Monday, September 12, 2011

4 Day weekends should a mandatory requirement

While I am straight DYING to show you all my bathroom re-do, we will unfortunately have to wait just a taaaad bit longer for those pics, due to the fact that Pottery Barn has decided to be as slow as flippin Christmas on the shipment of my new towels. (Albeit, they are Monogrammed, but yall know as well as I do that PB has some pretty intense monogramming machines- its not like they've employed some sweet little old lady sewing those monograms on by hand. Good lord.)

Anywho, we need to discuss something very important right off the bat.

So, due football season FINALLY gracing us with its presence yet again, we (Kev, along w/ our friends Davis & Adam -Pictured above.) decided we simply had to go celebrate this amazing occurrence by attending UK's first game in Nashville, TN last weekend, where our Wildcats played Western Kentucky in their season opener.  
You all think I'm kidding when I discuss Kevin's intensity while watching UK football.  I do not exaggerate this.  At all.  I could literally tell him that I was thinking about quitting my job to become a Lakers girl (sooo many things wrong w/ that sentence), and he wouldn't hear a word outta my mouth.  Please refer to Exhibit A
I think we were actually even winning when this picture was taken, but you wouldn't know it from his face.  This is when he likes to tell me that we should be winning by X amount & what plays they should be calling.  Have I mentioned I fear for when our kids play organized sports?  He will definitely be THAT coach that makes 6 year olds cry bc they were hustling enough.  Fact.  Have I also ever mentioned that Kevin DVRs EVERY football game (even though we're at every home game bc we have season tickets) & makes me re-watch them so he can point out where we (as if he is on the team) did well & where we need to make improvements?  Not normal, no?
Disregarding the above picture, we really did have a great time in Nashville.  If you've never been, you've got to go out in Nashville at some point in your life.  I think Hollywood's depiction of Nashville is pretty spot on- the live music scene is unreal & the people are ALL friendly.  You can always count on an amazing night out in Nashville- especially after a UK game bc every bar is FILLED w/ wildcat fans.  Case in point- running into this guy...

Meet Payne
I've known this kid for probably about 10 years, and if he's around, your night will definitely be an entertaining one.  Please refer to Exhibit B.
Oh My...
A tad blurry but yes, that is Payne dancing atop tables at the bar in Nashville.  And this was taken about 10 seconds before he decided it'd be a great idea to poor his beer in the my Louis Vuitton.  His rationale- "CAROL, if the Louis can survive a 3rd degree burn, it deserves to have a beer."  Bahahaha. Hard to argue with that logic.  Love his heart. Always always always an interesting time w/ Mr. Payne.

The Saturday following the game was insanely chaotic, but in a great way.  Did I mention that this little pumpkin turned "Freeee?" (3, obvi.)  

My sweet Niece, Riley

So, clearly, celebrations were in order for that.  I am 10000 percent sure that I was more excited about the gift we got her than she was.  I insisted to Kevin that Riley NEEDED an American Girl Doll.  I was beyond obsessed w/ my American Girl dolls when I was little, so it makes perfect sense, right?  Give a 3 year old a $100 doll.  Well of course so!  I rationalized w/ Kev, telling him that the doll is an INVESTMENT, & Riley would have the doll her whole life.  Plus, this eliminates the worry on what to get her every holiday bc we can now just give her American Girl Accessories or clothing to match her doll.  So, here I was allll pumped about Rileys gift, and after allll the gifts were opened, can we talk about her fav gift? A PINK TOY VACUUM CLEANER.  Bahahahahahaha.  Hysterical.  Kevin swears thats where my parents went wrong with me- had they gotten me toy cleaning supplies, maybe I would like to clean our house more often.  So mean, but probably true.  Actually, I'd probably like to clean more if my vacuum was pink & bedazzled like Rileys is.  Hrmm. Maybe I should ask to see if I can just borrow hers.  

Anywho, we had to RUSH from her party to Macys, find Kevin a new suit/tie, and then proceed to our 11th Wedding of the Season.  As persnickety as Kevin is about his appearance, I have to give him some props about his clothing decisions- he can pick something out in under 10 mins & be perfectly happy w/ his selection.... versus his wife who obsesses over every decision possible.  But, hey- I can't argue with his speedy decision making this time- Hubs looked quite dapper at Miss Leah's wedding.

Hey boy heyyyyyyy. 
I kid you not in saying that every single one of our friends were at this wedding, so needless to say, it made for one hell of a celebration for Leah & Jed.  

The beautiful Bride, Chrissy, & I on the dance floor

Leah, Court, and 1/2 of myself

And Pink Lou Lou & I taking a time out to fluff our poofs
True story when I say the last pic took 5 different times to actually capture.  Tipsy Allie & Tipsy Carol are difficult photo subjects to capture after massive quantities a few glasses of wine.  Can we also discuss the fact that I just noticed that I am holding a drink in every picture?  It clearly shows that I took to heart what my Dad told me when I went to college- He always warned me to NEVER let my drink out of my sight bc you never know who's around & someone might try to roofie me.  Granted, I think that advice was only applicable in the college/frat party/bar setting, but you never know, right? hahahaha
So, to my husband, what made it a great wedding? Was it the tasty food?  The fabulous band?  The delish cake?  Ummm no.  The Kerkhoff wedding goes down as a great night in Kevin's eyes because he got to meet his favorite UK radio host.  
Ladies & Gentleman, please allow me to introduce you to Mr. Larry Glover

Please note how excited Kevin Looks in this pic
So Larry Glover hosts a nightly UK sports call-in show.  I wish I told you all we listen to normal things on the radio, but I'd be lying.  ANY TIME we are in the car past 7pm, you better believe we have Larry on.  Kevin's favorite thing to do is to call Larry any time UK has a bad game, & vent to Larry (along with Big Blue Nation) about what he thinks went wrong & why.  Poor Larry just listens & provides polite comments.  It makes for solid entertainment.  So, Larry was at this same wedding, and when his wife told us who she was married to, Kevin got so excited you would have thought she said Tiger Woods or Brett Favre or someone of that caliber (No offense, Larry.  I like your show too, but the adoration my husband has for you is a bit outta control.).  Kevin then sought out Larry & picked his brain for like 20 minutes.   It was an absolute riot & he definitely talked about it for 3 days following the wedding.  Never a dull moment with Mr. Gray, let me tell you.
Sooo, that pretty much concluded our amazing 4 day weekend.  Hopefully, I'll be able to show you guys this crazy bathroom re-do this week too, so hang tight :)  Pottery Barn- consider that your formal warning. Alright yall, thats it for now!


  1. You and Pink LouLou look Fab :) And no worries, the Hubs is completely normal... my husband does all of the above!!

  2. Looks like a great 4 day weekend! Love your dress from the wedding :)

    Glad your husband got to meet a "celebrity" haha!

  3. Was this before or after I asked you "who ARE you?" and was being serious. Oh goodness. Glad you left out how I tried to mack on your husband. HA ha. Love you Carol.

  4. looks like a blast! I think that 5 day work weeks should be outlawed... I want a constant 3 or 4 day work week....

  5. You both look so cute!! That wedding must've been one hell of a time :)

  6. Oh Car-o ... your posts never disappoint. I love Nashville, so next time you are there ... holla at a girl. Love the wedding pics. My friend's hubs does the same thing with Tech football games. Kev is not completely abnormal. Men and sports are us and shopping. That's the only way I can understand it. Thank God I wss born with a vajay.