Monday, November 5, 2012

November Post #2- I'm thankful for not getting kicked out of Old Navy

No, I didn't pull a Lindsey Logan & give myself a 5 finger discount. Oh no, instead, I put on an Oscar winning performance about my severe distaste over Kev's latest (& hands down most ridiculous/clownie) move to date, while in a public place.
Before I make it seem like I've completely gone off the deep end, let me go back just a bit & fill you in on all the details...
My sweet Momma came into visit me on Friday night, which is always a solid time. Her visits usually consist of quality Jan/Carol time, which includes really good meals & shopping. After enjoying a fabulous meal on Friday night, we got an early start to our very mapped-out shopping agenda on Saturday morning.
We were literally gone 30 mins & my mom gets a phone call from Kev. I should have known he had monumentally screwed up when Jan kept walking away from me & literally hiding from me in Old Navy.
Finally, she finds me & says "Kevin is okay. He's been in a minor accident."
Of course I immediately go into hyperventilating mode, thinking that something is horribly wrong  with my husband, ie: concussion, broken limb, etc.  

But then Miss Jan quickly follows up with,
 "He backed into my car. In your drive-way." 

Hold the flipping phone.
Better yet-
He backed into a parked car even though his SUV has a BACK UP CAMERA?!?
Kev's Car

Back up- Camera in Kev's car.

Are you serious?
No wonder my mom was trying to hide this news from me. I wasn't just a little upset. I was Britney Spears with an umbrella & shaved head, circa 2007 angry.


Now, I know mistakes happen. However, for those of you who are married, how insanely annoying is it to tell your spouse something 849592940 times, and have them ignore you, only to reap the repercussions for ignoring you at a later date?  Welcome to my Saturday morning. 
Kevin will even vouch for the fact that I have honestly yelled at him for months that  he doesn't pay close enough attention when he backs out of our driveway, and that he needs to fix these driving habits ASAP. With the vast number of kids on our street, it always worries me that he won't be paying attention & run over someone/something.  On this particular Saturday, Kev was far too busy getting amped up to watch UK lose yet another game &/ or checking out how he looked in his game Day attire to either check out his mirrors or BACK UP CAMERA.  Sweet Jesus. 

Anywho, while my Mom was trying to console Kevin about his driving blunder, I was in the background, using choice language for his actions, along with vigorously texting him about how he should listen to me more often.  
Thank GOD, it was early in the day & not very many people were around, because God knows I made a scene.
Obviously, I did calm down after awhile, but the scene I made in Old Navy was pretty ugly & I am not proud of it at all.  
To keep my November Project going, I just want to say that I am incredibly grateful for the kind people of Old Navy for understanding me wanting to karate chop my husband, and not calling SECURRRRIIITY on my crazy self.

Again, while Kevin's ditzy driving moves are kind of funny now, I did not see the humor on Saturday.  So, I am also thankful for my Mom for not only dealing with my 20 kinds of bat Sh** craziness, but also still wanting to hang out with me after my tiny outburst(s).

Anyway,  I know this isn't the normal "what I'm thankful for in November" post, but tough cookies :)  My life isn't exactly normal half the time, so my posts regarding my gratitude probably won't be either.  Ha!  Anyway, that about wraps it up for me on this Monday.   Be sure to check back with what the November forces me to be thankful for next!!


  1. That is too funny. I just have to think of it as what would my husband say to me if I was the one who did that?! At least your mom wasn't too upset :)

  2. Oh. My. Goodness! I totally laughed at the Brit circa 2007 reference but GIRL I would have made a scene too! Ugh! My husband has the delightful habit of getting wayyy too close to other peoples bumpers is drives me crazy!

  3. Bahahahaha I am imagining you in Old Navy flipping out and texting awful things to your husband! hahaha! I would have done the same thing. My husband tells me I "drive it like I stole it" yet HE does not pay attention to stuff either!!!! Anyway. I am grateful you did not text me obscenities yesterday for forgetting to text you about run/walking. Sowwy. I got distracted after going to the grocery to then only have my husband say I didn't get him anything to eat for lunch. GEWRSDFF

  4. Hahaha! No worries, I'd be acting a fool too! Hopefully the damage wasn't too bad.

  5. Haha oh man I would be so mad! At least everyone is okay (:

  6. haha omg thats too funny. i yell at my hubby all the time for not paying attention to the things i tell him to do and not to do. in fact i made sure he has the "parking assist" on which beeps at him in the car in addition to the rear view camera!