Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Life Lessons from Lucy the Diva- Round 2

I love my job.  And as an added bonus, I'm pretty decent at it.  I've been doing it for about 4 years, so I like to think I know my stuff cold.  I make it my business to develop the best relationships possible with my customers without being too ummm... stalkerish or single white female-esque?  While I'm getting to know my customers, they're also getting to know me.  In my last area, some of my customers & offices became like family to me because I lived by myself, so they were the only people I knew in the town I lived in (I feel it is necessary to mention that this town was DRY (as in alcohol is strictly prohibited), had 28+ consecutive stop lights in a row, the best shopping was to be found at JC Penney, & did I mention it was Dry? As in NO WINE? Who does that? ) Anyway, I was so close with some of my old customers that when I got my new area, tears were shed-not only on my part, but also with some of my customers. Partly because I think they knew I probably wouldnt be back once I got the Lexington Area, but it was mainly probably because they knew other people wouldn't be nice enough to bring them the classy snacks like I did from places like Wendys, Sonic, and Taco Bell :)  Ha.  So, my old partner took over our old area, and has done a fantastic job with it.  However, she is preggo with twins, so someone will have to cover for her with her biggest customers. (PS- how flippin cute is she?  SO preggo & still SO adorable. I can guarantee I will look nothing like this when I am pregs. So jeal.) Anyway,  I assumed it would be me covering for her during her maternity leave.  WRONG.  Everyone knows I have great relationships in that area, so I would be the best choice.  WRONG. AGAIN. Apparently, another colleague of mine (who has been with the company 13 years versus my piddly 4 years) campaigned to cover for her instead.  My initial thoughts, "WTF.  No one can work that area like me or Leslie.  I have those towns on lock.  Are you flippin kiddin me? Buhbye sales quota trip. " - (Yes, I am aware of how incredibly NOT modest that sounds once you say it outloud.  But I'm all about transparency & thats what I was honestly thinking.  Like yall haven't thought you're more capable of doing a job versus a coworker.  Plleeease.)
So, I get home from work...Fuming.  I am literally breathing fire.  Then, I walk into our laundry room AKA the Cats room, and see my little Lucy girl hanging out in her bed.
Why is she so flippin cute? Seriously? 

When I say hanging in her bed, I really mean hanging in her luxurious cat condo.  What? You don't own one of these in your house?  I'm stunned.  Its so aesthetically pleasing.  Um, yeah right. 
Side note: I want to go ahead & clarify that I DID NOT purchase this for our house.  This little number was alllllll Kevin.  About 3 years ago (while I was DYING for him to propose to me) he called one one day and says "Hey hon?  I think I'm gonna buy the cats a new little toy.  Do you mind?"  Me: "No, that sounds good.  Go for it."  15 minutes later he rolls home with the 3 tiered CAT CONDO, which was a cool $200.  SERIOUSLY?  The Cats sleep number > buying Caroline an engagement ring.  Ridiculous, right? Bahahahahaha.  Soooo not normal.  
Anyway, Lucy is ALWAYS on this middle or the lowest level.  She is never EVER EVER the highest level.  One of the main ways cats show their dominance against other cats is by positioning themselves higher than other cats.  As a result, Breyer (aka the oldest cat/queen bee) is on the top of that cat condo 99.9% of the time.  Even with Lucy's undeniable diva status, she does not dare to rock the boat & piss off Breyer.  Lucy also lets Breyer eat first, lets her get the better couch positions, etc. She respects Breyer's role in our house. .  
(Who am I kidding? It probably has nothing to do with respect.  In regards to Breyer, Lucy is probably thinking, "Dear Breyer, Since I'm so pretty & have voluptuous curves, I will grant you the privilege of eating before me so you can get some meat on your bones, you skinny winch.  In addition, you can also have better couch position to increase the prettiness level of your fur since my looks favor that of  a mini KY wildcat & you favor a mere tabby cat.  Is it hard being so jealous of me? Oh it is?  Okay, since I took your status as favorite cat, I will also allow you to sleep on the top tier of the condo.  The middle level is closer to the food, so any way you look at it, I'm winning. Purr that Breyer.")
   However after watching THE Diva be content on the 2nd level of the cat condo, it hit me like a ton of bricks... Yes, I am good at my job.  Yes, I had great relationships with my old customers.  However, my colleague has tremendous accolades to her name & is fully capable of earning business/achieving great success with my old customers.  My four years with my company pales in comparison to her 13 year tenure.  I needed to get off my high horse & fast. Sooo. what did we learn from Lucy the Diva?

Lucy Life Lesson #2: Know your role & learn some humility. 

Yall, I can't lie, I had to swallow a little bit of pride to come to this conclusion that another person might possibly be really great with my old group of customers.  Okay, not just a little bit of pride.  More like a mountain's worth of pride- but if Lucy the CAT diva is comfortable with getting a daily dose of humility then I need to be better with it.  Stat.  Sure, I'd love to believe that no one can do my job like I can, but thats just not the case.  13 years trumps 4 years any day of the week.  I just had a hard time admitting it, but I'm good with it now.  Thanks to divs :) 
Now, to close, I know you all are DYING to go out an immediately purchase a cat condo to have in your own home.  So, here are a few options for you.  Happy Shopping!  Thats it for now!
(The Diva says she would like to point out that her bday is right around the corner... and she would prefer either the BIGGEST condo so she can escape her jealous-ridden cat sisters OR the pink cat condo because after all, it is her color.)


  1. haha! I just found your blog and I'm loving the life lessons you've learned from Lucy the Diva. My hubby totally splurged on a cat condo too... such a gorgeous piece of furniture, ha! I'll definitely be following :)

  2. lol. you crack me up girl. I bet you could still dominate in that town better than the 13 year veteran. It's about relationships.. not time spent w/ the company. Sorry... but you were right the first time. Throw the life lesson in the bag :) hehe

  3. Haha! I love Lucy the Diva. I also have a diva- Sassy. She lives up to her name!

  4. Hahaha, love the kitty condo! My parents just bought a huge one and it is, of course, front and center in their living room. Sure.

  5. Clearly the Diva herself needs the last cat condo pictured, its animal print and it looks the most chic! Hahahaha ;)

  6. You are such a little weirdo, and I love you. You have a cat condo. What is wrong with you and Kev?

    So this weekend I am taking Lucy's spot on the top tier. Oh it's happening... just wait.

    PS great story, good moral ;)

    love you!

  7. Oh my goodness, I feel horrible!!! I thought the cat PLL posted was a random stray! Your cat is not scraggly or haggard at all. She's presh, and I'm a huge cat lover. Don't hate me, I love your cat and their cat condo. MEOWWWWWWW

  8. um so the whole cat condo had me literally laughing out loud. I may have to think about getting Queen Kitty (hubbys cat) her own condo. Good life lesson too...I def need to learn to bring myself back down sometimes...Love the blog!