Monday, March 7, 2011

Monday Monday....

To be honest, I was pretty excited for Monday to get here.  I was seriously locked up in my house all weekend like a teenager being grounded for missing curfew.  Believe it or not, I did garner more sympathy for my sick husband as the weekend droned on.  He even admitted last night that my nursing skills have improved.  I would love to say that I realized the importance of providing compassion, but in all reality, I found a good buddy to keep me company during the rainy weekend.
If you all do not subscribe to this wonderful service, I suggest you get your mind right, and make the $8/month commitment.  It will change your life.  Kevin and I were bored a few months back, and decided we were tired of paying $4-5 per on demand movie.  Our cable bill was getting out of control. I know what you're thinking- Why not just go to redbox? Umm, well, I seem to be mildly retarded in returning those.  (We may or may not have purchased the Hangover and Grown-ups for the bargain price of $25 a piece, due to my forgetfulness.  Oops)  Insert Netflix.  You can literally find just about any show, movie, or documentary ever aired through Netflix.  My favorite aspects? You don't have to go out to pick up the dvds, and you can stream it through your mac, iphone, etc.  I have a new obsession with watching shows that I have previously missed out on, ie: I've most recently watched the 1st season of Brothers & Sisters, and I fully intend on taking my phone with me to the gym to watch more episodes.  It was my saving grace for dealing with Kev's illness.  
This little gem also kept me entertained on our recent travels out west.  For those of you who know me well, I am extremely A.D.D. on trips.  In the car, on a plane, doesn't matter, I get bored quickly. Actually, just picture traveling with an 8 year old, who constantly asks, "Are we there yet?"- and that is the essence of me on a trip. Who am I kidding? I am pretty A.D.D. in most every setting.  Picture me in my MBA class tonight from 6-10. Good lord, its ridiculous. My A.D.D. comes out in full force, which leads to be perfecting my bubble letters, picking out my fictitious future children's names, keeping current with twitter, etc.  Anyway, I wonder if i can sneak in a Brothers and Sisters episode while my teacher is lecturing
rbrb_2580, Photodisc /Photodisc

Speaking of which,one might think it would be hard for a professor to talk for four hours straight, right? Uh, no. My current professor can straight talk anyone under the table, including my mother, which is beyond impressive. But I digress. Message of the day- Invest in a netflix subscription. You'll thank me for it- especially when your significant other holds you captive bc of the flu. Thats it for now! xoxo- Caroline . 


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