Thursday, March 10, 2011

Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

As the title suggests, yesterday was pretty much horrific on numerous accounts. I absolutely adore my job, and love that I am able to help provide solutions to people in poor health. However, working for a huge corporations has its downfalls. I won't go into the insane details, but lets just say by 5pm yesterday, I was in tears. Not like one single glistening tear, more like meltdown with a side of inconsolable to go along with....Bless Kevin's heart- The man just couldn't win. He tried dealing with all my crazy, but I was on another level of drama by this point. Honestly, who cries about work stuff at age 25?? Get it together. I think I just needed to throw myself a pity party before I could handle any type of meaningful conversation with another human being. So, while trying to console myself, my little diva fatsed in the room, and decided she wasn't going to leave my side.

Meet Fat Lucy. I probably have about 25 pictures just like this... because this is seriously how she sits a solid 50% of the time. It's like she is patiently waiting for her manicurist to come file down those claws. Fat Lucy follows me around like she is my side kick, and is by far my favorite cat out of the 3 felines that we own. Yes, I said 3, and no, I swear I am not the crazy cat lady. I just have this terrible habit of being unable to so NO to the adoption people at PetSmart. I have literally banned Kevin and I from every going there on an adoption Saturday EVER again. I swear, those humane society people have perfected the art of the jedi mind trick, and can talk us into anything. Like 3 cats. And a dog. I'm mildly terrified that the next time we go we'll end up with like a camel or something else awkward and weird.

However, we did find our sweet Hudson there. What a handsome devil. I wonder what person with fantastic taste selected that flattering Halloween outfit?!? Hmm :) Hahaha. Anyway, back to fat Lucy, I know it sounds crazy, but I swear she senses when I am upset. Anytime I start to cry, She will come out of the woodwork like a ninja and will try to sit on my lap like shes ready to hear all of my problems. Or maybe she just knows that my hysteria clouds my judgement and in turn, I will give her a piece of cheese. Regardless, its extremely comforting. After about 5 minutes of quality bonding time with the diva (I can almost sense the eye roll stemming from that statement. haha), I finally calmed down, and realized that I could do absolutely nothing about the events of the day. A former boss of mine always reminded me that I can only control the controllables. Yes, I can go into lengthy detail of what my real opinion is about UPS's lack of efficient deliveries or my distaste about my rude driver, but it won't change a darn thing. Once you put all of that into perspective, I believe it makes life just a tad bit easier to deal with. SO, with that, heres to better days ahead! xoxo-Caroline


  1. I couldn't help but smile when I saw your fat Lucy....we have a Lucy kitty too! I wish she sat like that...I would capture it on film {numerous times!} too. I'm not a crazy cat lady, but I do have a veryyyyy difficult time at adoption events ;) love your little Hudson too! Hope your week got better...and hang in there with work. I'm 25 and cry about work too! You're not alone! oxox {av}