Thursday, March 3, 2011

Sick Days

I've determined that I've lost a bit of my compassion. Maybe it stems from the fact I visit 9-10 doctors offices per day & I hear every complaint possible from people while I'm in the waiting rooms. (Yall don't even know the half of what I hear/see/smell in my offices- but thats a topic to discuss another day. A highly entertaining one too, I might add!) Or maybe I've turned into a skeptic, because my mother is a nurse, it has made me cynical & unsympathetic of people's symptoms.  Regardless, my philosophy on most health complaints is that you should take some aspirin, drink some O.J., and roll on with your bad self.  Unfortunately, this doesn't bode well in a marriage.  For example, Kev came home yesterday complaining of cold-like symptoms.  Per usual, I told him to man up, take some dayquil, and move on!
    Men and sickness. Good lord. You would've thought he was dying. Literally, he told me at least 10 times that he didn't feel good, and he also asked me an additional 8 times if he looked sick.  I think it is also necessary to mention that he was yelling at me for my lack of sympathy by saying "You took vows! In SICKNESS & in health! Own it!" O.M.G. Two words: Drama Queen. Hahaha- wonder who he picked up that tendency from?? 
   Anywho, after the meds, he seemed to be okay for the remainder of the night, so I thought my remedies did the trick. However, he woke up today with the stomach flu. Dang. My remedies aren't the cure-all I thought they were.  Kevin also reminded me today of his bout with bursitis.  He may have had a hugely swollen knee a few months ago, and I told him it was probably just a mosquite bite that was swollen.  Then, he ended up in the emergency treatment center, getting fluid out, getting referred out to a specialist, and finally being put on antibiotics. Again, dang. My bad. 
  My dad always scolds me about my medical expertise, and asks "So, honey, I forget, where did you go to med school?" hmmphh. Point taken. So yall, lesson learned. Although I am around medical professionals all day, every day, I am probably the worst person ever to give my opinion on a medical issue. Unless its in the neuroscience arena, I am complete moron.  Thats it for now. XOXO- Caroline


  1. lol...... oooops! :) well.. i mean, next time he could be over exaggerating right?? :)