Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Oh my gosh, are you sick?

We all know how I visit Web MD on a regular basis to self diagnose myself, Kevin, my parents, my dog, etc.  However, what I've failed to mention is that I absolutely despise going to the doctor, even when I need  to go.  It seriously takes me having a couple days of 101 degree fever for me to actually make an appointment.  Anyway, so when I actually do take the initiative to go to the doctor, I try to get out every medical concern that I have had in the past 3 months.  Lucky for me, my doctor is used to this & is adequately prepared to deal w/ my 800 health related questions.  She is amazing.  However, because I try to fit in my zillion concerns in a 20 min appointment, I sometimes fail to remember everything.

I've had seasonal allergies for as long as I can remember.  Living in Lexington, those allergies are exacerbated exponentially.  Last I heard, Lexington was ranked one of the top 5 worst cities for Allergy sufferers, so I chalk any kind of cough, throat, or stuffy nose issue to being a Lexington Resident.
Beautiful Scenery = horrendous allergies
Anywho, over the past year, my voice has continued to get more & more raspy.  I'm not exaggerating when I say that on most mornings, I sound like I smoked a carton of Marlboros & its painful to get words. Again, I just figured it was all related to my allergies.... Probably a pretty accurate assumption, seeing how I have so much medical training & all.  Oh wait, not. at. all.  
So after the combination of dealing w/ people asking me on a daily basis if I was sick & then one of my customers told me I might have a thyroid issue, I finally took the bull by horns & made an appointment with my ENT (Ear, Nose, & Throat specialist).  
I assumed that the ENT would just ask me a few questions, do a quick diagnosis, and write me a script for some miracle product that would help my voice.
I. Was. So. Utterly. Wrong. 
Much to my surprise, homeboy looked at his watch & told me he had time to do a full scope today.  He sounded really excited about it, so it never entered my mind that a scope would be a bad thing.  Um, don't worry kids, please look at the little camera gadget that was stuck down my nose so my ENT could get a better look at my throat.  Its cute mini size is beyond deceiving because it was a devil machine.

ENT Homeboy was excited because that little number is not only a camera, but it is also a flashlight & a magnifier.  Its like the Swiss Army Knife of doctor gadgets.  If it hadn't hurt like hell, I would have probably been pretty pumped about it too.  
Anywho, the scope ended up showing the ENT exactly what was causing my voice to mimic that of a 59 year old with emphysema.  What? You all are dying to see the gorgeousness that is also known as my vocal chords?? Well, as luck would have it, I kept the pictures.  They're obviously pretty frame worthy.  
**(Side note- I feel like I should preface this picture because it is kind of ummm, graphic.)**

Let me decode for yall: 
Top pic: My vocal chords w/out me talking--> note that you can still vocal chords (diamond shape in the middle)
Bottom Pic: My vocal chords w/ me trying to talk --> Note you can't see the little diamond shape at all.

So, what does that mean?  Apparently, I have Stage 4 Vocal Chord Nodules.   What? you've never heard of them?  Yeah, me neither.  But apparently, Adele has been suffering from this same affliction, which is why she recently underwent surgery to get them removed.  Yes, I said surgery.  The worst thing about Vocal Chord Nodules is that there are ZERO medications to help them improve. 
 Oh & Don't worry, along with weekly speech therapy, they gave me this handy little sheet with explicit instructions on pointers to possibly downgrade the nodules to a lower stage.  

So, if you see me out, please sweet Jesus, don't ask me about my voice.  #1, it takes forever to explain, and #2, while I'm explaining this random affliction to you, I'm having to talk more, which ends worsening the dern nodules.  Its a lose lose kind of situation.  But who knows, maybe I'll end up sounding like this after I eventually give in the the notion of getting them surgically removed.


Moving on, regardless of that little roadshow, I'm finally in the Christmas Spirit.  Don't believe me?  Our friends' annual Tacky Xmas Party last night, and I love this party more than I love Halloween.  I'm not kidding.  
One year, I was a life-sized stocking. 
Feel free to stuff me full of wine.  Thanks.  
And last year, we were life-sized Candy Canes.... (that kind of resemble Wheres Waldo, Christmas-edition, but hey, still unique.)
Clearly, Kevin loved it.

Pretty ridiculous.
This year our costumes weren't nearly as elaborate as they've been in the past, but they were definitely equally as festive.  Check out our 3rd Grade Throwback sweatshirts & please tell me you all remember making these back in the day in Art Class (...you know, before everyone got so sensitive about Christmas in public schools. Sigh. )

My Beautiful Sweatshirt

The Masterpiece I made for Kevin

So so so hot.  Especially the purple eyeshadow :)
Only a few shopping days left yall!  Who's ready for Christmas?!?!? Ummm, I'm not, so I better jump off here & get to some online shopping.  Thats it for now yall! xoxo


  1. The beginning of this post makes my Speech Pathologist self giddy haha. Make sure you're nice to your speech therapist! :) You'll be better in no time!

  2. Ahhhhh! Hope your throat feels better but geesh... at least you have something that somebody famous has which makes it semi cool... maybe? haha! Love the purple eye shadow by the way and we sooooooooo made those sweatshirts!

  3. Oh your posts make me smile! Sorry to hear about your nodules! I promise I will never ask you about them should I ever see you out and about. Love those Christmas sweaters! Hope you and Kevin have a very blessed holiday :-).

  4. wow. That pic was a bit much for my sensitive eyes to handle at 8 a.m., but now I sufficiently understand what is going on with your throat. I do believe the cause is from diet coke consumption. Did you read the like 3rd bullet????

    And lastly, why is there not a pic of Kevin and the trashcan??

  5. Im glad I am not the only one who goes on Web MD for everything (while my husband is behind me shaking his head)!! Hope your throat feels better. Love all the costumes and especially the throwback sweatshirts!! I am a new follower to your blog :)


  6. Crazy, crazy about your voice and vocal cords! Who knew? Glad you got it checked out before it progressed to something worse.

    And those holiday outfits? Love, love, love! I enjoy Christmas parties and outfits way more than Halloween too!

  7. y'all are too cute - I'm scared to show them to DJ because I know what we'l be wearing next year during the holidays (one of those outfits, haha).

    hope your nodules get better soon - yikes!

  8. That looks like a torture device! Ouch! I love your Christmas outfits, but on another note...how much do I love your cupcake stand/tiered thingy in your bathroom which is holding beauty supplies?!

  9. OHMYGOSH! My voice is raspy too! But.. I am too scared to go get that crazy thing shoved down my nose... so I'm just going to pretend that it's just because I'm loud. :)

    Love all the Christmas stuff! SO cute! I'm a new follower! Couldn't help but follow someone with such a great name! haha

  10. Hope your throat feels better! That tube thing is scary!!

    Love your Christmas outfits though, so cute!