Monday, March 21, 2011

The day Mr. Vuitton became a burn victim....

I have a slight addiction to shopping. If you come into my closet, about 1/4 (or more) of my clothes still have the tags on them. I rarely think out my purchases- especially if I am able to get a good deal on something. Conversely, if it is a large purchase, I tend to obsess over my decision. Obsess is too mild of a word. Agonize is a much better descriptor for my behavior. When we go on trips, I pour over hundreds of trip advisor hotel reviews to make sure I make the right decision. Before we bought our new car, I became a member of every car website to read every review. So, when it came time to purchase a new bag, I pulled out all my crazy purchasing behavior and made quite a run on high end bags. First, it was the LV Damier Ebene Speedy 35.

However, when it arrived, I wasn't impressed with the quality. Then, I ordered the Gucci sukey tote...

Loved the bag, but I carried it one night, and someone asked me if it was a Guess bag. Yes, I am aware they were blissfully ignorant with designer bags, but Guess? ReallY? No thanks. Umm. I'm sorry, but I'm not gonna pay $800+ for people to think its a Guess bag that I can buy at TJ Maxx. Ew.
Finally, I realized that I was gonna have to bite the bullet and just head to the Holy Grail of fabulousness- aka Saks. So, my husband begrudgingly went with me on my never ending purse quest up to Cincy. After being there for well over an hour, I finally landed on this little number. Aka- my child. Aka my LV Neverfull.
Beautiful, right? Unfortunately, this picture is extremely misguiding, because like the title suggests, Mr. Vuitton became a burn victim on Saturday night. And yes, I am not being dramatic, he is a burn victim survivor. Basically, after attending a fabulous wedding shower for my dear friend, Dana, we eventually all wound up back at the house she shares with her fiance. Because there were so many people there, space was at a premium, so some of our purses sat upon her island... which also contains her stove. At some point in the night, someone accidentally turned on the burners. Unfortunately, Mr. Vuitton was resting on one of the burners. In turn, Mr. Vuitton endured some 3rd degree burns. Exhibit A:
Now, I would love to tell you I was completely calm & collected during this event, but that would be a bold face lie. I was okay for about 5 minutes, and then I kind of lost it. Um, hysterical tears lost it. The fact I had consumed about 6 or so glasses of wine at this point did not help my cause. Have I mentioned yet that my husband was out of town at a bachelor party?? So clearly, the most obvious thing to do was call him 5 times to tell him about the traumatic event that had just occurred. His response? "Well, I'm really sorry honey... But Why was it on the stove?" Very good point, just not one I wanted to hear at that particular moment. Then, I deemed it necessary to call my Dad 3 times to tell him about Louis' status. Thank God he did not answer. (Side note- he did call me back earrrllly yesterday morning. Apparently the hysteria in my message led him to believe I had been put in jail or something else crazy.)
Bless my friends hearts. I know I was a hot mess. I have received more texts and calls in the past day that were so sweet. Its never fun to have things ruined, so I appreciate everyone's words of advice. When I woke up yesterday, It hit me like a ton of bricks that I was being utterly ridiculous. It is just a bag. JUST A BAG. Talk about the epitome of a high class problem. Here I am, losing my mind over a silly purse when the people of Japan have serious problems. Wow. So I can't lie- I am pretty ashamed of how upset I got over this debacle. However, I am incredibly blessed with friends who will be there for me regardless of how silly my problem is. With that being said, word of advice- Don't leave your purse on a stove. You never know what might happen. Thats is for now! XoXo- Caroline


  1. Oooh girl. This was tragic. Almost as tragic as Michael looking directly at me asking if I tried to make mac and cheese, and if I was in the THE CULPRIT! No no Michael, twas not I who was hungry and wanted to cook Mac and Cheese. I am so sorry for Louis' burn. Its a horrid story actually. xoxo get well soon from one Louis to another.

  2. Oh my goodness!!!! Don't be ashamed about being so upset, I would have been the same way! Actually just a few weeks ago, I had this funny smell coming from my Louis'. Nail polish was leaking. Talk about a panic attack. Girl about died.

    As PinkLouLou said, get well from one Louis to another!

  3. ohhh my goodness. have this purse, love it, loved buying it from Saks... loved carrying it while working... not so much loved carrying it while walking through a new construction house and brushed up against the door that had been freshly painted :( so now mine has white paint all down the side!!!! I feel your pain. ugh so not cool, but you're right could be much much worse for us blessed, hard working gals LOL xoxoxo

  4. ouch!!! :( Your poor Louis! I would have been hysterical too... considering Joakim is totally against spending that much on a purse.. (yet he can buy a jacket double that amount, get it stolen, and buy another of the same... I won't get into that) :) On the bright side... it is only on the bottom right?? So, hopefully it can be consealed pretty well when you're carrying it still. and if not, it gives it character - and you a good story to tell down the road (after the hysteria has settled) hehe :) xoxox