that didn't have the privilege of knowing Jan circa 1994- my mom's standard vacay outfit used to consist of not only rocking a french braid that was tied off by a barrette bow, but a flourescent wind-suit that conveniently complimented her handy fanny pack. Yes, it was just as ridiculous as it sounds.**
Please witness the Fabulous Rhianna rocking a fanny pack.

Ohhh Ri Ri. No.  Just NO

I'll have you know that that fanny pack is made by my beloved Louis Vuitton.  But I think it was Countess DeLesseps that said "Even Louis Vuitton makes mistakes." Evidenced by pic above, that statement is a FACT.  Even Louis can't make a fanny pack cool.  Sorry Ri.  

Anywho, normally, I detest Mondays, but this one is SPECIAL.  My favorite cousin finally had her sweet baby this morning!!!  
Meet BANKS!!!!

So ridiculously adorbs.  Due to the blaahh fact I have my MBA class tonight, Kevin & I won't be going to see this sweet angel until tomorrow.  However, I can already tell you that I won't be the first person to hold him tomorrow.  Ohhhhh no.  Absolutely not. 
My football-loving, beer & bourbon drinking, pizza & wing eating husband is a certifiable baby nut & will probably try to race me to the hospital nursery to hold baby Banks.
About a month ago, my bff Leslie gave birth to her sweet twins, Aubrey & Avery. 

 I insisted that we go see them the day they were born, whereas Kevin was super ambivilent all day long.  He kept trying to tell me that we needed to give them space, etc.  Clearly, I won that battle, because we were there by 6pm.  However, imagine my surprise when we were there all of 3 minutes, and Kevin had already sanitized it up, looked at Leslie & said "Alright then, I'm ready to hold these babies!!!!"

Umm, okay enthusiasm?  Good lord.  I'm not kidding when I saw the boy would not put the sweet baby down.  This might strike yall as funny, but even though I babysat from the time I was 14 years old on, holding infants kinda petrify me.  I fear I might hold their head wrong, or being me the clumsy person I am, run into something & drop them.  
No worries, though- Kevin, aka the Baby Whisperer, was there to help give me pointers on the "proper" way to hold a baby. Please look at him observing & supervising my baby holding skills.

Don't worry yall- I'm sure he is available to give you advice too on the proper child rearing methods.  After all, he did get an A in Womens' Studies in college. **Side note: My sister in-law was pregnant with our niece right after he finished this class, and Kevin would think it was perfectly normal to call his sister to TELL her the right things for her to be eating, what size the baby was at each point in her pregnancy, etc.  What. A. Weirdo.**

Can't lie, I'm kinda scared that he's gonna pull a "Meet the Focker" & follow me around with a faux boob after we have kids- you know, in case I'm doing it wrong.  
So many things wrong w/ this pic
Hahahaha.  Enough about kids.  I promise, they are still a long while off for the Grays. For now, lets just focus on the fact that we'll be in the Bahamas in a few short weeks.  If any of yall have any fab cruise tips, be sure to let a sister know.  *Side note: JAN, that statement is NOT intended for you.  Mainly because I know your cruise tips will be all about how to cheat during the cruise games & earn more points that will eventually get you a snazzy Carnival T-shirt.  Uh huh.  I'm onto you. **

Alright yall, thats it for now!  Hope you all had a great Monday!


  1. too funny, have a blast on the cruise and have fun seeing that adorable baby!

    I wouldn't hold a newborn for the longest time, I'm with you - I'm so scared I'll break them!

  2. Haha, this one made me laugh! The adorable babies you're holding are too precious :)

    Have a fabulous time on your cruise! I've never been on one- heard they're a blast!

  3. How dare you insinuate that your mother's crinkled jogging suit (before she was a runner) and fanny pack were NOT high fashion!!! Oh yeah, forgot about the braid and bow - she did not dress that way on our trips to Sanibel in the early 80's. I think it was the advent of her children that pushed her over the edge :)
    Enjoy your cruise!

  4. I went on a cruise to Nassau a few years ago and it was the BEST DAY OF MY LIFE! Well, aside from my wedding day and the day I found out I was pregnant.

    We bought a day pass to Atlantis (not through the cruise line, through the resort). It was around $100 a person, but well worth it. We had full access to the water rides, beaches, etc. The cruise line was charging $60+ for a tour that didn't include all access. Atlantis is heaven on earth!!!

    Hope you have a blast!!!

  5. AH cruises are my absolute favorite! I've been on two so far, one to the Bahamas and one to the Western Caribbean. My honeymoon is going to be one too :) Ah, love them! You'll have an amazing time!

  6. hahhaah omg no! hahaha to Kev being Meet the Focker's Ben Stiller. hahahahahahah it might be my second glass of wine but I'm legit laughing out loud. You cover so much in each post, I have so much to comment on then forget it all once I make it down to this little comment box.

    I went on a cruise a few years back and it was the best time of my life. I have a photobook from my birthday this year proving it. I got "deactivated" because apparently I had too much to drink on nigh. Apparently they can secretly find out your name, deactivate your cruise card and you can't buy booze the next day. That's ok, i was too busy puking in the cabin bathroom the next day to care that I couldn't drink. I had to go down to security to get it reactivated. They said "umm, did you have any run ins with security recently?" i said umm ... perhaps. And they reactivated my cruise card and told me to be careful. I mean. come on! I'm a cruise ship, I can't drive anywhere. Although bitches do go missing on those things. Seen a dateline or 2 about that. What cruise line are you going on? Ok, now I'm realizing this is a comment I should have saved for email.

    Also, did you see Nicky's pic I tweeted yesterday of him on a leash?

    Hope you are feeling better. OVER AND OUT!

  7. Hahaha love this! The fake boob part made me laugh out loud. My hubs is the complete opposite- he refuses to hold friends' babies because he worries he will break them. So we have a lot of learning and practicing to do before we ever have babies!

  8. I'm passing on the Versatile Blogger Award to you!
    Check it out at:

    Congratulations :-)

    -Sarah @ 90 Percent Blonde

  9. Recently my in-laws went on vacation. I got an email from my mom-in-law that said something like "Jill, I've been looking for a fanny pack for vacation. I'm having the worst luck finding one."
    It took everything I had not to respond, "GEE I CAN'T POSSIBLY IMAGINE WHY!!!???"
    If the fanny pack comes back, Lord help us all. I refuse.