Monday, May 23, 2011

The end of an Era

Yesterday was a sad day yall.  The Berry Twist has shut its doors on its original location, and has moved.  I'm sure you're thinking to yourself "Umm, Caroline? We have no earthly idea what any of those words mean.  Are you speaking jibberish again?"  So, the Berry Twist- lets discuss.  

The Berry Twist is an ice cream place in beautiful Floyds Knobs, IN, which is home to the most delectable ice cream, chili dogs, & Artic Swirls you've ever tasted in your life.  Southern Indiana has about 5 seriously legit Mom & Pop Ice Cream stores, but this one is by FAR the best.  Maybe because this little gem was also my first place of employment that ended up lasting for 6+ blissful years :) I literally started working there when I was 14, and finally left when I was 20.  I probably would've tried to make a career out of being a Berry Twist girl.  However, my father told me that I needed to learn a few more marketable skills to help fluff up my resume.  As if making and serving ice cream isn't an impressive skill?  Come on, Big P.  You never seem to complain when I make you a flawlessly perfect ice cream cone when we come across a self-serving ice cream machine, do you?  While everyone else is making sloppy ice cream cones that can't even stay on the cone & are a hot mess, all of my loved ones get the distinct pleasure of indulging in an immaculately manicured cone. Not a marketable skill? Seriously? Hmphhhhh.  Anyway, I had no idea that Berry Twist was moving until my faux aunt (Good family friend, who is like a aunt/sister/friend all rolled into one. She rocks.) texted me this picture last night.   Talk about instantaneous heartbreak.  I mean, how can you leave the original Scottsville Road location after 33 years to go to a strip mall?  Where's your sense of loyalty? That building has history.  I mean, it watched me go through about a gazillion boyfriends, numerous break-ups, graduation, me getting my license, my first car, my first real love, etc.  Boy, if those walls could talk.  Actually, lets be honest here.  I should probably be eternally grateful that they can't :)  In all seriousness, my high school career would not have been the same without this place.  
I remember my high school boyfriend, B,  teasing me about how much I loved working there.  Well, duh B!  Where else can you work, get to visit with your girlfriends (bc 2 of my best friends worked there with me), have free ice cream & snacks while working, have unlimited diet coke, all while getting to chat up the customers ( all of which you know because everyone knows everyone in Floyds Knobs).  But I mean, I like all of those words in that sentence-Of course I loved working there! It was like my own personal version of heaven. 
Just so you all can really understand the greatness of me being a Berry Twist Girl, I have provided you with a little throwback pic.  (No judgement on my flippy hair. It is circa 2002- it was a cool style.  No seriously, it was.  It looked good.  Or- I thought it did anyway).
Do yall like mah sweet cat eye sunglasses?? How about my super snazzy faux corn rows? So hot. (Best part about this picture is that I truly thought I was good at doing my hair.  Just ask my parents- they'll probably also comment on me being insistent upon rocking curled bangs throughout junior high. The hairspray to make those babies stay was intense.  Nothing could move those bad boys.  Gosh, I was so darn cool.  Not. )  Anyway, if memory serves me correct, I'm pretty sure this was taken summer before my senior year... so chances are good that I had just gotten off work, & was fixing to meet up with the HS boyfriend (B), go cruise Highlander Point to see what was going on that night (most likely nothing), then head back to my parents house & make out while watching a movie in the basement.  -It should also be discussed that I had a largely inflated view of myself when I was through high school, so chances are I did all of those activities with an "Im so much cooler than you" attitude.  Good lord, I needed a reality check. I sometimes think I should just send my parents a plaque saying "We survived the moodiness that was Caroline in High School."  I am so screwed if Kevin & I have girls.  Karma is gonna be a huge hooker to me.  But again- lets be honest- I rightfully deserve it.  

One other really fun thing that we got to do as a Berry Twist girl was that you got to stop by on your prom night & get free ice cream for you + your date.  Obviously, I took advantage of that.  Free dessert? Absolutely.  But the best part was that you felt like a huge rockstar when you stopped by in your prom dress because everyone stopped & stared.  Alright Alright, I took advantage of that so I could relish in feeling like a movie star for a night- the free artic swirl was just an added bonus ;)  Such a fabulous tradition- I hope they still do that 
Caroline + HS boyfriend/Prom Date circa 2002. Gotta love 2 piece dresses.
Per usual, I digress.  Although the Berry Twist will still be in Floyds Knobs, and only .5 of a mile away from its original location, I feel as though we should all take a moment of silence to commemorate the end of the Berry Twist's reign on Scottsville Road.  (Insert moment of silence here.  Picture me being quiet. Hard to do, right?  Well...regardless- Do as I say, not as I do :)  ).  Okay- thats it for now yall.  


  1. So I only worked an a certain ice cream place for a few years before I was forced by the fact that I had to go get a "grown up job" ugh and relocate out of the area. Fortunately I found another ice cream place to work at on my summers off, but my heart is still in my first location always. I would be just as distraught if it was closing!

  2. caroline! your posts are hilarious! :) i am glad i had the honor of working with you at the bt for many years!! we sure had some good times!