Friday, January 18, 2013

A Geriatric Friday Favorite

After my day was devoted to all things baby yesterday (IE: 5 Month Ultrasound, routine check-up, and not one, but TWO daycare tours), I thought I'd take a major break from all of the baby talk this week.

When I was thinking about this post, I was honestly having a hard time coming up with any new favorite items that I've purchased lately.  This is mainly because I haven't bought any new clothes recently, due the fact I feel like an obese cow & clothes shopping makes me contemplate scratching my eyeballs out.  Unfortunately, I have no new make-up items to report that I'm loving either. Sooo, what does that leave?

OH!  Housewares, duh.  
Because apparently you turn into a 62 year old the minute you get pregnant.  OR maybe I'm just forced into having to find sober fun in random places these days.  

Whatever the case, I am honestly OBSESSED with our most recent purchase, aka AMAZINGESS, 
The Bissell Proheat Pet Upright Deep Cleaner

I cannot even express how much fun I had with this bad boy last weekend.  I am literally obsessed with how well this low-cost, impulse purchase works.  
Allow me to provide you with an example.  As we all know, the Grays love their pets. And with a face like this, 

how could you not?? 
However, as much as I love our fur babies, those sloppy sloths drag in a phenomenal amount of foul business into our house.  Whether it be possum leftovers, dirty play bones that they've hidden outside, or just mud, our carpets wind up looking like homeless people have rolled around on our carpets after being outside all winter.
As a result, we have had to get our carpets cleaned every other month or so, which always winds up being around $125 or so.  Last Friday, I decided to take matters into my own hands on an after-dinner date to Walmart. (What? Isn't that where all of you spend your Friday nights? :)  )

And because my husband is an absolute professional with complaining about things over & over without taking action (ie: Carol, we need to get the carpets cleaned... Two days later.. We should get the carpets cleaned.  A week later.. We need to get this filthy carpet cleaned.), I finally convinced him that buying a carpet cleaner was 20 times more cost efficient than continuing to pay $125 every few months.
While homeboy had some majorrrrrrr reservations & also thought I was just having a crazy pregnancy moment for INSISTING  that we buy a carpet cleaner, he couldn't argue with the results.



And that is home carpet cleaning at its finest.  You can't tell me that you all had a more eventful Saturday morning than I did :)  
Don't fret though, for a mere $148.99, you can enjoy the Bissell Proheat Carpet Cleaner & all of its glory in your home too.  

That about wraps it up for me & my senior citizen Friday Favorite.  Maybe Next week I'll be obsessed with something even more exciting, like a new laundry detergent or something. Ha

Have a Great Weekend.


  1. Hahaha silly :) We have one of these too, though I'm not sure if its exactly the same model. The carpet always looks so good after it has been cleaned! We don't have very "nice" carpet (in my opinion - they went cheapish on us) so it seems like it "grabs" or catches all the nasty the dogs bring inside. Puke.