Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I'm the most impatient person alive

So, a big portion of my job includes waiting in offices to see various people.  The wait time can range anywhere from 5 minutes to 2 hours.  It just honestly depends.  I consider myself insanely patient in this specific arena.  Once I've committed to waiting on someone, I'm there for the long haul.  One would think that that type of patience would carry over into all aspects of my life, right?

Bahahahahahaha, yeah right.

Its my personal theory that because I spend sooooo much time during the day testing my patience level, I have absolutely nothing left over.  Basically, I'm like a child who has been given 18 pixie sticks, coupled with a Mountain Dew (Oh wait, I guess that's just really a mad amount of Go-Go Juice, right? :)  ) when I'm forced to wait for anything.  For example, I've been known to write emails to Starbucks when I have to wait more than 10 minutes for my drink, if that tells you anything.

So, imagine what a raging psycho-path I have been about waiting to find out the
  gender of our child.  

I have probably googled "Old Wives Tales Gender Predictions" like 50 times at this point.  I. CANNOT. WAIT. Plus, I really cannot wait to answer people when they ask,
  "So, what are you expecting?"
Ummm, a giraffe... No, a puppy.  Yep, definitely expecting a puppy.  WTF? What do you think we're expecting? ITS A BABY, YALL.  Good grief.  

Soooo back to the crazy Old Wives Tales.  Don't judge me, but I've probably tried damn near every one of those insane tests to figure out what we are having.  To some of you, I'm sure you think I'm speaking in Swahhillli right now or you think I'm an absolutely nut-job who would actually put stock into these old wives tales.  But you. Just. Wait.  The anticipation of not knowing your child's gender for 4 (or more for some) months will eat you alive!

Anywho, I've been all of these crazy gender predictors like flies on sugar.  Let me give you all some examples:
1) If the heartbeat is high (over 140), then its a girl.  If it is lower, it is a boy.
Welll, baby Gray has been a wild beast every time we've heard it on the fetal doppler & its been in the 160s every time we've been, so that would indicate a girl.

2) If you're craving sweet things, its a girl.  If you're dying for salty or sour things, then its a boy.
I may or may not be eating Sour Patch Straws as I type this & go through packages of string cheese better than a 2nd grader, so that definitely indicates boy.

3) Chinese Birth Chart- This method sounds so wack because it takes uses the Lunar calendar (because I'm sure you have one of those lying around your house, right? uh huh) to figure out your gender by assessing your lunar age at conception, along with the lunar month of conception to calculate gender. 
Although it sounds absolutely insane, my OB told me (if done correctly), it is about 85% right.  Sooo,  utilizing this wack chart would mean baby Gray is a boy.  

4) Supposedly, your complexion can serve as a gender predictor.  If you start breaking out like an awkward 13 year old, then you're having a girl.  These crazy tales seem to think that if you're expecting a girl, she takes up all your beauty while you're pregnant.
My skin looks the exact same, which would also indicate baby Gray is a Boy.

5) Morning Sickness?  Apparently if you are sick as a dog, its a solid indicator that you are having a girl.  No morning sickness leans toward a boy.
Once again, I've been peachy keen (don't kick me mothers who have suffered from morning sickness!), which also says boy.

6) If you are carrying the baby Low, then it means you're having a boy.  If you're carrying high, then it means you're having a girl.
This one is kind of hard because my little bump is barely there.  It basically looks like I had too many cheeseburgers at night.  In the morning, it goes back to being basically non-existent.  However, when it does look like I robbed McDonalds or took a page out of the Hamburglers book, it looks kind of high to me, which says girl.

So, like I said at the beginning of this post, I am like a child who has been given 25 cupcakes the night before Christmas, waiting to find out if we're having a boy or girl.
The fabulous people at Baby Belly Spa were able to help us out & told us what we were having a few weeks ago.

*Side note: For those of you in Kentucky, I highly recommend going to Baby Belly Spa! It  is so incredibly plush & relaxing in side, and the ultrasound lady that we had was absolutely wonderful!*
So... without further adieu.... 

Baby Gray is a 


If you have ever stumbled upon any previous posts about my husband, you'll know why this news of our baby being a boy has now officially made him the most excited person on the face of the planet.  I honestly think he envisions him in utero wearing a UK jersey of some type :)  The child doesn't have a choice.. he will be a UK super fan, just like his dad :)
And Obviously, being the shopaholic I am, I have already bought some of the most studly outfits for my little man, and I cannot wait for him to look super handsome in them come June.  

Anywho, thats about all I've got for today!  Hope everyone has a fantastic week.  More to come on this crazy path I'm on! 


  1. Wooohooo a lil boy!

    I hope he loves blue ;)!

    So precious and excited for you!

  2. Congrats!! I did all those "old wives tales" too...the suspense KILLED me. My husband keeps saying we are going to base number 2 off of the Chinese gender chart, ha!

  3. awww! YAY!!! BABY BOY! Congratulations you 2!

  4. Congrats! We have a baby boy coming in April! And glad to hear you havent had any sickness! It is definitely the devil!

  5. Yay!!!! I just knew it would be a boy when I started reading this post! :) Now if I could just get my body to cooperate our little childrens could play together!!

  6. :) :) :) congratulations!!!

    I don't know how people can go an entire pregnancy without knowing what the gender of their baby is. I'm thinking I will be crazy anxious when I'm pregnant to find out as well.

  7. Congratulations!! I have two month old little boy and they are the best!! :)

  8. I had a feeling it was a boy! Sooooo exciting! Little boys have a way with their mama's hearts, they're just so sweet! I'm so excited for you! I have a ton of boy clothes I'm going to be selling FYI :)

    P.S. Are you guys going to share his name?!

  9. YAYYYYY for baby boys!!!!!!!! SO SO SO happy for you (& Kev, obviously)! He's going to be the most precious little bean EVER! xoxo

  10. I just want to say this post is really amazing so neat and clean and it's very easy to understand. Thanks for all the effort which you did for us.

  11. K feeling pretty crummy, just found out from mom that you were even expecting. I am soooo excited for you guys!!!! Love and miss you!!

  12. Congrats!! So excited for you guys. And the animals too.