Thursday, November 1, 2012

A November Project- Really Giving Thanks :)

Those who know me well in the blogging world have known that I have been struggling with some major writer's block these past few months.  (And excessively whining about it too, just ask Pink Lou Lou and The Bargain Blonde.  I've been borderline obnoxious about my frustrations.  Love you 2 for sticking with me :)   ) While I have been cough busy? cough with my pinterest projects & cooking, I've also just been suffering from a total and complete brain freeze.

So, since its November (can you believe it??), which month contains Thanksgiving, aka my favorite holiday, I thought I would pay it homage by blogging this whole about the simple things I'm grateful for in my life.  

I know, I know, its kind of trendy & overdone, but lets face it: I think we'd all lead much happier lives if we focused on the things that we're thankful for instead of wishing for the things we don't have.  **Side note**- My mom actually did this for a WHOLE year.  While I consider myself a very blessed person, I'm afraid if I tried that, I'd wind up with posts like, "Today I'm thankful for not punching (Fill in blank)'s teeth in.  Or "Today I'm thankful for people not talking to me in offices, " etc.  So instead of chancing myself getting salty during these posts, I thought I'd just try for a month to see how it goes...)

Soooo, here we go.

What I'm thankful for on November 1st.....

As goofy as this sounds, I'm truly grateful for Halloween & Trick or Treaters.  We live in a HUGE subdivision, so every year, it is a production.  On average, we typically have to spend between $50-70 on candy because there are SOOOOO many kids in our neighborhood.  While some people (ahem, I'm lookin at you, Kevin Gray), get a bit grumpy about having to supply such an ample amount of sweet treats, it inevitably winds up being a really fun night.  

And last night was no different, nor would I want it to be.  Below is a pic of our sidewalk at one point last night....


Seriously- how much fun is that??  While debby downer Kev tried his hardest to not be into it, the funny kids in our neighborhood eventually won him over by the end of the night.  Lets be honest- its kind of hard to stay cynical when you've got little kids dressed up as Bengals' Football players, Power Rangers (who knew they were still popular, right??), and bumblebees at your door, asking for candy :)  Plus, you should note that we have the parents in the background, sipping on adult beverages, making it that much more entertaining of a night. I've said it once, and I'll say it again- I ADORE Halloween & I'm truly thankful that I get to live in a neighborhood that celebrates it with such gusto. 

Oh... and one other reason why I am thankful for Halloween? 

Nooooo, I swear, its not just because of the left over candy. (Although, that is an added bonus, aside from the fact I have no self restraint.  My wrapper piles are embarrassing.)

In reality, 
Halloween actually holds a special place in my heart because mine & Kev's first "real date" was to a Chi O Halloween Date party, over 6 years ago.

Don't you love the throw-back pic?? So hot. Wait.. no.

So, obviously, I will forever be grateful to this silly Holiday because without it, I might have never fallen for a boy dressed up as a wounded patient :)

Well, that about does it for me.  Be sure to check in all this month now that I've found SOMETHING to blog about again :) 


  1. Love this post! I wish I lived in a neighborhood where kids trick or treated! I would love to hand out candy! Maybe I should start it next year in my apartment building...ha

  2. This is great! And a great reminder to be thankful : )

  3. What a wonderful idea for November! I love Halloween and trick or treating (: It is so fun seeing all the neat costumes. My kids love trick or treating! & I love eating the candy haha!

  4. We are brazen in our Scroogy-ness of Halloween. Our porch light was off last night, and my husband and I were chatting in normal voices right by the door. I know those people heard us, but girl, it just wasn't going to happen. In the spirit of full disclosure, it's partially because last year, we ate ALL of our Halloween candy by noon the day of Halloween. This house has less willpower than I can do push-ups (1/2 of a push-up).

    I like Halloween and even have a SUPER CUTE candy bowl, but last night was a night of serious studying, so TOTers took a backseat. /Scrooge

    Your neighborhood looks super fun and how cute are those costumes?! Sorry about your writer's block, my studies are a block unto themselves, let alone blogging!

  5. love this! the throw back pic is amazing... miss you girl!!

  6. This oldie but goodie pic is amazing! Love it! :) Did you guys have fewer trick-or-treaters this year? We did. I spent $25 on candy and didn't even go through it all. I promise it wasn't the crappy kind either, lol. I was surprised. Anyway - my best costume? It's a toss up between the little black girl that was Nikki Minaj, or the not-so-little Freddy Krueger who was honest to God bigger than me. He was not an adult. Sad.