Wednesday, March 2, 2011

So long Facebook... Hello Blog World!!

So after six years of being a devoted Facebook member & avid fan, I decided today that it was time to deactivate my account. With 1300+ friends, I got worn out. Did I really care if John Doe was going to go get coffee with John Smith? Ummmmm No. Did I really need to know what every single person I graduated with was doing with their lives? Ummm, again, thats a big negative. Actually, I firmly believe that there should be a contract that every person should sign before Mark Zuckerberg accepts them as a member. One that permits people from a) Discussing their children's afflictions (bms, colics, etc). TMI people. TMI! b) Reposting ANYTHING (ie: its (insert blank) week, repost if.... Its never any real week. These people just sit at home and think of meaningless weeks to make themselves feel special. c) Changing their profile pictures on a daily or weekly basis. I'm sorry, but no one changes that much within a week's time. d) Requesting other people to join in on games. Hi, I am not a 10 year old gamer. So, no, I do not want to play a game with you. I work for a living. And finally e) Meaningless song quotes that are specifically aimed at someone. Man up, and just tell them what is on your mind versus posting it via Facebook. Okay, my rant is over. From this day forward, I will stick to blogging and twitter.
SOO- needless to say, I am just super excited to get this blog up & running. A few of my friends have truly amazing blogs, and they have been my inspiration for starting this little ditty. I have huge standards to keep up with there, so be patient with my very beginner blog/posts! I can't promise it'll always be pretty, but I'll be sure to make the inter-workings of my life as entertaining as possible :) And if you know me, my husband, or our families, that should be a pretty easy promise to keep! Thats it for now. Xoxo- Caroline


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