Friday, December 9, 2011

My name is Caroline, and I have an addiction problem.

The first step is admitting it, right?  Lucky for us, none of my addictions are hazardous to my health.  However, they have might have potential to become hazardous to our bank account.  My problem lies in the fact that when I like something, I tend to buy a gazillion of whatever that particular item might be.  And honestly, I like to think of myself as a pretty self-aware & sane person, but ummm, now that Kevin called me out for my insane buying habits, I'm not so sure.  At all.  Like, I'm honestly scared I might be a potential candidate to be on TLC's "My Strange Addiction."
Let me show you all Exhibit A

Say hello to all of Caroline's eyeliners.  Alllllll 34 of them.  32 of which are in the same shade of BLACK.  Now, why does one need 34 eyeliners?  Great question.  I have no earthly idea.  I think I must have some subconscious quest to find the perfect eyeliner, which results in me buying every single new black eyeliner that comes out.  To be honest, I had no clue I had this many, until Kevin was giving me grief over returning from the grocery with yet another black eyeliner pen.  While trying to prove to him that I didn't own as many as he thought, I totally and completely shot myself in the foot.  Needless to say, I'm officially on eye-liner lockdown.  Dear ole Kev challenged me to not buy any more "of that black paint stuff" until I was out.   
Ohhh, okay- thats my ticket to getting early parole!   I'm sure some of those bad boys are dried up by now, right?  False.  Soo utterly false.  And lets review how Caroline shot herself in the other food.

So, I proceeded to test out every eye liner to check on their usability status.  As you can see, that uh, didn't quite work out well for me.  The Universe is clearly playing a cruel joke on me because out of all 34, not a one was unusable.  Just perfect.  Well played, Kev.  Well played.  

So, clearly, I've had to find something else to occupy my time versus continuing my mission to find the perfect eyeliner.  In turn, I have gotten pretty obsessed with what we decided to do for my niece for Christmas.
At 3 years old, Riley loves loves loves to play dress up.  

Super cute, right?  So about a month ago, we were at a craft fair, and some woman was selling these Tutus for about $40 a piece.  I was beyond tempted to buy one of them for Riley because it was done in UK colors. (Come on- Riley's generation are the future UK fanbase, so it just makes sense to invest in them early :)  )  However, I resisted because A) I thought the price was ridiculous and B) the Tutu had very little fluff behind it.  I kept telling Kevin that I thought I could probably figure out how to make one.  So last weekend, I marched myself to Hobby Lobby & figured out what I would probably need to make one.
Low & behold, a plethora of Tutus were born!!!

How fun are those????   And not to be out- done by the weak UK Tutu we saw at the craft fair, I constructed this little number for Riley to wear on Game Days.

My one issue lied in the fact that I didn't have a 3 year old around to model my handy work, soooo I had to kind of get creative to see what they looked like....

Hudson, along with Kevin, was none too pleased by his new modeling gig.  Homeboy refused to move with that on, and literally glared at me the entire time.  Hrmmph. Whatever, boys.  As long as this girl likes it, 

thats all it matters :)   
Anyway, because I took a ridiculous amount of enjoyment out of making those for my niece, I've decided I think I'm going to start selling them.  No worries, yall- I'm not gonna be charging $45 or anything along those crazy lines.  They'll definitely be under $25, and possibly even under $18, depending on the size needed.   I'm dying for some feedback, so please feel free to let me know what yall think!
Mmmkay- thats it for now! 


  1. So adorable...I say go for it!

  2. If you are going to be addicted, eyeliner is a fun addiction to have. :) Love those tutus!!! She is going to be very excited on Christmas!

  3. I think the tutus are adorable! She will love it and I say you totally should sell them! I'd buy one if I had a lil girl.

    Happy Friday!


  4. LOVE the tutus! and your eyeliner addiction cracked me up because I'm that way with lippy lip :)

  5. those are soooooooo cute!
    you should try and sell them because they look great!

  6. O my goodness that UK one is adorable! You definitely outdid yourself. You should def sell them.

  7. Woop woop - I'm your 300th follower! Gotta love bloggy milestones ;)

  8. that is a whole lotta eyeliner girl! haha, this is why you never show your husband ALL of the makeup! ;)

    love those tutus too, so cute! you'll have to share us a picture of Riley wearing one after she gets them!

  9. Love all the eyeliner!! Toooo funny :) I mean, as long as they're not dried out, what's the big deal in having them right? ;) Also, I adore the tutus you're making. I think every girl needs a tutu and the ones you've made are super cute! Keep it up :)

  10. Makeup is so addicting. I feel like I am continuously on a quest to find the best [insert makeup item here]. Luckily, I've solved that problem with mascara and lipstick. Now if I could only convince my husband that I really do need more than 15 blushes.

  11. LOVE the UK tutu! Just found your blog through Pink Lou Lou and it is super cute! If you do start selling those tutus, I would def buy the Kentucky one for my two year old!

    Queen of the First Grade Jungle

  12. hey caroline, what is your workout routine?

    cute tutus!

  13. haha -- I have an addiction to eye shadows in the same nuetral tones! I totally get it =)

    Those tutus are SO cute! if my beloved Steelers make the playoff this year, I have plans to make one for myself in yellow and black =)

  14. That UK one is soo cute! I made a christmas tutu for my neice. I used red polka dots zebra and some green! :)

  15. I am obsessed with bronzers...all kinds. Bronzers that lighten and highlight, bronzers that illuminate and hide, etc.....

    It really is ridic considering I really don't wear bronzer that much. For some reason I always think this bronzer is like some magic wand and is gonna make me look tanned and all sorts of beachy. Ha!

    Oh well. It could be worse, right?

    And I love love love your tutu's!!! Sell them!

  16. UMMM, ill take a tutu...well if I was 3 anyway! ive been meaning to make some, but uh just havent had time yet! HOWEVER, I know you have said you aren't crafty on here before, but I'm learning you're quite crafty!!! I'm dying over the giant stocking costume. Can you send that to VA so I don't have to attempt that? THANKS!
    XOXO ittybittywhitty