Monday, May 16, 2011

Menu Monday...& some big changes :)

I know its been 2 weeks since my last post - but I actually have legitimate excuses as to why I have been slacking. First & foremost, I've been on vacay in Hilton Head. Um, yay. 9 days of complete relaxation & down-time w/ Kev & our friends. So utterly gorgeous, which always makes leaving there so hard.
(Lucky for me, I got to take that hottie in the pic back to Ky with me.) I have a ton of hilarious stories & fabulous pics, so I'm gonna hold off on a full HHI post for a bit.
So, lets discuss Menu Monday. I can't remember if I've mentioned this, but I love to cook. Shouldn't be too big of a shock- I love to eat, so therefore, I had to learn how to make my fave things. Lucky for me, Jan was/is a pretty fabulous cook, so growing up I had a pretty fantastic teacher. In addition, my Mother in-law is also an amazingly good cook, which set the bar pretty high when I started cooking for Kevin.
And as if cooking like Mrs. Gray wasn't intimidating enough, throw in the added bonus of locating recipes that Kevin might actually like. Oh my God Impossible Task. Picture an 8 year old who only likes food such as: pizza, chicken, hamburgers, ice cream, pasta, and refuses to eat anything green. Oh wait, instead of picturing an 8 year old, picture my 27 year old husband because those were about the only things he'd eat when we got together. I am used to picky eaters. My brother lives on bread, chicken tenders, & easy mac. At Thanksgiving, he eats rolls & ham w/ ketchup. True Story. I just never thought I would marry one. However, through out the past 4.5 years, Kevin's taste in food as expanded exponentially. For example, he will now eat such food as: spinach & artichoke dip, corn, broccoli w/ cheese, peas (in pasta, but still its forward progress), sushi, shrimp, & red peppers to name a few. Needless to say, cooking for Kevin continues to be an arduous challenge at times. So- for all you cooks of picky eaters out there, on Mondays, I'm gonna try to include a recipe that pleases tough critics like the 8 year old that is clearly trapped in my husband's body. So, here's what we are having tonight-
Mexican Chicken
-2.5 cups of cooked chicken, diced (I like to bake my chicken in the oven. Gives it better flavor)
-1 11oz can of Mexican corn
-1 can mild diced tomatoes & green chiles (aka rotel)
-3/4 cup of corn muffin mix
-1/4 light sour cream
-1/4 light mayo
-1/4 cup reduced fat cheddar cheese
Preheat oven to 425, and then coat 2 quart baking dish w/ pam.
-Combine all ingredients (except cheese) in bowl. Put in baking dish & cook for 10 minutes.
-Remove from oven,sprinkle cheese on top & bake 5 more minutes, or until cheese melts.
-Let sit for 5 minutes before serving

As stated previously, I LOVE to eat, so these recipes are not generally for someone on a diet... which could be the reason why the hubs has picked up some lbs since we got married? Hrmmm. I'm just gonna take that as a compliment to my cooking though :)
Okay- so what are the said "big changes" referenced in the title? Don't worry- I'm not preggo, we are not moving, and everything is all good. The big changes are only applicable to my blog. It is in the process of getting a MAJAHHH facelift & reconstructive surgery!
It's going to be a complete 180 from it's current design, but words cannot describe how much of an improvement. I'd love to tell you that I was the creative genius behind, but that would be a bold face lie. I have about as much artistic talent as my dog. Miss Jen at Munchkinland designs has been absolutely amazing to work with, understand the look I was going for (aka over the top, bdedazzley, purple, etc- and yes, those are the descriptors I gave her. Feel free to shake your head in disbelief. hahaha, Kevin did :) ), & create it. Check her out!! So, be on the look out. Itssss comingggg!!! Okay gang, thats it for now! XOXO- Caroline


  1. Cant wait to see the new blog design and grab your "Button" for my bloggy :) Miss ya! XO

  2. Yum, thanks for the recipe. Sounds delish!! And yay for vacation, sounds amazing!